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Review: Figma Aegis

By Christopher Troy

It’s been awhile since we’ve looked at a Figma on the FPNYC blog, as most of our coverage has focused on American-toys.  Luckily for the 3 or 4 otaku who read this blog on a regular basis,  we got a shipment in recently, so it looks like time for a import toy review!

Going to back to my X-mas wish list, I picked up the Aegis Figma from Persona 3. This isn’t the 1st time this particular Figma’s been released (or had it in stock), but the 1st time around it sold out quickly and since Max Factory has just released a Metis figma, they’ve -re-released Aegis for those of us who’ve missed her the first time around. Not every Figma gets re-released when they sell out, so this re-release is kind of a big deal.  To give a little background on the characters, she’s a robot desgined to combat demons in a Japanese high school at midnight with teenagers. And a dog. Who also has a Figma. The game is kind of rad and I’m totally underselling it here, but it’s worth your time if you have a Playstation 2 or a PSP. Anywho, let’s examine Aegis!

One of things that’s both a curse and a blessing about Aegis is that her design greatly differs from most female Figmas, as she’s very much a robot in terms of design. If you notice on the picture on the left, she has no feet, as a robot. For the most part, she can stand on her own, but only if the pose is static. Anything action-esque, you’re gonna need to use the Figma stand, because those peg-feet aren’t exactly the most stable thing in the world. Still props for Figma for being 100% accurate to the source material. The Aegis sculpt is great. and really detailed, given the fact that several of her robotic parts are visual able and look great. Continue reading

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