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Val’s Toy Chest- A Bat, Knights and Deadshot

Back in the Summer of 1992, I remember reading an article in Wizard Magazine about the forthcoming Batman: The Animated Series.  I remember being really ecstatic that Barbara Gordon as Batgirl was going to be used in the series since she had been forced to retire as Batgirl in the comics after the Killing Joke. Then I waited forever to see her don the costume on the show. I still remember how there were three episodes featuring Barbara before she became Batgirl and how much I was like- c’mon already. The Animated Series Batgirl was featured in the spin-off comic, random merchandise like McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys, playing cards and Valentine’s cards before she ever appeared in the Batgirl outfit on the actual TV show. And don’t get me started on how it took five years and an appearance in Batman and Robin before we even got a Batgirl in the animated toyline- and she was completely inaccurate design-wise. Kenner nor Mattel ever released a show-accurate Batman: The Animated Series Batgirl when they were doing figures and she’s always been a major want for me. Diamond Select released both a bust and a Gallery PVC figure utilizing this design, but for the first time ever, we have a Batgirl action figure as she appeared during the Fox era of Batman: The Animated Series. Clad in her grey and blue outfit, Batgirl features several points of articulation, interchangeable hands and a figure base. My one minor quibble with the figure is her slightly inaccurate hairsculpt, but when I saw it at Toy Fair, it didn’t seem as noticeable. So look for her on our shelves starting Wednesday.

The Marvel Legends wave of the Netflix TV characters have arrived. Daredevil, Elektra, The Punisher, Jessica Jones, Blade and Bullseye are in this latest assortment which features a build-a-figure of Man-Thing. With the popularity of the Netflix shows as well as Hasbro’s beautiful sculpts, this wave should be a hit. Keeping in line with Marvel Legends, the Star-Lord and Ego 2-pack from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 should also be here soon.

Deadshot is joining the Joker as part of Hot Toys’ Suicide Squad collection. Featuring the character as he appeared in last year’s film, Deadshot is sculpted in the likeness of Will Smith and features several interchangeable parts including both a masked and unmasked head, a display stand as well as an impressive arsenal of accessories. I think this’ll be a fun figure to play around with.

In closing- I wanted to mention the loss of two legends over the weekend- first was director George A. Romero who managed to frighten young me back in the day with his collaboration with Stephen King on the original Creepshow.  I remember passing by a video store during the mid-80s which had no qualms about showing movies right on their TV in the window, so I remember watching Creepshow in that very window and freaking out over the scary parts. Romero was the father of the modern zombie genre including the brilliant Night of the Living Dead as well as the original Dawn of the Dead. Thanks for the scares, George.

We also lost the legendary Martin Landau this week, known for his roles on Space 1999, the classic Mission Impossible, as well as appearances on The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and an Oscar winning role as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood. He was also the father of Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress, Juliet Landau. Rest in peace and thanks for everything, Mr. Landau.


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Chris’ Comics: Batgirl #1

BG_Cv1_57082d25dc1793.92171144Batgirl #1

Hope Larson, Rafeal Albuquerque, Dave McCaig

DC $2.99

I’ll be honest; going into Batgirl #1, I was worried about the character and the direction they were taking her post Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, & Babs Tarr. There were multiple quotes from writer Hope Larson saying how this run was going to be darker, and while I like Rafeal Albuquerque‘s art, the last time he drew this incarnation of Batgirl there was bit of a thing. Also the white person walking around Asia to learn kung-fu is a trope that at best is cliche, and at worst a bit racist. That being said, reading this first issue has vanquished my fear and we instead get a pretty solid comic that’s mindful of my concerns.

The new Rebirth debut issue sees Babs Gordon in Japan, in search of an old-timey Japanese super hero named Fruit Bat, in order to up her own heroic game. While doing so, batgirl-1-preview-675x1024she runs across her never previously mentioned but apparently old friend Kai, as well as a Fuku-wearing assassin. While long-lost friends and school girl looking assassins were something covered extensively in the previous run, Hope Larson and Rafeal Albuquerque are talented enough creators to make this whole thing seem fresh.

Larson’s voice for Barbara Gordon is sharp enough to keep left over readers from the previous run pleased, but also comforting for lapsed reader who are coming back. Her Batgirl reads a little more focused and mature, but also fun and playful. It’s the best sort of compromise. While not all of the jokes in this issue land, Larson does a great job of building a new setting and status quo for Barbara, setting up the future of this title quite nicely. And granted Kai nor the nameless assassin we get in this issue do very little for me, the introduction of the Fruit Bat definitely makes for fun stuff.

Artist Rafael Albuquerque is definitely a more traditional super hero comics artist than Babs Tarr is, but with that being said, the book still maintains a youthful and fun visual tone. He does some excellent work with the body language and facial expressions in this book, and I love the energy he puts into his fight scenes. I also love the way Albuquerque portrays motion in a medium full of static imagery, as he’s  not afraid to experiment with BG01_03panel layouts and it leads to some great results. Dave McCaig’s colors are also a great fit for this book, as he sticks with bright colors that play off of Barbara’s costume and hair quite well.

Batgirl #1 is a fun first issue that doesn’t change the title character too much, and does a find job to appealing to several different types of audiences. It does an excellent job of showing the fun side of super heroics, with some dialogue that a little more polish and way less dramatic than the Babs we saw in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. Old and new readers have plenty to like with this new creative team, making it arguably one of the more accessibly DC super hero comics to come out of Rebirth so far.



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Val’s Toy Chest- Odds and Ends

She’s here! Actually that phrase applies to a couple of items we have received over the past week and a half. I mentioned in last week’s article that we’d gotten our shipping notice for the Hot Toys’ Scarlet Witch from last summer’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and she has finally arrived. The likeness to Elizabeth Olson is excellent and the rooted hair doesn’t detract from the figure at all, plus the costuming is gorgeous and the accessories all make sense. A very tempting piece for sure, I know I’m going to want one.

The other “she’s here!” piece I am referring to is the breathtaking Yvonne Craig as Batgirl Tweeterhead statue. Approved by Ms. Craig before she passed away last summer, the folks at Tweeterhead definitely put their best foot forward with this release. The Batgirl Maquette features the costume as seen in the 1960’s Batman TV series as well as a base that features the secret door to access her BatgirlCycle. Definitely one of the best Yvonne Craig likenesses out there and highly recommended if you are a fan of that iteration.


Back in stock for Star Wars fans out there are the Hasbro Star Wars 6″ Black Series figures of Captain Phasma, The Guavian Enforcer and Poe Dameron have returned to our shelves and new to the store is the 6″ Kylo Ren figure. We also have a few assorted characters from the basic 3 and 3/4″ line still in stock as well as a handful of vehicles for both scales of figures. Speaking of Star Wars, Funko and Diamond Comics have teamed up to bring out their latest exclusive POP vinyl figures. The Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Funko POP three pack features Luke Skywalker, a 6″ Rancor and fan favorite Oola in POP vinyl form. Oola and the Rancor are both first timers for the POP line and this piece should also be a hot one.


I don’t frequently talk about comics in this column but I thought I’d mention one this week since it is a character dear to my heart written by a person that I also adore. Black Canary #9 hits the stands on Wednesday and instead of the solicited story by regular series writer Brenden Fletcher, will feature a story by former FP employee and writer of last year’s acclaimed We Can Never Go Home, Matthew Rosenberg. Black Canary(the band) is hired to play at the birthday party of a young girl named Julia(possibly named for a fellow FP employee…) and there seems to be more to the gathering than meets the eye. I definitely think this issue will be an underrated gem and highly recommend picking it up as soon as you see it.


That’s it for me this week, catch you guys next week with more toy and comic news. See you in the store!

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Val’s Toy Chest Extra- Photo Edition

Hi guys- got some more photos today at Toy Fair- here’s some of the cool DC stuff coming out sometime this year!


Mezco’s Shazam!, Reverse Flash, Green Arrow and Flash from their One: 12 Collective Line.


Funko’s Rock Candy line featuring Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Supergirl.


DC Collectibles’ Batgirl of Burnside from the DC Icons line. Not depicted: the awesome Batcycle she comes packaged with. Want to know more about this version of Batgirl? I’d recommend the Batgirl of Burnside TP or the second volume, out this week: Family Business.


Flash and Green Arrow two pack from the current season of each TV series. If you’re interested in either show, there are a couple of trades out including The Flash: Season Zero as well as Arrow Season 2.5.


Katana statue from the forthcoming Suicide Squad film.


DCC’s new DC Films Premium Action Figure line’s Wonder Woman as seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Batman: The Animated Series Zatanna Action Figure- should be in stores soon!


Batman: The Animated Series Ventriloquist and Scarface– scheduled for later this year.

I have more pictures that I will share next week with some of the cool Marvel stuff I saw and maybe some other surprises! Catch you guys next week!

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Val’s Toy Chest- Toy Fair Part 1: DC-Palooza

Hi guys and gals- I have returned from my first day at Toy Fair and there is so much to talk about this year that I am going to split the news over the next few columns. This week we will discuss figures from the comic book company nearest and dearest to my heart- DC Comics!

On Thursday, DC Collectibles revealed a good portion of what we are to expect from them within the next year,  and there is a lot coming- let’s start with one of the best lines to come out of DC Collectibles recently- Batman: The Animated Series.  On display were a couple of figures we already knew about such as Zatanna, Commissioner Gordon and Etrigan, but DC Collectibles also showed off figures of Talia, The Ventriloquist and Scarface, Detective Harvey Bullock and Clayface from the original iteration of B:TAS and The Joker, Harley Quinn, Firefly and a “Girls’ Night Out” five-pack from The New Batman Adventures.  The five pack is slated to include repacks of Harley, Ivy and Batgirl plus brand-new figures of Supergirl and Live Wire.  There will also be a three-pack of figures based on The Dark Knight Returns characters as they were featured in the TNBA episode “Legends of the Dark Knight” A Batman Beyond three-pack and a massive Batplane/Batwing round out the series for the year.

I’ve discussed the DC Icons line in past columns and DC showed off some highly tempting items for this series as well. Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Deathstroke make up the newest single packed figures in the series while a DC Icons 7 pack of the New 52 version of the Justice League is due for release sometime during the year. A couple of deluxe sets will also be available including a two-pack of Darkseid and his daughter, Grail and arguably the best reveal from the Icons line thus far: the Batgirl of Burnside featuring the latest Babs Tarr designed incarnation of the dominoed daredoll with a motorcycle to display her with as well as interchangeable parts so she looks like she’s riding the cycle. Having gotten to see this piece in person, she is a beauty and definitely one that will break my wallet later in the year. Fans of cool accessories also have two accessory packs to collect to augment their existing figures. These packs come with smaller characters like Ch’P plus various DC artifacts and different hands or attachments.

I admit that I don’t pay much attention to the video game based lines since I haven’t really played any of the latest DC/Batman games but the new Arkham Knight Batgirl and Oracle set has been revealed and both figures are very stylized and a welcome addition to a Barbara Gordon collection.  Other figures shown include Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and the Red Hood.


The biggest news from DC Collectibles is that they are releasing their own figures based on both of this year’s DC Comics films. In scale with their TV figures, DC showed off figures from Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad,  2013’s Man of Steel is also represented. DC luminaries such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are joined by Lex Luthor, General Zod, Faora, Jor-El, Harley Quinn and El Diablo?!?! Each figure features more articulation than your standard DC Collectibles figures and the pricing on these are TBD. Speaking of the TV lines, this was the one area where I was disappointed with the showing as we are only getting the latest versions of Flash and Arrow(now Green Arrow) as seen in the current seasons of the hit CW series. The new TV Flash figure comes with a Grant Gustin/Barry Allen head which is cool. Hopefully DCC has more characters lined up for the TV line as there are a ton of characters I’d still love to see from all three of the DC TV shows airing on the CW. DCC also has a Harley Quinn line based on Amanda Conner’s artwork and more Darwyn Cooke and Greg Capullo designer figures in the pipeline.


Diamond Select had a few new Gotham pieces including Bruce Wayne and Barbara Kean, plus Gotham Minimates and assorted JL and BTAS products.

Funko’s catalog offered a teaser of Speedy/Thea and Green Arrow POP from Arrow along with POPs of the classic comics versions of Firestorm, Power Girl, Supergirl, Cyborg and Black Manta.

Cryptozoic is getting into the blind box arena with a DC Bombshells vinyl figure line that will come randomly packed in tin boxes.

Mezco revealed a brand new Batmobile in scale with their One:12 Collective line, very cool piece. Price range is unknown at this time but it is a NICE toy for sure.

The last thing I will discuss today is the Mattel Multiverse line. Thus far Multiverse has covered BVS, Arrow, The Flash and the comics. Get ready for more as we have additional characters from BVS including Luthor and Aquaman and a good assortment of figures from Suicide Squad including the Joker, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Killer Croc and Katana. The best reveal for me other than Katana is the TV Supergirl figure based on the CBS series starring Melissa Benoist. She looks great and I cannot wait to add her to the collection. Other figures to come include more from the Dark Knight Returns.

That’s it for me this week- next week: the Marvelous side of Toy Fair! Catch you then!

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Val’s Toy Chest- DC Media Action Figures

It’s a brand new week here at the Planet and I definitely have some cool toys to discuss in this column. The majority of our toy news has to do with DC Comics and their world of characters and there are some neat pieces from Funko due within the next few weeks. Let’s see what’s coming out.

DC Comics’ staple of characters have been active on the small screen since the debut of the 1950’s TV series: The Adventures of Superman all the way through to the newest series: Legends of Tomorrow. This latest CW show is all about time travel, so let’s travel back in time ourselves to late 1967/early 1968. That was the year of the third and final season of the legendary Batman TV series starring Adam West. Though Batmania was waning by this point in the 60’s, people never forgot the original Batman series and when the 1989 Batman film by Tim Burton came out, the reruns of the 60’s shows started airing again and turned me into a fan at the tender age of 10 years old.

I bring up the classic Batman TV show because there was no screen accurate merchandise for the series back in the day. That all changed back in 2012 when Warner Brothers and DC announced a new program that would allow actor likenesses from the old 60’s show to be used for toys and other merchandise. One of the last actors to agree to offer her likeness in this program was the late Yvonne Craig which is why you are only now starting to see Batgirl product using her likeness. This week we will be receiving an awesome three-pack featuring TV’s Terrific Trio as made by Mattel. Each figure comes housed in their own separate slot in a cool window package with colorful graphics designed to evoke the feeling of the old TV show. Batman, Robin and Batgirl each come with a character stand and are fully poseable. In addition to the three-pack, we will also receive an accessory heavy set called “To The Batcave” which will include a bunch of the iconic props seen on the show including the Batphone, Shakespeare’s Bust and more. Batman is featured in this set along with an interchangeable Adam West as Bruce Wayne head.

Moving forward in time to the current era of live-action DC Comics brings us to the current CW trinity of Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. The former two series have plenty of merchandise available including two new figures shipping this week. Mattel’s DC Multiverse series will bring together the comics, TV, movie and video-game iterations of many DC favorites. The Flash and Arrow are part of the Justice Buster Collect and Connect series stand about 6″ tall, are fully articulated and come with pieces to build the aforementioned figure. Shipping with this set will be a figure of The Joker as he appears in the recent Batman storyline, “Endgame”. Future figures in the series include the TV version of the Reverse Flash,  the Superman of Earth-23 and more.

Speaking of DC Media, there’s a new Batman and Superman movie coming out and the DC Multiverse series will also be issuing figures from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Figures set to arrive this week are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and an Armored Batman. All four of these figures are based on their appearance in the new film and feature the likenesses of actors Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, respectively. Each action figure is fully articulated and come with accessories and a piece to build Batman’s Grapple Gun.

Turning our attention to Funko, Funko POPs that should be arriving soon include POPs from Shrek, Netflix’s Daredevil, Call of Duty, Supernatural and more. On the DC front, we’ve gotten in the Aquaman POP from Batman V Superman and we’ve received a restock on Arrow’s Felicity. Funko Wacky Wobblers from the Batman V Superman movie are also here and feature Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

That’s pretty much it for me this week! See you in the store!

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Val’s Toy Chest- Yvonne Craig 1937-2015


This wasn’t a column I thought I would have to write for years to come, but this is the sad reality, much as I would have preferred it not to be. I wrote this piece the same night that I found out about Yvonne Craig’s death and here it is in its entirety:

My world is a little less bright today. This morning (August 19th) as I was waking up to get myself ready for another Wednesday morning at Forbidden Planet I had gone on my phone to check Facebook as I am wont to do. I’ve been rewatching the classic Batman TV series since I received the entire series as a Christmas gift. My favorite season of the entire series is the 3rd Season, which, if you know your Batman history was the season that introduced Yvonne Craig as Commissioner Gordon’s daughter: Barbara, who by day was a librarian but at night was Gotham City’s “best-dressed crimefightress” Batgirl. Anyway, as I’ve been rediscovering the series I started liking pages on Facebook, finding all sorts of websites discussing the classic TV show and also digging out any related books on the show. One specific Facebook page that I liked was an Yvonne Craig fanpage which not only covered her Batman work but other stuff she had done as well.

It was early- maybe around 6 in the morning when I noticed the page had a post where the author wrote that he was “saddened to say that Yvonne Craig died August 17, 2015.” My mind was reeling from the news, Batman(’66, as it has been known since merchandising for the show started back in 2013) has been a huge part of my life since I was a kid. I have a vague recollection of watching it sometime during 1984 or 1985 on Channel 5 WNYW. I can remember one thing clearly from that mostly hazy(fitting, considering the villain’s motif) memory and that was the cliffhanger shot of Batgirl chained in Lord Ffogg’s dungeon from the episode “The Foggiest Notion.” I never saw the resolution of that cliffhanger on WNYW, but would eventually catch the entire run of 120 episodes on both the Family Channel and WPIX 11 during the Batmania revival of 1989. I recorded all of the special event nights that The Family Channel did where they would run a two hour block of episodes(usually on a Friday). It was during one of those nights where I remember seeing my ‘first’ episode with Batgirl. The episode: “Ring Around the Riddler” aired after the Penguin and Marsha, Queen of Diamonds Three-Parter. I loved seeing the different opening credits with Batgirl kicking the thug and her cycling across the screen on her BatgirlCycle. Something about the character and her laughing in the face of danger while being glamorous and feisty appealed to me. I was hooked on Batgirl and Yvonne Craig from that moment on- to the point that I ended up watching both of the films she made with Elvis Presley. As a kid during the 80s and 90s, I spent quite a few weekends watching my recorded Batman episodes on VHS and eventually I only watched season 3 because my attachment to the Batgirl character and Yvonne’s portrayal, was so deep. Keep in mind that this was shortly after “The Killing Joke” had come out and Batgirl the comic book character was a distant memory leaving us the wheelchair bound Barbara Gordon who hadn’t yet- but would become, Oracle. I wore out a couple of my tapes from constantly rewatching them and didn’t have a way to replace the episodes as most channels had stopped airing Batman by the early ’90s. By the time Batman made its way back into syndication, I didn’t have a VCR anymore and I DVRed the Batgirl episodes to relive my childhood affection for her and the show. Thankfully the series is out on DVD and Blu-Ray now after years of legal wrangling and red tape.

As I got ready to go to work, inspiration struck– I dug out my purple and yellow Batgirl logo shirt to wear and I make the decision to show as much of the third season as possible on the TV at work during my shift. I had a need to do something to honor one of my childhood heroines. I got to start the day out with the initial aired Batgirl episode: “Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin” and made it all the way through to the notorious Season 3, Episode 19 “Nora Clavicle and the Ladies’ Crime Club” which not only has the infamous Siamese Human Knot Bat-Trap but is also extremely sexist seen thru modern eyes. I finally capped the whole marathon with the rarely-seen “Batgirl” pilot film that had been used to sell the character to the execs at ABC. Now as I type this out, I’m at home with the recently released Yvonne Craig Batgirl figure from Mattel, the NJ Croce Bendable figure, and a copy of Yvonne’s autobiography: “From Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond.” I am at the very least grateful that I got to meet Yvonne back in 2000 at a comic convention at Madison Square Garden where she signed and inscribed the aforementioned book to me. I’m also pleased that her legacy will live on not only because of the character she helped shape but also because she was truly a pioneer for female action heroes on the screen. The demand for new product from her era of Batman, along with forthcoming pieces featuring her as well as the series’ upcoming 50th Anniversary will help to ensure that her iconic turn as Batgirl will forever be emblazoned in her fans’ hearts. I will treasure all of it along with the memories and joy that Yvonne’s Batgirl has brought me for nearly three decades.

The Terrific Trio has become the Dynamic Duo again. Rest in peace, Yvonne.

A dedicated fan.

Val’s Top 5 Yvonne Craig as Batgirl moments:

5. Batgirl shows up outside of Lord Ffogg’s estate to aid the Dynamic Duo- The Londinium Larcenies

4. Batgirl’s astonishment at the Batcave after she and the Dynamic Duo are de-flattened- The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra

3. Batgirl fights the Penguin and his goons after both have finished racing the Wayne Foundation Handicap- A Horse of Another Color

2. Batgirl takes on the Cossacks on her own before getting ambushed by Egghead and Olga and forced to perform a Saber Dance with frosted swords- The Ogg Couple

1. Batgirl crashes the Penguin’s headquarters as he tries to dunk Batman and Robin into a vat of acid- Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin


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Val’s Toy Chest- ’60’s Batgirl Gets Her Due

It’s a new month and this first week is a quiet one for new toys. There’s a couple of Dragon Ball Z figures coming in from Banpresto and a couple of POP restocks including the regular Thanos POP. I have also heard that we may be getting the Black Widow POP from Age of Ultron soon. New Hot Toys should be arriving in stores soon including the Iron Whiplash figure from Iron Man 2 and Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

I don’t have much to talk about this week but San Diego Comic Con is fast approaching and there are some neat exclusives that will be available there. I am most excited for the Toys R Us exclusive Batman 1966 Batgirl single carded figure that will be sold at San Diego thru Entertainment Earth’s booth. Toys R Us won’t be selling her singly in stores but she is rumored to also be available in a three pack with Batman and Robin in the fall. I’ve loved the Yvonne Craig Batgirl since I was a kid, really getting into her during the heavy rerun phase of Batman in the late Eighties. She really spoke to me with her sassy ways and devil may care attitude. When I was younger all I really had was Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman as a live action heroine until they started showing those old Batman episodes again. There were no Batgirl toys available when I was a young kid as she and all the other DC heroines save one were passed over in the Super Powers line. I improvised and turned one of my Leia figures into Batgirl just by sheer imagination and snapping Hordak’s armor on her. Say what you want about 1997’s “Batman and Robin” but I am grateful to that film for one reason, they finally started making Batgirl toys again. Now with nostalgia running high for the old Batman series again due to its availability on DVD and Blu-Ray, merchandising has been a big priority for the Adam West series. Yvonne Craig signed on for merchandise based on her likeness after the others so we are just seeing new product featuring her now. New Batgirl product will include a bendy figure from NJ Croce, a gorgeous statue and bust from Diamond Select, an 8 inch Mego style figure of both Batgirl and her Barbara Gordon alter ego, the aforementioned Mattel figure, a Tonner Doll and another statue from Tweeterhead. If you love Sixties Batman we have the excellent Batmobile vehicle from Mattel still in stock as well as the green TV logo t-shirt.

A couple of shout outs before I go this week. For those who love the history of fabulous women in comics, we have the excellent “Divas, Dames and Daredevils” and “Vixens, Vamps and Vipers” by Mike Madrid back in stock. Both books feature reprinted material from the Golden Age of Comics. I also want to wish an early Happy Birthday to Alec, the toy buyer.

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The new 52 and old figures.

By Chris Troy

It’s been awhile Forbidden Planet Faithful! I’m back after spending some down in Orlando (I rode on Star Tours, YAY!) and now I’m once again ready to tell you what new stuffs FPNYC has gotten in.

And with my return, I’ve brought the NFL with me! That’s right, I’m talking about sports on a comic shop’s blog, but I severely doubt I’m the only dude who’s bought a comic book and follows the Jets on a weekly basis. McFarlane Toys just released their 2nd wave of NFL Elite figures, which is the latest revision of their long-time NFL line of figures. This wave sees 8 releases, including a few returning stars like Tony Romo and Mark “Nacho” Sanchez of my beloved NY Jets, as well as Goth-Wizard & Super Bowl MYP Aaron Rodgers.  These are more mini-statues then action figures, which comes as no surprise to anyone who’s purchased a McFarlane figure over the years. But hey, these are pro-atheletes, they shouldn’t be posing with the Justice League, no matter how good of a game Drew Brees throws. The sculpting is solid though, and the details to the uniforms and helmets are NFL accurate. For about $15-20 a pop, you can’t go wrong with these, unless you’re a Patriots fan, then we need to have some words.

Moving on to a more familiar topic, DC has launched it’s new 52 intiative, and despite a rough start with Justice League, the line has been pretty good so far. From someone who was only reading a handful of DC books per month. I now found myself actually caring about the likes Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Wonder Woman. The Bat-books have been pretty great as well (Detective Comics, Batman, Batgirl, and Batwoman), Demon Knights is incredible as was Action Comics. I’m super-excited for Peter Milligan’s “Justice League Dark”, but man o’ man, Suicide Squad was bad. Real bad. Especially when you remember that Gail Simone’s excellent “Secret Six” was cancelled for it. Which brings me to the 2nd wave of Batman Legacy figures! WE FINALLY GOT A CATMAN FIGURE PEOPLE! AND IT’S FRIGGIN AWESOME! The line also has a Golden Age Batman and a silver-age Barbara Gordon Batgirl, but again, CATMAN! This is awesome and I will kill someone to own it. Each figure goes for about $20 a pop and is comparable to the DCUC line in terms of scale, articulation and sculpt. Continue reading

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