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Hey! Blue Cat People and a preview to Venture Bros. Season 4.

I am a colossal Venture Bros. fan.  Next to Robot Chicken, the show is the reason why I continue to have a television.  I simply can’t go without either. So, earlier today Adult Swim gave us a preview of the new Venture Bros. season.  Looks like the usual total brilliance.

Trailer Addict released a trailer for James Cameron’s apparently ground breaking Avatar.  It looks quite pretty, but I don’t know about those Blue Cat people they look like a blatant ripoff of the Thundercats and look super-cheezy. Not that there is anything wrong with Thundercats, because there isn’t.

Yahoo finally released a trailer for Benicio Del Toro’s remake of The Wolfman. Now this looks great.  Unfortunately, it appears the movie is now coming out in February, which is generally a month that studios dump their trash.  I don’t know how this could be seen as trash with such fine actors as Hugo Weaving, Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins.  Oh, also, you may want to pay attention to this movie as Director Joe Johnston is also leading the charge for the Captain America movie. The last I heard the Cap movie was being written as a period piece, pretty much existing during World War II.  Frankly, that just sounds sick.

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