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Rocket Me to the Moon

rocket_raccoon_guardiansgalaxy_movieSometimes my little black heart overwhelmingly swells with joy over the future of comics. You discover a new artist, read a new book, or see a small community pull together so quickly (because we never leave our computers) to support creators and fans. It just warms me all over to see how fast the story of the Bill Mantlo, creator of Rocket the Raccoon, and his medical trials spread; resulting in the increased awareness of an important author in the history of Marvel, and a mass fundraising to help offset the continued healthcare that he’ll require for the rest of his life.  It was a tragic story that touched a lot of people, and some beautiful things have come from it.

That’s enough bleeding heart. How awesome was White Suits? Pulp noir that gave you just enough information to intrigue and not lose you, but is still holding all the important cards close to the chest. And normally I can’t get enough of that hyper-detailed artwork, but Cypress’s impressionist style fits this book like a bloody glove. Love it.

Anyways, new stuff!

Loving Dead HCOriginally published in France under the title, “Fragile”, this undead love story from Italian artist Stefano Raffaele tugs at your heartstrings and your dangling zombie ligaments. In the near future, almost everyone is (un)dead, but that doesn’t mean love is. Those who remain among the living have decided to destroy the zombie population, and forced any that stand in their way on the run, and into hiding. Walking stiffs, Alan and Lynn, have fallen in love, and realized that it’s more beautiful to watch the world, and themselves, rot and decay together. Raffaele, who’s done work over the years for Marvel, DC and Darkhorse in addition to his Metal Hurlant stories, has the perfect artistic combination of beautiful and dirty to illustrate the fascinatingly engaging and destructive power of love.

Megagogo Vol. 1– In an effort to not over state the plot of this book, it’s a Power Ranger-Kaijumashup against the KKK in monster ridden Atlanta! Adding another fabulous book to their teen (but still really enjoyable to adults because let’s face it we’re all a bunch of giant children) line, Oni has again tapped Wook-Jin Clark to publish this three volume series that puts an awkward teen, an idiot and an immortal being inside of a giant robot. And naturally in Atlanta, the greatest enemy of the robot is the Klu Klux Klan. Clark, who’s from the South, wanted to give the book a realism element as well as a regional one, that makes this story distinctly Southern. With some of the best sequential story telling I’ve seen in a long time, this humorous book makes the action flow like water, with perfectly placed dialogue. Who wouldn’t want to see evil idiots get beat up?

Ballistic #4– I don’t want to say that people have publisher bias, but if this book had been put out by saaaaay, Image, I probably wouldn’t even be talking about it because everyone would be reading it. Well, everyone who likes violent-psychedelic-crime-f’d up futuristic-comics (with juuuuust a hint of cheesy buddy-cop action), drawn by Darick Robertson and written by Adam Egypt Mortimer. Mostly known for his independent film work, Mortimer took a broken neck head-dive into the deep end of crazy comics, and teamed up with the veritable hands that helped create the revered comic world of Transmetropolitan. Obviously the two book share some similar elements, but whereas Spider Jerusalem was too smart for his, and everyone else’s own good, Butch (the main character of Ballistic), kind of needs to get his head out of his ass sometimes. It doesn’t help that his partner is literally a foul-mouthed gun that can attach itself to Butch while they try to take down major crime. This book is madness actualized, and required reading for anyone who likes a taste (or mouthful) of hyper-violence.

Henry and Glen Forever and Ever #4– This is the greatest love story ever, between the esteemed musicians Henry Rollins and Glen Danzig, and this is the last installment of their serialized love. Published by Microcosm Publishing in Portland, these mini-comics have been bringing people years of manly fanfic joy. Three new stories by Tom Neely, Johnny Ryan, Noah Van Sciver, and Keenan Keller include: giant lizards, their loveable Satan worshiping neighbors, Hall and Oates, and Glen’s mother! What do these music gods love more than protein powder and working out? Each other.


Other good things to buy: The Wake, Sheltered, Samurai Jack, Mind Mgmt, Manhattan Projects, Hawkeye, Deadly Class, Chew. Man, this is a solid new comic week!

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