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Unkiedev’s Amazing Stuff

HEY!  Comic Book day falls on my birthday this year!  Yup, your ole’ Unkiedev will be turning an undisclosed number somewhere between twenty something and some combination of 30 and a few more.  How to celebrate?  Why, A nice cup of cocoa, a warm badger to serve as my footstool and I’m all set to dig into this week’s sensational comic book offerings. AH!  Badger feet.

Marvel has a few goodies up their sleeve.  Did I say goodies?  I mean baddies! Astonishing X-Men #36 has Wolvie throw down with those big-footed Jack Kirby monsters from Monster Island!  Count me in!  Then we have a little something called Kick-Ass 2 #2, ‘nuff said. Amazing Spider-Man #655 has more movin’ and shakin’ than a bowl of jelly on acid!  Then in Avengers #10 the Hood has the Infinity Gauntlet.  This is bad…so bad, it’s good!

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New Comics: Vampires and Battle Chasers oh my!

Slow does not describe the comic week ahead of us. Let’s get right down to the good stuff, shall we?

Vamparella Master Series, (W) Mark Millar and Grant Morrison, Dynamite Press

One of the best bets this week, and again this will give you an idea of how sparse the goodies are, is this reprint edition of Grant Morrison and Mark Millar Vampirella stories.

You know Mark and Grant, right? Without them there would BE NO contemporary comic book market. You are also aware of the, ah, “body of work” of Ms. Rella’s, aren’t you? She’s the lady Vampire who came from space to wear skimpy outfits and eat criminals.

There is no way in heck these stories are going to be run-of-the-mill. Run of the Millar, maybe. Two of the industries top talents reprinted from days past when they were struggling for a wider audience, telling stories about a wardrobe challenged Vampire with a thirst for justice. NICE.

Still, sometimes I wish there was a comic book character with BIGGER breasts than Vampirella. Sigh, if only…. Continue reading

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