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Review: Transformers Generations Repaint Rumble!

By Loran

Like every other Transformers line in history, Generations is chock-full of repaints (well, redecos) and retools. Of course, this got some people’s panties in a twist, but what do you expect? It’s Transformers. I guess repaints were only acceptable in the first few years *shrug*. Unlike Universe 2.0, however, these repaints don’t use molds from lines like Cybertron or Energon, instead focuses on using its own molds over again (with a few from Universe). A lot of these were designed to be made into these new characters to begin with (as indicated by the instruction sheets of several of the initial figures). So today, I’m going to sort-of revisit some figures I’ve done before, with Blurr, Dirge, and Skullgrin!

Blurr reuses the mold from Generations Drift. Instead of going for the wacky robo-samurai look, Blurr is a sniper. How THIS GUY got to be a sniper, I have no idea, and really, I don’t care HOW little sense it makes when the figure is this cool. I guess he takes one shot, runs away REALLY fast, then shoots from another spot. His whole appearance is, unsurprisingly, based on his IDW Comics appearance. A lot of people don’t seem to like his head, but I rather like it. It looks like they crossed his G1 head with the Autobot symbol. Sadly, he loses Drift’s awesome light piping…

But Blurr’s main attraction has got to be his guns-they ROCK. His sniper rifle is HUGE-it’s taller than a Scout class figure! It even stores on his back, just like Drift’s sword. Not only that, it has a second handle so he can properly snipe! What a weapon. In the place of Drift’s two small swords, he has two smaller guns. Not as cool as the rifle, but he can DUAL WIELD, and that rocks. Continue reading

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