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Empowered Strikes Back!

WE INTERUPT OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED COLUMN FOR A BRIEF, FANTASTIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Adam Warren’s AMAZING good girl comic book, Empowered is back this week with volume 7! Forbidden Planet has copies of the previous volumes for folks to get caught up on, and we HIGHLY recommend that you do. Empowered is a Tootsie Pop of human behavior; On the surface it is the continuous adventures of a scantily clad super heroine who just wants to earn respect; though she finds herself perpetually abducted, disrobed, and tied to chairs. Below that teeth-rotting candy coating of distracting sugar is a deep, chocolaty center of frailty, insight, and nuance.

Good writing check! GREAT art, check! Incredible characters and hilarious humor? You KNOW that’s a check! Empowered Vol. 7 is out THIS week, with previous volumes available HERE at the Forbidden Planet! We now return you to your regularly scheduled column, already in progress-


-because I couldn’t reach the tweezers. NOW I’m stuck inside of an igloo with no means of escape, but at least I’m not dressed as a pretzel any longer. True story.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #39 drops this week, as does the Batman Annual, and while BOTH look great, only one re-introduces Mr. Freeze into the new 52 Universe. Buy them both to see which one.

I’ve been loving the new Nickelodeon “Avatar, the Legend of Korra” cartoon, but new adventures of my favorites from Avatar, The Last Airbender” are very welcome into my igloo! Dark Horse has volume 2 of Avatar, The Promise, which features Ang and Toph rescuing metal benders from rogue Fire Nation tribes on the brink of War!

Angel and Faith #10 also hits the shelves, and speaking of TV shows:

Channel Zero Complete Collection, Brian Wood with Becky Cloonan, Dark Horse Continue reading

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Rosie Psalm

Did you get some really cool comic books for free on Free Comic Books Day? Good! BECAUSE I GOT ARRESTED FOR PUBLIC NUDITY IN A CHURCH!

It’s all a big, stupid misunderstanding. There were these guys who were saying that Brandon Graham’s King City wasn’t one of the best graphic novels in the past five years, and I took great umbrage with that statement as I believe the antithesis. Go read that sentence back if you don’t believe me. NOW believe this: Brandon Graham’s King City is NOT ONLY one of the best graphic novels of the past five years, it’s also ONLY $19.99 for over 400 pages of pure comics dynamite!


There’s this guy with a magic cat trying to either win back his ex-girlfriend or stop the hell-beast of the Apocalypse from destroying the eponymous, sprawling, insane city he calls home. He’s on the fence because he can’t really figure out if he still loves this girl, or if it’s just his love of nostalgia, OR if this hell-beast thing could blow over without him getting involved because, really, he should probably be helping his luchador roommate rescue a water alien before she’s thrown into intergalactic sex-slavery by mobsters.

THAT is essentially the plot to King City as I loudly explained it to the two gentlemen in question right after they said that King City could “Eat it.” Now that I think about it, they may have been saying “Take this, all of you, and eat it, this is the blood of my body.” I did so many whip-its that day, it’s hard to remember. As I walked up the aisle of the bar to explain further, I rolled up my sleeves anticipating trouble, as well as taking off my shoes so I had a place to keep my glasses safe. I took my sock off so I had something to protect my other sock in, and I took my pants off to keep my socks company. It was only once I was PARTIALLY naked that I realized I wasn’t in a bar, but a church.

“Didn’t I hear you two guys about five minutes ago reading the new Image comic, Prophet?” I slurred. “EVERYBODY knows that this new Prophet reboot is amazing, and it’s drawn by Brandon Graham, too! LOOK at the difference in art styles! Graham has such a versatile pen that Prophet is the best looking sci-fi comic since Moebius, but King City is all in a fluid, funky cartoon/graphiti style…almost like Crumb drawing the Muppets!”

Now this smarmy SOB tried to take it all back, saying he was talking about “The Lord, our Prophet,” and not Image’s Prophet at all. Pfff. Like THAT’S a comic book at all.

By this time these two yutzes up at the roster where getting really pushy, and I noticed a crowd had gathered in the pews to watch the fight. First they just chased me, grabbing my shirt to try and pin me to the floor, but I escaped by wriggling out of what clothes I had left. HA! Grab THAT, Mr. Funny-Hat. Continue reading

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Empower Strangers

This week we will be taking a look at comic books and comic book related pieces of paper, stapled together, with colored inks depicting serial adventures featuring words and pictures.

Ya’ can’t do better this week than the Empowered Deluxe Edition from Dark Horse! Empowered is smart, sexy, funny, and sensationally well drawn. Conceived as a one-off ‘Damsel in Distress” character for convention sketches, Empowered is a super heroine Polly-Anna who refuses to give up no matter how little she wears nor how little respect she gets doing it.

Adam Warren, the brilliant writer/artist is one of the Granddaddies of the American Manga style. EVERY panel in this book is a text on “How To Draw Manga Better than Anyone you Know.”

“ WHAT’S THAT,” you say? You HATE funny, clever comics that stand sexism on the ear while simultaneously serving more cheesecake than a Sara Lee baker?

Well let me ask YOU a question…do ya’ like damn dirty apes?

Terror on the Planet of the Apes #1
is a reprint comic from BOOM!, originally published by Marvel in 1974, with art by Moon Knight big wig Doug Moench and one of my FAVORITE Ghost Rider artists, Mike Ploog! Retro fun featuring talking monkeys being positively rude, crude, and Post-Apocalyptically-Screwed. Win, lose or draw, this book is going to feature gun totting primates hating humans with .45 caliber vengeance!

OR: how about some fun indie books? Image’s Orc Stain #7 is always a good time, Ralph Wiggum Comics #1 from Bongo promises to have Ralph Wiggum, and Sergio Aragone’s Funnies #8 will be more fun than the EPA will allow. Also on sale this week at the Forbidden Planet is the latest issue of Buckaroo Bonsai #1 from Moonstone.

IF you’ve never seen the beloved cult film “Buckaroo Bonsai: Across the 8th Dimension” then go do it RIGHT NOW. I can wait.

DONE. NOW, wouldn’t it be awesome if there were MORE crazy cool adventures featuring those characters. Well there are, and they’re on sale this week. You are welcome.


What do Justice League #6, G.I. Joe 2 Movie Prequel #2, Astonishing X-Men #47, Avengers #23, FF #15, The Twelve #10, and Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #7 all have in common?

THAT’S RIGHT; they’re all fantastic team books available this week from the top publishers in the biz. Coincidentally, if you take the first word on the first page of ever comic I mentioned above IN THE ORDER I mentioned above, then continue on doing the same thing with the rest of the pages you will have an incantation that will summon a powerful demon named Adremelech, who will roast the children of your enemies on the pyres of Sepharviam as revenge for their misdeeds!

Now THAT’S what I call a crossover!

NEXT WEEK: Comics about puppies, rainbows and froggies.


More musings from Unkiedev, Earth’s own sidekick, can be read at unkiedev.blogspot.com

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The Good, The Bad, and the Far too Pretty

Back after a week off during which I dressed up as a pirate, drew silly comics, and tackled a fire in my cave. Some careless animal tried to toast pine cones in my toaster while I was gone and, predictably, they got jammed in the slot.  It was probably that jerk, the bullfinch.


Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man dream-team of Bendis and Bagley have their own independent out (contractually from Marvel) called Brilliant #1 that is worth the glance. It focuses on college age super genius’s playing god…think “The Social Network” meets “ALPHAS.”

And I will definitely be grabbing Amazing Spider-Man #670, where the dynamic duo of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos give J. Jonah Jameson Spider-powers and let him loose on New York! Go, J.J.J., Go! Continue reading

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The Comicscological Constant

By Cornhusker T. Whiskerbooties

(Just kidding, it’s by Unkiedev.)

OFTEN times my “job” as a jet setting comic book journalist is a real grind…like when I get a paper cut on a near mint copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 and I bleed on the page and my blood lowers the resale value of Spidey’s first appearance by, like, $15,000.  Bummer. Or when there are SO many comic book groupies trying to steal my clothes that I just DON’T know what to do, ho hum.

NOT today, however. Today we get to turn our attention to AMAZING comic books FROM THE FUTURE! Yes, instead of telling you super-cool comics that you can buy this week (Hint: Captain America #1, X-Men Schism #1, Green Lantern #67,  Hellboy The Fury #2, and the IDW Berke Breathed gallery collection are a few high points,) I will instead reveal sensational new comics that you can’t buy today, tomorrow or even next Tuesday…these are books you’ll have to borrow from Marty McFly as these swanky tomes only exist IN THE FUTURE! Continue reading

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The Heroic Routine – Super Heroes in New Comics

FIRST OFF, Galacta: Daughter of Galactus one shot is out this week by Empowered creator Adam Warren. I expect you all to buy a copy. Two copies if you can. Adam is one of the brightest talents in the biz.


Sequential comic books are categorically unfair to the heroes that must inhabit them. Every month the Flash must appear in a book, sometimes multiple books , and keep fighting the war on villainy. Already we have a problem.

That means that there is a never-ending supply of evil. The Flash can save the world, even the universe and still have to be beck next month to stop something else. In this economy it would be a small wonder to have job security like that.

Let us put this thought into the back of out thinking caps as we examine who the best strategists in comics are. Continue reading

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Unkiedev’s Amazing Stuff

By Unkie Dev

I was hit on the head by a flying plank this weekend and ended up in a magical land of Ez. All I had to do was find the enchanted Wizard of Ez to get home, but along the way I was assisted by strange counterparts from the land of comics. There was the scarecrow of Brian Michael Bendis who needed some better pacing, the amazing tin-man of Dan Slott who just needed more exposure and the gormless has-been played by Frank Miller who was badly in need of some shame and self reflection.


Persepolos Books 1 & 2
Persepolos Books 1 & 2

Actually my weekend was nothing like that, but I did go to other lands…war torn and harrowing other lands, thanks to the animated film Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Based on the graphic novel of the same name Persepolis is an incredible portrait of growing up in the constant war-zone that is Iran, a story of constant repression and dread. You will never appreciate your American freedom more than when you’re confronted by those who can never have it.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Batman: The Brave and the Bold

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I also got to catch the “Legends of the Bat-Mite” episode of the Cartoon Network’s new Bat-Cartoon “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” This “MITE” be my favorite Batman yet, fun, colorful and exciting! Some of us never really bought into the ultra-violent Dark Knight that the Bat became, and held out hope for a Batman who could lick em’ while smiling. Well children of the 80’s, our Batman has returned. Not since Adam West did the voice of “The Gray Ghost” on the old Batman Animated show have I been this Bat-thrilled, as B:TB&TB brought along Bat-Mite, as voiced by Paul “Pee-Wee Herman” Reubens himself!

Go on e-bay and pick yourself up a copy of World’s Funniest, a DC one-shot from years back to get the best Bat-Mite story of all time! Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxylptlk, in an attempt to establish “Who’s cooler: Batman or Superman,” destroy not only the current DC universe but a few realities from the Elseworlds as well. Also, Grant Morrison presents Batman the Black Casebook, a trade paperback shipping this week featuring Batman in many of his weirdest issues ever! The casebook is a collection of reprints featuring Batman’s strangest cases from the 50’s and 60’s which Morrison drew inspiration from on his recent run, including the first appearance of Bat-Mite! The Black Casebook is in continuity, shouldn’t it be in your collection?

Batman the Black Casebook
Batman the Black Casebook


Ah, don’t listen to me. Everybody knows ole’ Unkiedev is a few batarangs short of a utility belt. Heck, my pick-o-the-week is the latest installment of Adam Warren’s Empowered vol. 5 from Dark Horse, a slightly risqué take on female super-heroes, their bodies and their body-issues. IF you like Warren, this is NOT TO BE MISSED.

Marvel Pets Handbook
Marvel Pets Handbook

Other than that I’m more stoked for this week’s Marvel Pets Handbook than I am about the big Captain America #600 introducing the new Bucky to continuity. I really hope Marvel Pets will have an entry on Ms. Lion. OOH! And Bill the mutant lobster! And Squirrel Girl’s assistant Skipper-Joe!

Captain America #600
Captain America #600


This week I’ve plugged the strangest confluence of comics in my columnist career, but that’s what’s GREAT about this industry! The variety of material is staggering. Remember to have fun and try new things. See ya’ at the Mermaid Parade!

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