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G.I. Joe Ninja Dojo Set Part 3 Beachhead

As much as I hate to say it, Beachhead is one of those characters in G.I. Joe that never really jumped out to me. While I was more of a comic fan, the toys came first. If a character didn’t have any cool toys, they just weren’t interesting to me. Beachhead was one of those unfortunate few. I never cared for any of his molds back in the day. They either looked too fat, or too lanky, or too goofy. Some of them looked too mean, while others didn’t look mean enough. There was just no winning in my eyes.

Now, while I could accept Roadblock in this set as a ninja since it seems like he trains to become one in the movie, I have no clue why Beachhead is in this set. He never struck me as any sort of martial arts guy. If he ever were to use his fists, they’d probably just be to choke some poor Cobra solider or something, not use a sword. Maybe someone at Hasbro said, “Hey, Beachhead wears a baklava; that makes him like a ninja, right? LET’S PUT HIM IN A NINJA SET.” Their logic never ceases to amaze me.

Since it looks like we won’t be getting a 30th Anniversary Beachhead any time soon, I think this figure is the closest we’re going to get. This figure uses a pretty obvious selection of parts: the head from Pursuit of Cobra Beachhead and the body of the 30th Anniversary Snake Eyes and Stalker. It’s a GREAT body and one I’ll never get tired of, and it’s used incredibly well here. Everything that body used is still here; the silenced pistol, the knife, the kneepads… it’s good to see that Hasbro didn’t skimp out on the accessories. His vest is also a new sculpt; the same one included with the Snake Eyes figure in the other two-pack. Continue reading

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GI Joe Ninja Dojo Set part 1 Kamakura

For the G.I. Joe Retaliation line, it seems like Hasbro has been making a big push for the ninjas. You know, as if they never did that before. As a result, we’re getting all sorts of toys released with “ninja” somewhere on the package, regardless of whether or not it makes sense. But hey, most of the time, just slapping a word like that onto a package doesn’t really hurt anything. The days of Ninja Force and the like are thankfully behind us, and it looks like we won’t have to deal with action features anymore. Thank god.

For the next three reviews, I’m going to be covering each figure in one of the first two “G.I. Joe Ninja” sets, the Dojo set, featuring Kamakura, Roadblock, and Beachhead. I’ll be starting with the set’s actual ninja, Kamakura.

Kamakura was one of the few (only?) characters from G.I. Joe’s short-lived affair with Image/Devil’s Due comics to get his own figure. It’s a shame he was all we got, as I would have loved a figure of Firewall. We do have Zanya now, however, but there are still many others that deserve figures. Since he received his first figure in 2003, he’s become a mainstay in G.I. Joe as a whole, and you know something? I quite like him.

Kamakura’s last figure was released during Rise of Cobra. Unfortunately, he was possibly the rarest figure in the line and now fetches quite a premium on the aftermarket. Let’s just say I REALLY regret turning him down the time I saw him for $12 in a CVS…

The parts on this figure come from a rather off assortment of figures. The torso and upper legs come from everyone’s favorite Storm Shadow (30th Anniversary), the head and hood come from Resolute Storm Shadow, and the arms and lower legs from that Tornado Kick Snake Eyes figure that is best left forgotten. If I didn’t know better, I would have taken this figure for a Night Creeper.

That’s mostly due to his rather odd choice of colors, however. They’re very reminiscent of the Night Creeper figures from the Spytroops/Valor vs. Venom Era. It’s not a BAD color scheme per se, it just doesn’t suit Kamakura. Maybe if it was greener it would… Continue reading

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Pursuit of Cobra Beachhead review

By Loran

Hey look, a Joe I forgot to review!

Beachhead is a character I’ve always had mixed feelings about. I don’t hold him in the contempt I do for Duke, but I always felt that he could never stand up to Stalker as the team’s #1 Ranger. Maybe it’s because of my distaste for the Sunbow cartoon (of which he was rather overused) or my preference for Stalker’s backstory in the comics, but Beachhead just never did it for me. Regardless, I know an important character when I see one, and I always try to keep them active in my collection.

Too bad most of his figures up until now kinda sucked.

Released in the first wave of Pursuit of Cobra figures as a part of the City Strike assortment, Beachhead is one of the few figures that didn’t need any cosmetic changes. While some like Duke got a new head to move away from the movie likeness, others like Ripcord had to be made into entirely new characters. Being an offscreen character that wears a mask, Beachhead ran into no such problems. I’m glad, too, since the one we got with the Snarler Cycle during Rise of Cobra was really lame, and made even lamer when placed against the AMAZING Airborne repaint he came with.

Beachhead’s base figure very much has the “five minutes into the future” aspect that Pursuit of Cobra was going for. He’s actually one of the few vest-wearing figures I’ve seen that looks good without it. With a few more paint applications, he’d be able to stand well enough on his own.

One issue I have with the base figure is this weird… meter thing on his leg. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. It always pops out and won’t stay at all if you try to bend his knees. Maybe it’s like the bombs the Predators use whenever everything goes wrong, so like if he gets stuck behind Cobra lines he can blow himself up? I dunno. Continue reading

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