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Hawkeye Volume 1 Review: A Guy, a girl and a pizza dog

Hawkeye : My Life as a Weapon

Written by: Matt Fraction

Art by: David Aja, Javier Pulido, Alan Davis

Collects Hawkeye (2012) 1-5, Young Avengers Presents 6

Published by: Marvel Comics, retail price $16.99

A great creative team can get me to read any book on the stand, despite what characters are involved. Case in point, I could have not given any less of a damn about the Young Avengers in the past, but then Marvel NOW tossed Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie on the title, and I haven’t missed an issue yet. Having a creative team you like work on a character you love however, is one of the best things you can ask for as a comics fan, and I’m a pretty big Hawkeye fan.

While the last time Fraction/Aja worked together on a book ( Immortal Iron Fist) was fantastic, both contributor’s have stepped up their game for the Marvel on-going “Hawkeye” series, which the first collected edition just dropped. The premise is simple: What does the most human Avenger do during his  time off? Obviously get into a ton of trouble, because this is a comic book, and violence & drama sell. Clint ends up trading blows with his Landlord and his Bros (Bros), an evil version of Cirque De Soleil and eventually, a collection of Marvel’s nastiest gangsters, spies, and thugs for a mission of sorts for S.H.I.E.L.D.. Barton also has to deal with himself, and the series of poor life choices he makes. And when he’s not, he’s usually hanging around his neighbors in Brooklyn, allowing Fractions and friend to do some nice character building.

There’s also a dog who eats pizza named Lucky, that both I and Tumblr are very fond of.

And even though the book is called “Hawkeye”, Clint’s not the sole start of the title. Kate Bishop, also Hawkeye, is the straight man to Clint, despite being 11-12 years younger than him. Fraction does a great job making her a polar opposite to Clint, but every so often will drop a reminder that she’s 18, and all the baggage that goes with that age. Also props  to the artists’ attached to the collection that do a fine job of drawing her at her proper age, and even giving her a cool new redesign. She’s a much of a main character as Clint is, only not as much of a mess. And if you’re not familiar with Kate was a character (a shame, Young Avengers volume 3 is great), Marvel did a solid and included a Fraction penned-one shot where both Hawkguys meet for the first time.

I’ve praised the writing a lot so far, but David Aja and Javier Pulido deserve a ton of props for the art in this book. Like Chris Samsee on Daredevil (also edited by Steve Whacker!), this book has a very European art book vibe to it, which works even as a street level Marvel title. Both artists do some amazing work, and 12-13 panels per page is something not uncommon in the series. The art does the script justice and it shows what kind of magic results from creators bringing their A game to a title .

I’ve given Hawkeye a ton of praise on this site before, and it’s deserved. And I’m not the only one. The book has gone through several reprintings for each issues, and it’s up for a number of Eisner’s this year. For $17, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be reading this book right now.

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Of Avengers and Multiple Warheads and Magic Whistles

Unkiedev’s Amazing Stuff

By Unkiedev

Captain Britain Secret Avengers 32You need Secret Avengers #34 this week. I don’t read this book, I don’t usually think about this book, but it features Captain Britain, an alternate universe Avengers team of all-monster Avengers and a whole lot of robot punching…hopefully by the monsters. SECRET AVENGERS If you do not own Captain Britain by Alan Moore and Alan Davis you need to go get it. NOW. It is, no joke, the best superhero book of all time. The Captain is a stiff upper-lipped British gentleman who likes his drink and gives his can-do cheerio best while fighting against impossible odds. As Psylocke’s brother, The Captain is marginally associated with those Extraordinary X-Gentlemen across the pond. By the bequest of Merlin, he is currently the protector of the Omniverse, which is a pretty big deal. It is in this capacity that he has traveled to Multiverse 4680 and teamed up with the Avengers of the Undead. The Avengers of the Undead are the best attempt to date for Marvel to have an amazing horror team. They are made up of several “What If” and poor story line alternative versions of Marvel heroes, including Mummy Thor (from, of all places, aMarvel Adventures Hulk issue), The Frankencastle Punisher, the werewolf Captain America from the 90’s, the bizarre mutated Spider-Man as well as vampire Wolverine and Brother Voodoo. THIS is why comic books are awesome.


Not only that, America, but you get TWO issues featuring Brother Voodoo this week, as he’ll also be appearing in New Avengers #34, Bendis’s farewell issue to his long run on the Avengers. On top of that we’ll have The Goon #44, Adventure Time #10, Angel and Faith #16, and the Astro City Family Album HC. No one talks about Astro City these days, but it was (once) one of the best street level view books looking up at the capes as they fly. Similar to Secret Avengers, The Flash #14 is going to have a guy running really fast and punching a gorilla, and so it will get my money. It ain’t all Eisners and Ignatz, people. Sometimes you just wanna’ see a guy in tights beat up a monkey. If you do wish to get sophistimicated, three super art books hit the shelves this week. The first collection of Rick Geary’s Collected Omnibus of Victorian Murder, The Slipcase edition of Ashley Wood’s Sparrow and Multiple Warheads Alphabet to Infinity #2 from KING CITY creator Brandon Graham. All that AND Batman Dark Knight #14A+X #2All New X-Men #2, and She-Hulk teaming up with a girl in a Thing suit in the pages of the FF Now#1?! Is this a great week for comics or what?!


Not to be too redundant…punching monkeys and cross-dressing as The Thing are all fun and healthy pursuits, but if you were to only purchase ONE COMIC BOOK this week, won’t you, in all seriousness, please make it Sam Henderson’s The Magic Whistle #12? Sam Henderson is the type of creative genius that shines, ne’ flourishes in the shadowy backwaters of Comic Books, America’s Secret Pop-Culture Closet. Sam creates squiggly doodles instantly recognizable as equal parts inane and brilliant. The Magic Whistle is like Krazy Kat, but for stupid people. No amount of praise can be heaped upon Henderson. He is one of the most original voices in contemporary American comics. I SAY ALL THIS with complete honesty, though anyone who looks at a Henderson comic for the first time will assume I’m huffing bath grouting. Describing The Magic Whistle is like going to the Zoo to see an earthworm. It takes too damn long and wastes everybody’s time. Just go get Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle #12. You will see the highest vintage of dick and fart jokes humanity ever produced.

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A Whale of a Con

San Diego Comic Con is THIS WEEK! While all of the top talents booze, schmooze and chanteuse their way through the biggest pop culture festival in America, the publishing industry that started it all will still be turning out great titles.

Join us this week, here in the hallowed halls of The Forbidden Planet, for the amazing, incredible weekly comic book extravaganza known as “New Comics Wednesday,” a.k.a. “Business As Usual Con, 2012,” which is now in it’s 28th week running!


Titles premiering the week of SDCC can be astonishing! In 2002, Mike Mignola’s Amazing Screw On Head hit the stands on opening week, and in 2006 it was Alan Moore stealing the show’s thunder with a little slip case bound, three volume set of Lost Girls.

This week?

Image wants the world to know they’re launching a spin off to the once obscure, now high-profile bizarro crime comic CHEW this week with Chew Secret Agent Poyo #1. Will this be the big, big book of the Con? I dunno’, IDW is launching their own #1 with Battle Beasts #1 and I cannot WAIT to read that sucker and find out how they squeaked a narrative into THAT tiny 80’s toyline.

Dark Horse is keeping in the spirit of BAUC 2012 with the latest issue of Buffy Season 9, as well as the latest issue of their continuously impressive neo-horror comic Creepy (#9).

Creepy has been a sleeper title, a blink and you miss it treat where some of comics best established creators in horror and beyond let their scraggly hair down to have a little fun. Monthly horror stories from all sides of the tracks, with contributing talents such as Bernie Wrightson, Kelly Jones, Steve Niles, Peter Bagge, and more!

Dark Horse is adding another monthly horror book on to your pull list this week with the premier of Eerie #1. Will lightning strike twice? I sure hope so!


Rumors are already spoiling Marvel’s thunder, as many of the big announcements The House of Ideas plans to reveal are already common knowledge online. Rumors such as a wide spread relaunch of several big name titles, such as X-Men and Avengers, with new creators, costumes, and rosters. While not launching at the same time, most of these new books will start over with new #1 numbers on their cover.

Now where did they get that idea, I wonder? Continue reading

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Watchmen 2: Watchpets

By Unkiedev

The internet, Comic Book’s hotter, younger brother, is flapping its gums all over the place about a reported (and only rumored) Watchmen prequel comic book series to be published at DC helmed by the steady hand of Darwyn Cooke.

There are as many questions to ask here as there are cyanide capsules in Adrian Veidt’s purple sports coat pocket…ya’ know, for tying up loose ends. CAN they do this, HOW will they do this, SHOULD they do this, and even HOW CAN they do this? What will Alan Moore say?

Don’t worry about Alan. Alan is comfortable, respected, wealthy, cynical, and will never, ever set his eyeballs on these pages. Worry about the guy in the hot seat here. Worry about Darwyn.

DC: THE NEW FRONTIER, Darwyn Cooke (W/A), DC

Darwyn Cooke is a great illustrator and writer who studied under Bruce Timm during the first Animated Batman show, though rose to prominence with his extremely readable graphic novel DC: The New Frontier. Set in post war America, New Frontier is essentially an Elseworld story to bridge the gap between the Golden and Silver age DC comic book worlds, though with more emphasis on drama, alienation, and historical context.

It looked great and it read great. DC ultimately loved it so much that they gave it the Absolute treatment: collecting it (as well as additional material) into a lovely, gigantic hard bound edition. DC then adapted it into the well received direct-to-DVD movie of the same name.

To say it stood on the shoulders of giants would be extremely kind. A more honest assesment would be to describe it as a pop culture mash-up of THE GOLDEN AGE; the dark but kick ass 1993 DC comic by James Robinson (W) and Paul Smith (A); and JLA: The Nail by Alan Davis. BOTH of these comics are SENSATIONAL, not to be missed comic books one should check out immediately! Continue reading

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Best Comic Buys and Reviews

Unkiedev's Amazing StuffForbidden Planet would like to congratulate Devin T. “Unkiedev” Quin for his nomination for the Pulitzer Prize in the “Worst Crossword Puzzle” category. All of us here at the Forbidden Planet Weekly Planet wish Mr. Quin “The Best of Luck!”


DC is retelling Superman’s Origin’s AGAIN in this week’s Superman: Secret Origins #1 (of 6), a new miniseries from Action Comic’s team Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Maybe this time it will be different. After all, the American judicial system ruled that DC owes tithes to the estates of original Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster regarding Supe’s time honored origin: That he was the last son of Krypton, rocketed to Earth by his daddy scientist yadda yadda yadda.

Here’s how I’D REBOOT the Superman origin: Superman is actually a White Blood Cell of the Cosmos, a living part of the Universe sent to clot the wound that is Humanity! He alone needs to set the Earth on the right path to healing. Along the way he could fight off evil celestial diseases, such as Space Lock-Jaw or Space Mumps! Continue reading

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