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Black Friday 2016 at Forbidden Planet NYC

Time to announce this the details of this year’s Black Friday in-store sale!  Here ya go:

Sale, Forbidden Planet Sale, Hobgoblin, Thanksgiving Sale
That’s right, chums, this coming Friday (November 25th) Forbidden Planet’s offering savings galore on the whole range of stuff we carry.  30% OFF all regularly-priced books, comics and graphic novels (the highest discount we’ve ever offered on Black Friday), t-shirts at 25% OFF and 20% off just about everything else!

FYI – we’re CLOSED on Thanksgiving, the 24th, but we’ll be open bright and early at 9am on Black Friday with a TON of great geeky stuffs on sale. Bring a shopping cart. Better yet, rent a van.

*Please note: We cannot combine other offers/discounts to this sale. Items already on sale will not be discounted. ALSO, items cannot be put on hold beforehand to be purchased in-store on Friday at the discounted price.

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Thanksgiving Eve at Forbidden Planet NYC and, While I’m At It, Thanksgiving 2015

76194133395310101 Frank miller new Batman release Forbidden Planet NYC fpnyc.com

It’s Tuesday November 24th and we’re at the shop preparing tomorrow’s new comics, graphic novels and toys, like we do on Tuesdays, with our hands plenty full. 

The hard work’s well-worth it though. Traditionally, Thanksgiving Eve is one of my favorite days of the year to be working at Forbidden Planet. Lots of familiar faces come back in through our doors and it’s a pleasure to catch up with old chums. People need little presents for family members or a board game or something similar to occupy the weekend and from my customer service perspective it’s always a treat to recommend stuff that’s going to be enjoyed in such a manner.

And, oh yeah!, comics publishers and many toy manufacturers usually release a crap-ton of great new reading material and toys the day before Thanksgiving in advance of Black Friday/Cyber Monday. This year’s no different.

Whether you’re braving the horrors of the NJ Transit or the long flight to Walla Walla or the constant chug of the Staten Island Ferry or the bus to Philly or the subway home to your tiny NYC apartment… Wherever you’re off to, here’s some of this week’s highlighted new releases to get you through the trip.

Have fun! We’re closed on Thanksgiving. Mebbe I’ll see ya tomorrow or Friday?

(Dark Knight 3 pictured above and available 11/25/15)

Saga #31 – New Story Arc! Picks up after trade paperback Volume 5. Don’t forget your coupons and receipt (wink, wink) if ya got ’em!

Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples, Saga #31, forbidden planet NYC


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Forbidden Planet Black Friday 2015

This coming Friday, November 27th is BLACK FRIDAY here in the U.S. and we’re once again offering a swell discount to the folks coming by the shop that day. Check this out…
Black Friday 2015 deals Forbidden Planet NYCThat’s 20% OFF everything* we gots in stock on Friday the 27th.

*Please note- this offer does not apply to our regular special offers such as our in-store discount of two t-shirts for $30.

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Black Friday at Forbidden Planet NYC 2014 Edition

Just announced…

Forbidden Planet Black Friday Sale 2014

That’s 20% off EVERYTHING in the store that ain’t the furniture. The whole kit and kaboodle. Heck, maybe even some of the furniture. Gonna be a cuh-razy day.

*Sale is in-store only and only applicable to items IN STOCK on a first come, first served basis. We cannot hold anything in advance of this offer.

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Black Friday Store-wide SALE!


It’s that time of year again, a time to give thanks and be grateful. Or more importantly a time to buy a bunch of awesome stuff on the cheap. This black Friday at Forbidden Planet, everything (yes EVERTHING) is 20% OFF from 9a.m. to 9p.m. If you’re the person whose been waiting to read Cerbus, or pick up one of IDW’s beautiful artist editions book, or your home is desperately in need of a life size bust of Jango Fett (I can’t type this loud enough) NOW IS THE TIME! Don’t miss out on the chance to get the things you love for way less monies. Start off the holiday season right already having got everything you wanted on your list from the person you love most (that’s you).

[Editor’s Note- Sale is in-store only and only applicable to items IN STOCK on a first come, first served basis. We cannot hold anything in advance of this offer. CCG booster boxes and similarly net-priced items are not included.]

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Marvel Universe: The Wolverine Buyer’s Guide

By Chris Troy

Happy post Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday (who says the holidays are commercialized) FPNYC Faithful! If you’re anything like me (which if so, I’m sorry to hear that), you probably spent most of your weekend in a food/football/shopping coma. If not, I’m extremely jealous of you, unless you were working.

So let’s talk toys shall we? I’m going to attempt to start a new feature for the blog, highlighting the evolution of certain popular characters throughout a particular line. The easiest would be Batman, but that would be a month’s work of articles (hmmm..). Instead we’ll go with something a littler easier, Marvel’s most popular mutant/Canadian: Wolverine!

Single Carded:

Surprisingly, the 1st Wolverine figure that came from the Marvel Universe line was not in his modern costume, but his X-Force costume (back when it was written by X-Men:Evolution creators Craig Kyle & Chris Yost, and was mostly all claw-based characters). It’s actually a really great figure, despite Wolverine never actually using a gun during that run of the book. Post-X-Force Wolverine’s release, Hasbro released several Wolverine figures in his classic yellow costume and brown one in the Wolverine: Origins line, as well as several figures based on Hugh Jackman’s version of the character. Since that took care of the iconic costumes, the Marvel Universe line saw the release of 3 other variant Wolverine costumes: his maskless yellow/blue jumpsuit from Jim Lee‘s run on Uncanny, his Weapon X Operative outfit (also designed in the 90s, which explains the pouches) and his classic first appearance costume from Incredible Hulk #181. I’m not particularly thrilled with ANY of these figures to be honest, but different strokes for different folks and all that. Continue reading

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Drama Dairy

In 1621, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Natives of Massachusetts put aside their differences on a cold and dreary Friday in November so they could keep each other company as they waited in line to be the first people through the door at Wal•mart. They new that a Wal•mart wouldn’t be built for another three hundred plus years, but that didn’t matter. On that special day of togetherness, all they cared about was getting the best parking space chronologically possible in order to take advantage of the huge doorbuster sales and savings.

To pass the time, the Natives teased the Pilgrims about their monochromatic wardrobe. The Pilgrims, as always, wore black, as it was slimming. The day became known as Black Friday.

We still celebrate this day of commercial gathering, this annual event of spectacular discounts and companionship today. Eventually we tacked on the previous Thursday as a day of feasting in order to fill ourselves with the calories necessary to get through a grueling day of high impact shopping.

We at Forbidden Planet hope you will join us; your comic book retail family; as we get together like the Americans of old and honor the forward thinking wishes of those visionary pioneers. We wish you the very happiest Black Friday you can have. And just like those best friends of yore; the grim, puritanical Pilgrims and those wacky fun loving Native Americans; we invite you to spend this magical day of togetherness with us.

Our door will be open. Bring a friend! Nobody should be forgotten on this special day.


I’d like to tell you to keep a close eye on some great new books this week, such as Oil and Water, the spectacular new graphic novel drawn by Eisner winner Shannon Wheeler (Too-Much-Coffee-Man) which takes a hard and startling look at the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, or Fantastic Four #600 which plans on being a high-water book for Marvel events. DC ain’t looking too bad this week with new issues of Batman: The Dark Knight #3, and you’d really have to be a communist to pass up BOOM! Studios Ron Paul #1.

But none of that matters, now. In fact, nothing really matters this week. Not Football, not turkeys, not even the grit and determination of the Wampanoag natives as they struggled under their deerskin slankets, warming their hands and waiting, waiting, waiting.
Nothing else matters except for this: Continue reading

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