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Alex Tse talks “Watchmen” and “Battling Boy” screenplays.


Alex Tse was one of the people to streamline the Watchmen screenplay, and talking to ScriptPhD, is working with Paul Pope on the Battling Boy script.  Except, Tse notes, the book with which Pope is handling for FirstSecond Books is not yet complete.

I’m working on Battling Boy right now. It’s been an interesting and fun process to work with Paul Pope. With anything in the film business, all I can do is my job, which is to write the best film script that I can, and getting a movie made is like winning the lottery. There’s so many moving parts.

SPhD: And you’re writing the movie at the same time as the graphic novel is being written, right?

AT: Yeah, I think the novel is getting released next year. I’m not sure what percentage [Paul] is done with, but it’s in the process. So that’s been interesting for both of us, but a lot of fun because he’s a great guy and really visionary.

To be honest, we’re all looking forward to how this book and this movie turns out.  Regardless, if you’re into that kind of thing there is a ton of interesting tidbits in the interview regarding adapting Alan Moore’s Masterpiece.

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