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Epic Anime Beatdown

From time to time I travel to anime conventions. While they are fun for anyone who is into this sort of thing there are some things you have to watch out for. I don’t just mean pedobear or the possibility that if you are in cosplay you may be glomped to death. No. The thing to really watch out for is epic anime fights. Yes. That’s right. Some cosplayers aren’t really cosplayers at all… so watch out! Or at least try to steer clear of the punching ect.

YouTube Preview Image

Gak is the one responsible (and getting the bejeesus beat out of him) for this video. I highly suggest checking out his other videos for some more of his great editing and his willingness to figure out new SFX to keep us entertained. One of which is a Death Eater vs an Auror in case any of you need something to get you even more excited for the last Harry Potter movie.

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Gyo Gets Animated

Junji Ito’s wild horror manga Gyo is getting the anime treatment and I’m squirming with excitement!

Up until fairly recent I was only vaguely familiar with Ito’s work, mostly from the live action adaptation of Uzumaki and seeing his name on various books in the store.  That is until I picked up Gyo. Immediately blown away by every aspect of it I’ve been rabidly devouring any of his stuff that I can find. The setup is simple yet so original and unforgettable… Fish grow legs, come out of the water and start taking over the land.  Now I’m not talking about smart talking fish people devising a world conquering plan. I’m talking about a massive amount of stupid fish, all types of fish, small fish, big fish, red fish… you get it…fish with legs that simply force the humans out due to strength in numbers and stench for that matter.

After getting about half way through the first volume I began to wonder why this was never adapted into a live action film like some of Ito’s other work like Uzumaki and the Tomie series.  I’ll settle for an animated version, but hopefully it generates enough interest for a live action Gyo.

Seriously though who wouldn’t want to see a real land shark!

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Go to DMC!!!

Viz Media’s Detroit Metal City is like nothing you’ve seen before.  I remember when the first volume came out.  I knew nothing of the book, but as a Heavy Metal fan myself, I was instantly attracted to it. Now Volume 8 is hitting the shelves this Tuesday, and I’m salivating for it because I’ve become a totally obsessed follower of the cult of Krauser!  I’ve throughly enjoyed every single volume, the cartoon series, and the live action DMC movie adaptation of this… manga.  There, I said it. I like manga, but you won’t see me cosplaying anytime soon. Hmmm… although a Krauser halloween costume could be pretty cool.

By all appearances, Soichi Negishi is a sweet, well-mannered boy who loves Swedish pop music, trendy boutiques, and all things fashionable. But at the same time he’s also Krauser II, front man for Detroit Metal City, an indie death metal band whose popularity increases by the day. Once the DMC makeup goes on and Soichi takes the stage, his natural talent as a death metal god can’t help but flourish. Is this the band he’s truly destined to be in?

How did this happen? When and where did I go wrong? This is not the kind of band I wanted to be in!

It’s like Metalocalypse meets Mrs. Doubtfire on acid.

The live action movie stars Kenichi Matsuyama, a pretty high-profile star in the manga adaptation genre, having starred in the Death Note series as L, and in the Nana movie.  It also features a guest appearance by one of my favorite people in the world… None other than the Devil Bat himself, Gene Simmons! You might know him from such films as Never Too Young To Die, Trick Or Treat, and a band you might of heard of called KISS! Unfortunately, the music in the live-action film does not evoke the true evil spirit of the manga, going for a nu-metal sound, unlike the anime, which used more traditional death-metal music.  I still wholeheartedly recommend the film, for the characters are spot-on and hilarious.

YouTube Preview Image

Now can someone please tell me where I can find a DMC shirt?

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Manga Drought 2011

I feel like I really ought to stop opening my mouth, because 2 weeks ago I was sounding so hopeful for a flush of new releases, and then last week we had only five. This week gets worse, there are only two books coming in, so I might as well cover them both. But first, can somebody please tell me if I jinxed this whole year? Because there have been so many minimalist release weeks, and we’re halfway through February already. Don’t get me wrong, the quality (for the most part) of the books coming seems to be much more discriminatory, and maaaaybe some of the reason is that in the last year or so, so many companies have gone out of business, so there just appear to be less books. I mean, we’ve seen Ice Kunion hit the road, we’ve said good-bye to Go Comi!, we haven’t heard hide nor hair from Net Comics, and CMX was flat out dissolved.

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Review: HGUC Pallas Athena

By Loran

Every once in awhile, a kit comes a long that I just have to have, and I honestly can’t explain why. It has nothing to do with the design itself, or the engineering or anything of the sort. It just calls to me. And that’s why I love this monster.

The Pallas Athena/Palace Athene (the second spelling is the “official” one, but I much prefer to use the former…) is a hulking beast of a kit, much like most of the designs Paptimus Scirocco employed in Zeta Gundam. This specific unit was used by Reccoa Londe, one of the few characters in Gundam I CANNOT STAND. She was tolerable at first, but then she joined the Titans and just… anyway, I digress. Let’s get onto the kit, shall we?

Like I said, this thing is huge-closer in size to a 1/100 than a 1/144, standing about 2-3 inches taller than your average 1/144 when you factor in the parts on its back. It’s mean and green, and it’ll make your GMs and Zakus run away scared. I should get around to painting mine someday… what I did for the orange parts looks terrible.

The head is made up of only 5 pieces, with soft plastic tubes and a flexible plastic antenna. The tubes thankfully don’t interfere with the movement of the head in any direction, which is a huge plus. Continue reading

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Loran’s Otakon Adventure part 2: The Competition

by Loran
Otakon 2010 came and went, and it was a decent year, to say the least. Not as good as previous years, but passable, nonetheless. Of course, what I’m here to talk about is the model contest, and thanks to the presence of the BAKUC prelims, it was one of the biggest I’d ever seen. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any pictures of the entire table on Saturday thanks to some a-hole pulling the fire alarm. It went off RIGHT as my friend and I were checking on the progress of the judging. Arg.

There were about 30 entries this year across all categories, but only a handful were entered in BAKUC. Prizes were given across many different categories, including Best Small Scale, Best Large Scale, Best Diorama, Best Figure, Best General Mecha, and Best in Show. Both Best Large Scale and Best in Show went to our very own Monty, who wrote a review on the HGUC Unicorn Gundam kit earlier this year. He won for his awesomely-done Char’s Gelgoog, and his prize for Best in Show was a Perfect Grade Titans MK. II! He also won the local BAKUC competition and got a Master Grade Full Armor Gundam for that. The look on his face when they pulled out the Perfect Grade was priceless. Of course, he was in the masquerade, so I had to drag all of his stuff back to our hotel room, along with my prizes.

Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that-my GM Sniper, which I covered here a few months back, won best small scale! It also placed second in the World Championship preliminaries for BAKUC, and my Hi-Nu Gundam placed second in the 1/144 category for the US championship! I didn’t get any prizes for the BAKUC stuff, but I won two SD kits for the Otakon competition (Monty got one as well, which he later gave me cuz he didn’t want it-oh well, his loss!).

It was nice to enter the contest again. The real fun came from getting to chat with other modelers, exchange tips and other random comments. It’s not the kind of thing you get to do much anymore, mostly due to how inactive the Gunpla community has become since 2002.

I’m a little upset that my white Gelgoog-a restoration job made from two kits-didn’t place in any category. Which I find kinda ironic, mostly-as sort of an in-joke from ’08 I made my badge name “Gelgoog Builder”, and I didn’t even enter the winning Gelgoog! Whoops.
It turns out that BAKUC had been looking to do preliminaries are a few other cons before the year is out. I’m hoping to get them to come to New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con in October. This will give us a second chance to compete, and hopefully bring in more of the local crowd. I’ve come to notice that comic conventions tend to draw in more Gundam fans than anime cons do. Fancy that. Regardless, if this ends up working out, I hope to see some of you there. If not, myself and some of the other contributors will be hosting a panel at the con sometime that weekend. We hope to see you there.

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Assembling the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) part 2: Electric Boogaloo

By Christopher Troy

When we last left off, it was time to build the arms and legs for the Unicorn. There’s no set length of time it take for me to usually build the limbs, as construction and painting usually factors in to that.

Luckily, the white pieces didn’t really need much paint, and the details do a fine job of accenting themselves. It looks really sharp despite the lack of paint, which made the kit appealing to me in the first place. Which such simplicity, this should have been a 10-20 minute construction job, what with separating, sanding down and assembling.

The Elbow joints had a different idea.

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Twilight Plague

By Mat K.

At first glance, as you run down our new release manga section on our website, the week looks interesting but with a couple exceptions (like Detroit Metal City Volume 4), overall not too exciting. But then you get to the bottom of the list and you have to blink twice because your eyes can’t quite make sense out of what you think you’re seeing. Stephanie Meyer has invaded the manga shelves! That’s right, the Twilight Manga Volume 1 has arrived. Now the cover merely states “Twilight The Graphic Novel”, though distributor listings actually say “Twilight Manga”. And the adaptation is done by Young Kim, which would technically make it manhwa anyway, but I digress. I know this comes as good news to many Twilight fans out there. You finally get to see your precious Edward in manga form. And I will say this, the cover art doesn’t look terrible. I suppose I’m just glad that Shakespere and the Bible made it to manga form before Twilight did.

And now that I’ve said that, I’ll say this: apparently, we’re not allowed to sell the Twilight Manga until March 16th. Apparently they just shipped it out a bit early to tease us all.

Now, big news in my book is the arrival of a new Yuu Watase series (if you’re not familliar, Yuu did Fushigi Yugi and Ceres: The Celestial Legend). Her new series is Arata The Legend, and is her first venture into shonen books, as opposed to her usual shojo stylings. Basically in a world where humans and gods coexist, Arata is the unfortunate successor to the matriarchal Hime Clan, unfortunate because if he’s not cross-dressing to hide his gender one minute, he’s fleeing for his life the next. Fun times. Watase does the celestial gods and humans thing really well; reincarnations, genetic clones, living stories, and alternate worlds. She’s always fun, magical, action packed, and sad. Continue reading

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Eden Of The Ghost Hound Cazador

With things like Genshiken 2, Kujibiki Unbalance, Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino, Death Note: Re Light and *cough* Shippuden *cough*, it seems that anime producers have run into the same rut as Hollywood in the way of rehashing things that have already been done. And while many of you are waiting for the new Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, or the new Neon Genesis movies (which as neat as they may be are essentially going to sum up the series), they just seem to further my point. Where is the bizarre creativity and fresh concepts and conceptions that endeared anime culture to us Westerners in the first place? Let’s face it, it’s getting a little boring out there.

Now I’m not here to rag on it, in fact there is light in the tunnel. There are a few seriously underrated series coming out, both here and fresh in Japan. Let me tell you about Ghost Hound. A new series from Masamune Shirow (of Ghost In The Shell and Appleseed fame), Ghost Hound is a dark and psychological show taking a teenager named Taro and his friends who because of traumatic childhoods can “soul travel” by slipping out of their bodies and into a parallel dimension called the Unseen. Then enter malevolent ghosts, a seedy cult that’s collecting more and more high ranking politicians, and scientific experiments at Dai Nippon Bio, and you’ve got a whole mess of crazy going on. Definitely worth watching. Continue reading

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Manga: Svelte Is A Fun Word

Svelte Is A Fun WordBy Mat K.

If you found the last two weeks of insane releases a tad hard on the wallet, you will be thrilled this week, there are less than ten titles showing up. Don’t get me wrong this week makes up for it in quality. It seems to be the kind of week for all those manga that regular people (ie: not otaku) read, Oishinbo Volume 6, Black Jack Volume 8, Pluto Volume 6, Vagabond Volume 30, and while those are all well and amazing, there is also Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 21, which came out really quickly this time around, Case Closed Volume 32 comes around, and Gurren Lagann Volume 3 is here. Like I said, it’s a pretty awesome week right?

Neon Genesis EvangelionUnfortunately, that’s really all there is to say about manga this week, they’re all series that are known and well on their way, and there are no brand new series this time for me to review and plug. Continue reading

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Release for Magic The Gathering Cards

Release for Magic The Gathering CardsBy Mat K.

I know all you loyal Shibuya-Cho readers out there look forward to the weekly manga and anime updates, but this week something special came up, and being the guy upstairs, I felt this time we needed to share the love…and article space.

Anyway, if you haven’t guessed by now, (due to the subtle title change of this weeks article), Magic The Gathering is releasing the first set of their new block this week. Zendikar is going to be wild. If you haven’t already been scanning the web for visual spoilers, the artwork alone is pretty amazing, especially the mana art. The art for each of the mana is so wild they actually decided to print 2 versions of each mana card. The regular format versions you’ll get in the intro packs, but the new “full-art” format mana will only be available in the fat packs and that occasional mana you’ll find in a booster pack.

Fat packs are going to include all the usual swag, 8 booster packs, 40 mana, 1 D20 life counter, a card box with pretty art, more pretty art, and the sample book of Path of the Planeswalker which is the webcomic series from the Magic the Gathering website. Continue reading

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Welcome To Sibuya-Cho

By Mat K.

Okay, all of you who keep up with me and my rants and reviews, remember the other week when I was going on about how 20th Century Boys has been falling behind and why Volume 3 wasn’t out already? Well, almost as if someone at Viz actually reads these articles, here it is! That’s right this week 20th Century Boys Volume 3 By Naoki Urasawa shows up this week. But don’t blow all your energy just yet, it’s an exciting week.

20th Century Boys Vol. 3
20th Century Boys Vol. 3

It’s also a Viz Big editions week. Fushigi Yugi 2, Dragon Ball Z 4, and Rurouni Kenshin 6 Viz Bigs are all coming in. Oh, and so is the new Shojo Beat Magazine for July. And TokyoPop thinks they can play the game too putting out the first Gravitation Collection. Though if we’ve learned anything from them, it’s that they only ever do first volumes of these things. At least we can trust Viz to finish out the series.

Gestalt Vol. 1
Gestalt Vol. 1

There are also 2 premier series that have got my antennae twitching. The first of which is the Lucky Star manga by Kagami Yoshimizu. A lot of the girls out there went mad for the anime, and the mechandise we have been able to get in, and how could you not? It’s so cute. And now’s your chance to read the cuteness. Okay, and the second book coming in is the third series to release in America by Yun Kouga (creator of Earthian and Loveless), called Gestalt. The premise? Ages ago the gods were at war. One god was cast out and found refuge on an island known only as G. I shouldn’t have to tell you the artwork is pretty, but it is, and definitely worth checking out.

Samurai Champloo Box Set
Samurai Champloo Box Set

Finally, got some DVD news for you all. A new Samurai Champloo thin pack box set came in and it’s only $69.99 (compared to the original box set that was closer to $180). There’s also the latest volume of Darker Than Black, and D. Gray-Man. There will also be much more showing up that I can’t even conceive of while I write this on Monday afternoon. Anyways, thats all this time.

Ja Ne!

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