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Deadman on Camus

High fives for DC! High fives for everybody! I’m high right now, and I have the emotional maturity of a five year old! What am I high on?! THIS WEEK’S COMICS! …and rabies meds.

We’re into the fifth issues of many NEW 52 titles…some of which are being cancelled, while new titles are being announced. Say what you will about DC’s relaunch, from both a story and publishing history stand point, it sure ain’t boring!

Deadman gobbles up quite a large slice of the New 52 pie, being featured regularly in Justice League Dark, DC Universe Presents; which has the brand new issue #5 on the shelf this week; as well as cropping up in Hawk and Dove as Dove’s off-again, on again boyfriend. This week he’s ALSO co-opting the Blue Beetle’s title as Blue Beetle #5 features Dove and Blue Beetle in a search for Boston Brand, a.k.a. the Quantum Leap Zombie guy.

Justice League #5 is another great DC fiver this week, as is Uncanny X-Men #5. That’s not a DC book? Tricky ole’ Marvel, publishing a number five comic this week to try and steal DC’s thunder!


Last week I talked about comic book covers and how they can’t help or hurt comic sales. I have a new example of the former to bring to our attention: this week’s Thunderbolts #169 and the character of Troll.

Now I stopped getting Thunderbolts when the book changed it’s name to Dark Avengers 😉 , kinda’ like how the Brooklyn Dodgers became the LA Dodgers. I missed the story line where Captain America decided that the premise of the team was sounder than previously imagined, that being super heroes can have rehabilitating effects on former super criminals, and gave the team to Luke Cage to train up villains in the powerful Super Jail the Raft.

That means I also missed out while this team of Parolees in Pajamas were fighting Trolls from Asgard during Fear Itself. That means I, much like yourself, may have missed the emergence of one of the COOLEST COMIC BOOK CHARACTER TO WATCH. YOU HEARD ME.

Troll is a teen gal raised by Asgardian trolls who wears a suit straight out of a Furry’s dreams, wields an axe and kicks ass like a sailor on shore-leave. She would be the result of Animal from the Muppets and Balsac The Jaws Of Death from GWAR having a love child. Continue reading

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Welcome to the Year of the Penguin

WHAT a party! We had such a crazy good time at our Forbidden Planet 2012 New Years party that we rocked for NOT 1, NOT 2 but 356 consecutive days straight. That’s right…when we sobered up from out New Years Eve party we realized it was 2013.

So naturally we had to invent a time machine to get back to the present in order to file our columns. This was difficult and required all the cobalt, 75 Watt soft white bulbs and payday candy bars at every D’agastino’s in the City. I won’t bore you with the details.


I think the comics industry has made it their New Year’s resolution to “Bring it,” as there is a bumper crop of fine titles this week!

Marvel has some great stuff out this week, such as Avengers Annual #1, X-Sanction #2, Uncanny X-Men #5, The Hulk #47 (where the Red Hulk is going to fight his daughter the Red She-Hulk), and Avenging Spider-Man #3 (where the Red Hulk is dead and Spidey has to fight his foes for him).

In comics, death is but a Green Room with unlimited cheese-curls and low cal soda; where there are so many special guests that the Talk Show host on the other side of the door keeps pushing your appearance back.

Hey, that amazing X-Statix Omnibus is still around, why don’t you take all yer’ Hanukkah geld and pick it up? It features the AMAZING Deadgirl mini-series where a group of dead, obscure Marvel characters team up to escape Hell and get back in the game! I was impressed then, I’m still impressed now. Continue reading

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