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Terror Assaulter release party with Ben Marra!


Join us at Forbidden Planet NYC on September 16th from 6PM to 8PM in celebration of Fantagraphics’ Terror Assaulter! Artist, writer, all around cool dude Benjamin Marra will be on hand signing copies of his newest slice of psychotronic comics. Marra has been a Forbidden Planet favorite since the release of his 80’s stripper slasher opus Night Business, and his newest work promises to be filled to the brim with all the sex, violence, and tongue in cheek humor that we’ve come to know and love him for. These are not independent comics, they’re exploitation comics!

If you can’t make the event? Well boo on you, but that doesn’t mean you have to be left out. Preorder signed copies of Terror Assaulter now from www.fpnyc.com and we will ship them to you after our event on September 16th.


Cartoonist Benjamin Marra brilliantly satirizes America’s obsession with justice — and disinterest in consequences — via a highly stylized, hyper- masculine style that gushes with violence, sex, and international intrigue, battering down the boundaries between psychedelia, political commentary, and aggressive expressionism. Terror Assaulter must defeat Terror at all costs, as long as it leaves time for steamy dates with hot chicks. The man’s codename is O.M.W.O.T. (One Man War On Terror) and he is the world’s greatest protector, and a villain’s worst nightmare. This is a hilarious satire of American foreign policy over the last decade, neocon philosophy, the state of American masculinity and sexuality, and male power fantasy in escapist entertainment.

What: Benjamin Marra signs Terror Assaulter (O.M.W.O.T.)
Where: Forbidden Planet NYC 834 Broadway NYC
When: Wednesday, Sept 16th 6-8 PM
Link for signed mail order: http://www.fpnyc.com/Terror-Assaulter-O.M.W.O.T./9781606998830/Graphic-Novels174991

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Marra On Dowd

In search of a modern book that captures the true spirit of the underground comic movement? Fan of original well crafted insanity? Into weird stuff? Well look no further!

Benjamin Marra’s The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd a Work of Satire and Fiction (or B.M.I.F.A.M.D.W.S.F. as we like to call it around the shop… obviously that was joke) has finally hit the shelves at FP.

Maureen Dowd, the famous and popular political opinion columnist, is about to write her most powerful and influential column ever!! She’s come in possession of information that could topple the American government, destroy the White House and bring the Free World to its knees. Joined by the shadowy black-ops rogue agent, Shadow Wolf, can she fend off the assaults of fanatical White House officials and Hezzbollah commandos in time to write and deliver her column before deadline and still be on time for her third date with George Clooney? What’s a girl to do?

We have been forcefully pushing Benjamin Marra’s books on unsuspecting customers since the first issue of Night Business, and Benjamin Marra’s The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd a Work of Satire and Fiction will be no exception!

Ok one more time for good measure… Benjamin Marra’s The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd a Work of Satire and Fiction, man that is a mouthful… don’t go there.

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FP Transmissions: NYCC

Recently posted to FPNYC’s YouTube channel is this video of Matt Desiderio and myself chatting up some comic creators and publishers at last weekend’s New York Comic-Con.

YouTube Preview Image

The full list of comic folks in the vid can be seen below in the tags field.  Quite the eclectic mix.

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