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There has never been a greater time to be a comic, sci-fi or fantasy artist. The technology exists in both print and digital for the art itself to be nearly flawless, and though the new fields are still defining, the diversity of application is astounding. From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, big publishers and indie developers, the market is huge.

Your art will look the best it could, with more people needing your style than ever before. That’s the good news.

The bad news is the talent pool has never been greater, both in size and quality. The internet guarantees  you are competing with fine artists from all over the world for even the simplest of art positions. To make it today, you really need to be at the top of your game, and it has never been more important to arm yourself with every tool at your disposal to stand out from the pack.

This week Forbidden Planet will have Spectrum 20 on the shelf, the latest in the long established series of books show-casing, year after year, the very best in contemporary Sci-Fi, Fantasy and comics art.

Spectrum is one of the quiet highlights of the comics year, an indispensable look at the world’s talent pool of artists. Comics, digital work, fantasy, and even sculpture are represented. If you ever want to work in any of these fields, you should pick this up.


Spectrum is FUN, with hundreds of artists showing off amazing pieces from different spheres of media and different parts of the world. It makes a stunning coffee table tome, eye catching and always diverse. Many of the pieces inside will be instantly recognizable from many of your favorite entertainment properties, while around every corner will be new surprises and treats.

Spectrum is informative! The pieces are selected buy a jury of contemporary artists, publishers and graphic artists. This means that you get a great feel for what is popular, trending and sellable in today’s market, as well as what the new, up-and-coming looks will be. In one volume you get an encapsulated view of what the industry is, was and will be…plus pages of amazing art!

Most of all, Spectrum is inspiring! Competition is a quick way to accelerate artistic growth, and the ideas and talents presented in Spectrum will point you towards your best work yet. Submitting, and being accepted, to Spectrum is a bonafide way to increase your stature and exposure, placing your name with the elites.


Whether as a fan or a professional, a learner or a master, Spectrum 20 has something for everybody! Past volumes are also available, as are a wide variety of sensational art books. Have you ever taken a look between the pages of FLIGHT, the beautiful anthology of breathtakingly rendered, full color comics from a diverse international community of creators? What about the art books from top grossing animated features, or even cosplay manuals and how to magazines?

Forbidden Planet has a wide variety of art books, magazines and collections to entertain and educate the contemporary artist on their road to super stardom! Have fun, browse our titles, and do ask for assistance if you need anything. Remember, the Customer is always right… So see what happens if you shout out “I’M WRONG RIGHT NOW” as you are buying your comics this week.

You’re right, because you are always right, but that makes your statement that “You are wrong” to be incorrect…which therefore validates the argument in the first place! Hopefully you will crack the world in half, awaking dead Cthulhu from his house at R’lyeh to slay the just and the unjust alike!


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The Comicscological Constant

By Cornhusker T. Whiskerbooties

(Just kidding, it’s by Unkiedev.)

OFTEN times my “job” as a jet setting comic book journalist is a real grind…like when I get a paper cut on a near mint copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 and I bleed on the page and my blood lowers the resale value of Spidey’s first appearance by, like, $15,000.  Bummer. Or when there are SO many comic book groupies trying to steal my clothes that I just DON’T know what to do, ho hum.

NOT today, however. Today we get to turn our attention to AMAZING comic books FROM THE FUTURE! Yes, instead of telling you super-cool comics that you can buy this week (Hint: Captain America #1, X-Men Schism #1, Green Lantern #67,  Hellboy The Fury #2, and the IDW Berke Breathed gallery collection are a few high points,) I will instead reveal sensational new comics that you can’t buy today, tomorrow or even next Tuesday…these are books you’ll have to borrow from Marty McFly as these swanky tomes only exist IN THE FUTURE! Continue reading

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