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Shiny Shoujo Versus Sporty Shounen— FIGHT!

By Shannon H.

Well, this week sure leaves me happy, since three of the six or so books that I’m actively collecting right now are making their appearance (anyone familiar with this column doesn’t need to guess that means that among our new arrivals is the new Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist, and Bakuman). For the rest of you, there’s still Vampire Knight, the shoujo-horror book of the hour, as well as another one of those 3-in-1 collections for the mega-beast of a series, Bleach. Beyond all that, though, there are a few sleeper hits that maybe you guys should tune in on, just in case you’re out trolling for something new to read.

In the boys’ corner, we have Slam Dunk, by Takehiko Inoue, who maybe you’ve already read without realizing it; he is the genius behind the beautiful samurai epic, Vagabond. Bet you never thought that his other big titles were shounen basketball stories, did you (I know I didn’t quite expect it!)? Both Slam Dunk, which has a new volume out this week, and Real, are high school basketball dramas, but they couldn’t be more different! Slam Dunk is a more traditional shounen sports story; it follows a juvenile delinquent named Hanamichi who that gets recruited to his high school basketball team and, with a team of other misfits, helps bring the once-unknown team to stardom. Real, however, is a much grittier, darker, and kind of depressing tale about three men whose lives are touched by basketball and what the sport means to them. Buzzer Beater, a third Inoue basketball manga, is a bit more out of this world — quite literally!! This story chronicles a basketball team from Earth that competes on an intergalactic level, and though it has never been published in the States, it might be worth your time to hunt it down should you decide you are now a giant Inoue fan. Continue reading

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This nerd is still out, pretending like she’s a legit college student, going to university football games and stuff while out and about. No longer does she have the right to judge bros who come into Forbidden Planet in their plaid shorts and popped-collar polos. But just because she is watching some sports and pigging out on hotdogs doesn’t mean that she’s forgotten her manga faithful on the home front! If anything, she is more attached to y’all than ever before, so know that the rest of this article is written with extreme love for the otaku of FP!!

There’s a pretty giant array hitting our shelves this week, with a heavy emphasis on the action, thriller and generally shounen-type things, with new volumes of all three big guns (Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece) amongst them. Also worth noting is volume four of personal favourite, Grand Guignol Orchestra, and  a new manga called Bloody Monday, the first volume of which is coming to us from Kodansha. Though I don’t know much about the latter, it looks super promising. I mean, hackers and conspiracies and cults? Sounds like it’s just waiting to be a Hollywood flick, but a lot brainier. The art may not be the flashiest, but it has a certain retro feel to it that makes it unique and probably worth checking out. Continue reading

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Summertiiime, and the Livin’s Easy

Holy comicbooks, Batman, there’s no new manga out this week! That’s okay, since so much has come out in the past few weeks, you

probably need a little respite to catch up with all of it. Or if you’re on top of your game, you could use your regular reading time to start sewing some cosplay, because summer’s here and that means it’s convention season, baby!

I get a lot of questions from customers about conventions, and they’re lucky I’m here to answer them, as I’ve been regularly attending anime conventions for just about ten years now (and boy, have things changed in just one decade). Since I have the chance to this week, I figured I’d throw together a primer for all you FP customers who haven’t experienced a convention outside of NYAF, or are interested in starting yourself on the circuit. There are conventions all over the country of varying sizes and quality, and come summertime, there’s one pretty much every weekend somewhere, so don’t worry. Continue reading

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It’s Like Manga Christmas!

A normal person would begin this little blurb with some triumphant fanfare for Volume 34 of Bleach, which is new this week. But I won’t waste your time: you already knew that; you’re already going to buy it, and nothing I say will change that. Onwards we go!
Instead we can spend our time talking about adorable kittens. Like the one that stars in the ridiculously cute manga, Chi’s Sweet Home, the fourth volume of which is popping out this week. It’s nice to see some of the more underground manga that isn’t drawn in the style we typically associate with anime coming out over here, a reason in and of itself to take a look at this series. Great for all ages, this manga isn’t much more complicated than the cute antics of a tiny, stray kitten, but it’s enjoyability is definitely found in such simplicity.

Continue reading

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New Manga Releases: OMG Stuff!

By Mat K.

Welcome otaku boys and girls, and I’m dry on article titles for now. Moving forward, this week isn’t very tremendous in terms of quantity of new books coming out, despite it being the first week of December, but there are definitely some desired or at least intriguing books coming in. I’ll start with some small mentions. TokyoPop puts out Lagoon Engine Volume 7 this week, a record 3 years after volume 6, (that’s right, six came out in 2007 folks), but I ranted enough about that last week. They also put out NG Life volume 7. From the Del Rey side of things, they’re continuing their omnibus editions playing catch up with their titles with Papillon Volume 5 and 6 together, and Psycho Busters volumes 6 and 7 together. I still think these are pretty neat, except you lose the art for the covers of the inside volumes. Also, Inukami Omnibus and Inubaka Crazy For Dogs volume 17 show up this week, and we are listing them as new because even though they were supposed to arrive a couple weeks ago, due to mix ups they did not, but are here now.

Now for some big ones. The sweet new premier this week is Osamu Tezuka’s Ayako, coming to us from Vertical Publishing. Ayako defies the conventions of Tezuka’s previous mangas by utilizing a completely original cast and relying solely on historical drama to drive the plot. Set in the aftermath of World War II, Ayako focuses its attention on the Tenge clan, a once powerful family of landowners living in a rural community in northern Japan. The war and American occupation have begun to erode the fabric that binds them all together. And when the family seems to have completely fallen apart, they decide to turn their collective rage on what they believe to be the source of their troubles, the newest member of the Tenge family, the youngest sister Ayako. Continue reading

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NYCC/AF Recap & Play Arts Kai Preview/Review

By Christopher Troy


One week and $240 later, another NYCC/NYAF has passed. Despite the Saturday crowds, I had a blast at the convention, scoring some cool sketches, autographs, t-shirts, cds, toys and action figures. However all of those aren’t blog related, so let’s get to the stuff that is!

Chris’ short Gundam OO movie review: Was very excited for the film upon hearing it was going to be screened at the con. That didn’t last too long once the actual film started. It looks nice and yes, the Gundam fights are very much awesome, but man, the rest of the film is a convoluted mess. Gundam OO  faithful should see it (I guess, assuming you survived season 2) for some closure to the series, but it’s not going to win any haters over. But hey, on the bright side, the Gundams themselves are awesome, and we have most, if not all their respected Gunpla in stock, so pick up a kit or 2 to deal with the disappointment!

Bandai announces new Gundam releases: Shocking no one, Bandai of America announced that they’ll be releasing the Gundam OO movie in the US, as they have with every Gundam release ever. They also announced that the Turn A DVDs will be Sub-only, which hopefully means for a single box collection with a lower price point (2 sets also work for my nerd needs, as I desperate want to watch CURLEY MUSTACHE Gundams legally). The biggest news  is the fact that the ORIGINAL Mobile Suit Gundam series is being released on DVD in America next year, with a Japanese audio/American sub track, something the originals that tied into the Cartoon Network airing lacked. As for the dub end of things, we’ll be getting the Cartoon Network dub again, but hey, at least we’ll have the option of changing languages this time around.

The Gunpla Booth/Import toy booth was also stupid awesome. I’m fairly certain most of the drool on of those display cases came from me. Unforunately, the prices were still pretty high, even though no real importing was happening (strong yen/weak dollar etc), so my spending was limited there. As in I bought nothing from them. Continue reading

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Mad Dash In August: New Manga Releases

By Mat K.

Mad dash? Why yes. Remember last week, when I mentioned how there were a ton of books coming out and I wasn’t sure if it was August coming early, or just a lucky week for the end of July? Well, as it turns out, July was just a very lucky month. And I mean that in the sense that just one week later, the first official release week of August, is another ton of books, both new and long awaited, that I know you are all going to be anxious to read. So let’s jump right in with the first of many interesting things, The Bleach Official Bootleg: Color Bleach+. This indispensable guide takes you behind the scenes of the shadowy world of the Soul Reapers. Read all about the illustrious Thirteen Court Guard Companies, study for the grueling entrance exam to Soul Reaper Academy, get tips on fighting effectively, take the personality quiz and more. This book includes 72 pages of full-color manga spun off from the original Bleach story. Continue reading

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Pirates, Robots & Ghosts! Oh my!

By Mat K.

In case you guys out there have not been keeping up with the new releases on our website, you have to know that there is a lot going on this week. It is the first week of the first month of summer, and that means all the good stuff is pouring out. Of course this week was also Memorial Day, which brings me to one sad point of contention, that all these books get one less day in the spotlight than if it was a regular week. Now, as for the title of this weeks little article there is just that much stuff coming out, not to mention demons, ninjas, vampires, doctors and soul reapers. That’s right, all the big names come out this week and while lots of them may well be Viz titles, not all of them are.

Lets start with, once again, a massive influx of One Piece in the way of volumes 49, 50, 51, 52, and 53. In this run we bust out of the Thriller Bark story line and into Sabaody, where Luffy saves the Straw Hats from Gecko Moria. Also arriving are Bleach Volume 31 in which the journey in Hueco Mundo to save Orihime continues, and Naruto Volume 48 where Naruto has a heart to heart with the real Pain, and you learn about Pain’s history, how he was an orphan in the ninja wars, and how he and his friends were watched over and trained by Jiraiya. Continue reading

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March On Viz

By Mat K.

Welcome boys and girls to the first release week of March, and it all belongs to Viz. The Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat go flying this week and I’m sure you’ll be getting a little giddy. First on my “things I’ve been waiting for” list is Tegami Bachi Volume 2. It’s a little annoying that it’s going to be taking so long to release the indiviudal volumes, but that’s the price we pay when a series is also being run in Shonen Jump magazine. WaqWaq and Tegami Bachi both released they’re first volumes at the same time. And while WaqWaq itself has not been entirely punctual, as much as I love it, at least it has made it as far as the third book already. Now we finally get to see the second book of Tegami Bachi, and I’m ready for more of it’s twilight watercolor style, (that’s twilight as in the time between sun and moon). Continue reading

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Bleach Kills Bacteria But Not Imaginary Monsters

By Mat K.

This is our special Pre-Christmas issue, which I know might sound like it’s coming late, considering you have been listening to Christmas music on the radio and watching Christmas shopping commercials on TV for weeks now, but I believe that the Christmas Spirit shouldn’t hit until December…or at least after Thanksgiving. And here we are. Besides, this is the first week of December, which as usual means a ton of stuff is coming out, and quite honestly some awesome stuff to boot.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Volume 13Let’s start with updates. This is a huge week for Viz, and I would have made some remark about how every week is a huge week for Viz, but frankly, last week all but belonged to TokyoPop. But enough lamenting over wisecracks un-cracked, this week starts you off right with Bleach Volume 29, Legend Of Zelda Volume 8 (a.k.a The Minish Cap), and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Volume 13. Oh and there are some Shojo Beat books and Viz Signature Series books coming in too…and a Pokemon. Continue reading

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