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G.I. Joe Skystriker Review

By Loran

I’m not one of those collectors who focuses on old stuff versus new stuff. Far from it, I much prefer to get modernized versions of classic toys/characters, but in general I just go for stuff that’s, well, good. For example, I’m a much bigger fan of the classic 80’s Zoids because I love the whole “mechanical bones” look they have going on, but I’ll always take a Classics-style Transformer over its G1 counterpart. But there are some toys that are just timeless; that no matter what the era, they will always be great toys. And that certainly holds true for the classic G.I. Joe vehicles.

Last year I had a chance to get a complete original Skystriker for $40 at a flea market, and in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t have the money, because who could’ve seen this coming? Most of us wrote the Skystriker off as dead once we found out that the Indian company Funskool broke the original mold when they had it (an unfortunately common occurance). Naturally, fans were elated to see the vehicle again. I could finally get one of the coolest airplane toys for an affordable price! Continue reading

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