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Magic the Gathering Avacyn Restored Event Decks In Stock Now

Tournament-ready, 75 card (60 each, with 15 card sideboards) Event Decks from Magic the Gathering’s red-hot new set Avacyn Restored are in stock NOW!!!

There’s a full deck list for each after the jump:

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MTG Avacyn Restored On Sale Tomorrow

HUMONGOUS weekend coming up for the good and geeky.  A little movie  called The Avengers hits American screens tomorrow, Free Comic Book Day is Saturday the 5th, and all weekend long gamers will be feverishly ripping open packs of Magic the Gathering packs in the hope of pulling a Terminus or a Temporal Mastery.

Avacyn Magic the Gathering

The Magic packs they’ll be opening will, of course, be Avacyn Restored, releasing here at Forbidden Planet NYC tomorrow at 10a.m.  Fat packs, intro decks, booster packs, playmats… a veritible smorgasbord of Avacyn product will be available, the full list of which you can see here.

And as a special thank you to our in-store MTG customers we’re offering Avacyn Restored booster boxes at $5 off our regular price the entire weekend.

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