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Four Years of The Weekly Planet

The Weekly Planet, FPNYC’s newsletter for in-store customers, celebrated its four year anniversary last week.  Since that first sweltering summer night we hand-copied and stapled a coupla hundred 8×11 sheets of copy paper on which I wrote an impassioned letter to members of our comic book subscription program back in 2006, to that sweltering summer night in 2010 when we brought a file over to our local printer for them to put together, the WP’s been through the rigors of geek retail without missing a week and lived to tell the tale.

That being said I’d like to quickly thank all past and current contributors (especially Devin T. Quin, Mat Kerwin, Matt Desiderio, and Mark Denardo), the various FP staffers who helped lay out issue after issue (esp. Lindsay Johnson and Alice Meichi Li) and all guest contributors (esp. Shannon Wheeler and Julia Wertz).

Though I was remiss in celebrating this anniversary upon issue #208’s publication I’ll be making amends in the coming weeks by posting some of the WP’s best articles and tidbits to Forbidden Planet NYC’s other blog (which, I encourage you to check out regardless).

Here’s to many more years of The Weekly Planet.

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Reading With Pictures Signing

Reading_With_PicturesForbidden Planet is pleased to be hosting a special signing with ten creators featured in the forthcoming comics anthology Reading With Pictures next Friday, August 12th, starting at 6:45pm.

Our guests that night will be contributors Chris Giarrusso, Grace Randolph, Chris Beckett, Camilla Zhang, Tim Smith, Raina Telgemeier, Phil Chan, Joe Dunn, Alice Meichi Li, and Michael Bramley.  You can view bios and credentials on all these talented creators here.  We’re breaking up the event into two forty-five minute sessions to accommodate FP’s space, but with such a large lineup it’s a necessary quirk.

For more information regarding the Reading With Pictures organization please visit their website.

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