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Reboot Movie Fail

By your lovable old pal, Unkiedev

Hollywood movie producers would steal the liver out of a newborn baby if they thought it could turn a profit. If the taste of the day was mutants punching people’s grandmothers in the face they’d release a 12 disk DVD box set. Heck, for two cents they’d throw you and everybody you know into a giant blender just to get extra footage for “Saw 7.”

They aren’t nice and they aren’t your friends…but this time they’ve really gone too far. They have birthed a pig with two faces and they think we are so gullible we shall hail it as the second coming if they nail it to a cross.

And what is this evil I’m speaking of? What diabolical sin have they transgressed, placing a proverbial straw on the backs of our already weakened camels?

They’re making a CGI “Yogi Bear in 3-D” movie “staring” Dan Aykroyd as Yogi and Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo.

Put simply, this movie is the death of American culture. Continue reading

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