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Girding Our Loins

Not much going on at The Planet this week… just THREE bodacious in-store events and one 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!

3PM Tuesday November 19th

suicidegirlsblackheartburlesqueMeet the Suicide Girls from the Blackheart Burlesque tour tomorrow afternoon! They’ll be signing copies of their new book HARD GIRLS, SOFT LIGHT and we’ll be giving away a pair of tickets for their show at The Gramercy Theatre.


6pm Wednesday November 20th

wEBFifth-Beatle-SigningWriter/producer Vivek Tiwary will be signing copies of his new graphic novel- The Fifth Beatle – at Forbidden Planet NYC. Signed copies ARE available for mail order as of this posting, so jump on that. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the book and (straight up, no hyperbole) it’s SUPERB. It’s also one of the prettiest books you will ever buy, should you choose to do so.

6pm Friday November 22nd

Warren Ellis event signing Forbidden Planet New York City NYCWarren Ellis signing. If I was the kind of jerk who wrote crap like “Nuff said” I would write “Nuff said” regarding our Warren Ellis event. No offense intended to the beloved writers, artists, singers, magicians, freakshow performers, internationally famous rock bands- what have you- who rocked Forbidden Planet events in 2013, but THIS WILL BE OUR BIGGEST SIGNING OF THE YEAR.

Saturday November 23rd

doctor-who-50th-anniversarySome silly SF program on BBC celebrates its 50th anniversary with a global simulcast of “The Day of the Doctor.” We’ve got plans for something special to mark the occasion, and will announce them later this week. Watch this space, join our mailing list, follow us on Twitter, like us, wash, rinse, repeat.

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SDCC: David Tennant “sorry” for the end of “Doctor Who.”

David Tennant
David Tennant

At the San Diego Comic Con, people expected that Russell T. Davies would announce a “Doctor Who” movie starring David Tennant, but we would get nothing of the sort.  Instead, what audience members got were trailers for the final three episodes of Tennant’s run as the Time Lord.  And apparently, he’s sorry:

I think he feels guilty. I think he’s in a very difficult position. He has to make the hard choices, and he’s riddled with remorse for what happened to his people, and the part he played in that, which we’ll learn a little bit more about before I disappear. [Laughs] Not that much, just a little bit. It’s not the three-part miniseries staring [former 1990s Doctor] Paul McGann. But I think he’s tortured, and he travels time and space trying to make it better… but some of the side effects of that are not as we’d wish them to be.

The first special, that airs tonight on BBC America, titled “The Planet of the Dead” stars “Bionic Woman” Michelle Ryan as a cat-burgler who finds herself stranded on a bus that has been teleported into a desert of the dead.   The second special, “The Water of Mars” involves a water monster.  The final two-parter “The End of Time” which features Tennant’s Doctor’s  death and change into Matt Smith is quite the tear-jerker apparently:

Not surprisingly, Tennant and the production crew all promise some of the series’ strongest moments in the final episodes of 2009, and Euros Lynn said he showed the regeneration scene (where Tennant’s Doctor “dies” and turns into Matt Smith) to composer Murray Gold, who bawled like a baby.

During the filming, says Gardner, “Every day there was a new goodbye of some sort to someone.”

“The End of Time” will also see the return of The Master, John Simm.  Which makes me excited because as of this writing I’m watching Jon Simm take over Britain in the season finale to “Doctor Who” season 3.

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New “Doctor Who” outfit revealed.


Like I’ve mentioned before I’m a huge fan of “Doctor Who.” So when they announced that someone two years younger than me will be taking over the role from David Tennant, I was curiously cautious. I found this story via “Phonogram” artist Jamie McKelvie, who twittered the BBC News story that included the above photograph.

Matt Smith, the new Doctor, will be the 11th Doctor and the first image of him left me grimacing slightly.  I think it had something to do with his reject-from-Flock of Seagulls-haircut, but considering new “Doctor Who” head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat rejected writing the Tintin script for Steven Spielberg for this show, I kind of trusted him in that “Are you INSANE?!” way. That whole situation gave me a “harumph” moment, because clearly it shows his commitment to the show and also the state of his sanity.

I don’t know why this is a big deal, but since the new series started five years ago people have made a big deal out of what the Doctor wears.  I remember the number of stories that came out when the first image of David Tennant came out commenting on his nerdy style with glasses, long coat, skinny tie and Converses.

This just kind of looks like they’re moving backward with the outfits rather than forward.  The outfit looks more like something William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton (the first two Doctors) would have worn.  And, honestly, the picture just kind of exudes this sense that Smith is dressing up in his parent’s clothes.  In a similar manner to that dude who plays Chuck Bass on “Gossip Girl” looks ridiculously embarrassed in pretty much everything he wears like he’s dressing in a style that he himself wouldn’t be caught dead in.

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