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Archie Loves Veronica


Today Archie and Veronica have officially joined the ranks of geek power-couples like Joanie and Chachi, Zack and Kelly, Lois and Clark, Iris and Barry, Peter and MJ,  as American idol Archie Andrews proposed to Veronica Lodge in the pages of Archie #600.  And while I’m not as unhinged by the news, nor doling out slices of cake in the NYC FP as other comic retailers are (as documented by The Daily News with a nifty quote by Planet alum Olive Panter), I’ve always rooted for Veronica and am somewhat satisfied after having read the issue.


Actually, let me clarify here: I’ve always rooted for Riverdale to be invaded by giant robots hell-bent on death and destruction, the human survivors huddled in bunkers crying their eyes out, Jughead starved to the point of eating his own flesh, and Mr. Weatherbee a post-apocalyptic badass with a cybernetic arm… But barring that I’ve always rooted for Veronica to end up with Archie (I like brunettes, what can I say?).

My only quam? Papa Lodge offers Archie a job, VP of Lodge Oil Holdings.  Dopus accepts, despite having no qualifications and no idea what the gig entails, and you know that’s gonna spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E in Riverdale City.

Jughead should totally make his move on Betty now, btw.

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