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Have You Considered Letting Justice League #1 Into Your Heart?

We’re just jumping in head first like a seal into a wood chipper!

Dark Horse has the Goon #35, Faith and Angel #1 and a brand new Star Wars original graphic novel called Chewbacca & the Slavers of the Shadowlands. Chewie hates slavers almost as much as Mr. T pities a fool, and I am drooling on my lobster bib thinking about a new Angels/Faith book!

DC has the REQUIRED TP of Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories, Flashpoint #5, and a young reader adventure story book of Streaky the Super Cat in Royal Rodent Rescue. YES, I am more excited about Streaky having her own adventure book than I am about Flashpoint.

Wait, you didn’t know Streaky was a girl? HA. You ain’t down with Streaky.

DC also has the Justice League reboot book, Justice League #1, which rumor has selling out as soon as it hits the stands. This makes sense.

People love #1 books, and people love the Justice League, a.k.a. the Super Friends. This is also the first of their new, renumbered titles, so there’s a huge speculation interest not just because of the title, but because it is the tip of a renumbering iceberg.

Long Story Short: BUY Justice League #1. I don’t care if you’ve never read a DC book…I don’t care if you only shop upstairs and your house is full of manga and Bishoujo statues! I don’t care if you’re illiterate and you only wandered in here to use the can, which is probably for employee’s only!

Best case scenario: it’s going to be amazing (Justice League #1, not the Forbidden Planet toilet) and you’ll want to start collecting the title. Worst case scenario: you can sell it, trade it or give it away to someone who cares. Either way: BUY Justice League #1!

Image has Savage Dragon #173 which looks INSANE, as well as Invincible #82 and a complete reprint of Rick Remender’s trippy mature reader God/road trip mash-up Strange Girl. Oh, and did I mention you should BUY Justice League #1?!


Meanwhile, Spider Island is in full effect over in Amazing Spider-Man #668 featuring the incomparable Humberto Ramos on pencils!

Ramos is only one good reason to pick up Spidey books right now: The other is the future movie reboot swinging down the web. Best fall in love with this version of Spider Man before Hollywood screws it up again, breaking your heart and forcing you to seek comfort in the arms of escapist fare…such as comic books!

I guess if I had to sum this column up in three words it would be “Streaky Rocks,” and then I’d save that last word for when I really needed it. That said, BUY Justice League #1.

Bye-Bye… Justice League #1.

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