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New Manga and Now You Can Cosplay

By Mat K.

Hello boys and girls. Yes, this week is finally Halloween. If you have kept track over the last few years, it’s one of may favorite holidays. And fortunately for the anime crowds, its the one day a year you probably wont be laughed at for cosplaying in the middle of the street. Now conventions are acceptable enough, even I am guilty of having done it once or twice, but things like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, not so much. I don’t care if they sell bento boxes and have places to play Go, you’re scaring the normal people who go to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Last time I went to a Sakura Matsuri, I swear there was a fight between a gang of old ladies and Bleach Cosplayers. But again, I digress. ITS FRICKIN’ HALLOWEEN! So don your awesomest costume and let there be merry making. I want to see your amazing costume making skills, so come to the manga section this weekend, I’m sure we’ll have some candy or something to throw to you.

So, as for the manga coming out this week, lets start with the new stuff. Up first on the block is Summoner Girl by Hiroshi Kubota coming to us from Tokyopop. In this one, a young summoner named Hibiki wants to become the world’s most powerful summoner. In order to do so, she must travel to Earth and collect a set of powerful jewels. But along the way, she meets a strange young man, Sanjo, and discovers that she has a rival in her pursuit. Only one can be the Ultimate Summoner. What’s not to love about a magical girl series. She definitely kind of looks like Sakura, though obviously not Clamp. Continue reading

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