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Val’s Toy Chest- High-End Items

Hey guys- not a lot of new stuff this week at the moment. There are, however some high-ticket items coming in this week and beyond courtesy of the folks from Sideshow.

Scheduled to arrive this week from Sideshow is my personal favorite- the Black Canary. Part of Sideshow’s Premium Format figure line, Dinah Laurel Lance’s statue features her standing atop a base designed to look like a section of a brick wall. Designed by Stanley Artgerm Lau, Dinah looks ready to throw down as she is shushing someone, possibly in preparation to release her earth-shattering Canary Cry. Black Canary is a mixed media statue featuring resin as well as fabric and would make any fan of the character happy. Standing about 21″ high, this piece would make an impressive centerpiece in any DC collection.

Coming relatively soon will be the next piece in Hot Toys’ Captain America: Civil War line- Iron Man! I’d say the figure based on the most recent cinematic armor in Tony Stark’s arsenal should be here sometime within the next week and a half. Based on its appearance in the aforementioned movie, the Iron Man Mark XLVI will be die-cast and have the usual Hot Toys articulation as well as interchangeable parts including a Tony Stark head to swap onto the Iron Man armor. Iron Man Hot Toys always seem to do well, so if you want one of these act as soon as possible. That being said, Iron Man will also feature in Spider-Man: Homecoming and the inevitable Hot Toys figure has already been announced and looks just as awesome as past figures have been.

Fans of old school suspense and horror movies will get a kick out of this next item. Mondo has crafted a 1/6 figure of one of the most renowned film directors ever- Alfred Hitchcock! Dressed in a suit and featuring a director’s chair as well as other accessories, Alfred Hitchcock would be a welcome addition to any film buff’s collection. He should probably arrive around the same time as the above-mentioned Iron Man figure.

NECA surprised me last week with the release of their 1/4 scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Leonardo figure. The third in the series, Leo should be a popular item as he joins his brothers on your toy shelf. Leonardo features several points of articulation as well as his trademark katana. We also received the “lost” wave of Prometheus action figures at the tail end of last week which features figures of Shaw, Fifield and Vickers.  Each figure in this set is sculpted to resemble their respective actors and are in scale with past Prometheus/Aliens/Predator figures. Moreover, NECA recently announced series 12 of their Aliens line and it will feature two battle-damaged Xenomorphs, a new Ripley figure and a new Vasquez figure. I think my NECA Aliens figure collection is going to become a Vasquez/Ripley collection at this point as these new figures completely hit it out of the park.

That’s all for me this week- I should be at a convention this weekend and I will try and have a report here next week! See you then!


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Val’s Toy Chest- New Hot Toys and Funko

The Guardians of the Galaxy came back to theatres this year and Hot Toys has finally released the last member of the original film team with the recently arrived figure of Drax the Destroyer based on the character as played by Dave Bautista.  Drax features interchangeable hands, a character base, a completely different pair of pants as well as two knives. Drax features the usual Hot Toys articulation scheme and should be a nice addition to your Guardians collection as we eagerly await figures from the 2nd film.

Speaking of characters on the horizon- Hot Toys recently showed off their forthcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming figure featuring the character in his more traditional looking outfit. The figure features an interchangeable head sculpt with Tom Holland’s likeness as well as different accessories including some awesome extras in the deluxe version. Spidey won’t arrive til sometime next year, but I think he will be a huge hit, considering how well-received the character was in Civil War. We should be getting both the basic version as well as the deluxe version of this sure-to-be popular piece.

Batman ’66 has been in the public consciousness again with the passing of Adam West- which makes the release of Funko’s new 4″ line of figures from the classic series all the more bittersweet. A couple of characters appear in this line that did not appear in the Mattel 6″ line including King Tut, Mr Freeze and Bookworm. The variant version of Mr Freeze features the likeness of actor Eli Wallach who hasn’t been made as a figure in any of the lines including the 8″ Figures Toy Company Mego line. Rounding out the line are Batgirl, Batman(with a variant based on Adam West’s original screen test outfit) and Julie Newmar’s Catwoman. There is also a Batmobile with Batman and Robin figures included that we are currently out of. On a related note, Diamond Select’s line of Batman 66 busts continues with the addition of that princess of plunder, the purrfidious Catwoman to the series. But wait, you might say- wasn’t there a Catwoman bust already based on Julie Newmar’s likeness? Yes indeed there was- this latest one is the Season 3 Eartha Kitt version featuring a similar body sculpt to the Newmar with a brand new head sculpt featuring the likeness of the sultry songstress from her stint on Batman. I think the Eartha will be a hit personally.

Back to more modern superhero series, after a quick sellout on her day of release, we have received more stock on the Melissa Benoist Supergirl statue. Standing atop a base featuring her logo, this Supergirl statue will make a fine addition to your Supergirl or superhero collection.

On the Marvel TV side of things- Hasbro has revealed their Netflix line of Marvel Legends figures. A couple of characters hail from the comics as well including the cool Build-A- Figure for the wave. The lineup consists of Daredevil, Punisher and Elektra from Netflix’s Daredevil series featuring the likenesses of actors Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung, respectively, Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones from her eponymous Netflix series as well as Blade and Bullseye in more traditional comic book attire. The build-a-figure: Man-Thing! An improvement on the Toy Biz figure, I know several people who are chomping at the bit for this particular character. This one should be a fun wave to collect.

Anyway that’s all for me this week- see you next time!

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Val’s Toy Chest- Beyond Bats/Kotobukiya and More

A few cool things have come in within the last few days including new Hot Toys, Star Wars and POPs as well as a few new releases this week from Diamond Select, Kotobukiya and DC Collectibles. Let’s get right to it.

Hot Toys Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man are both in stock now and feature the characters as they appeared in last year’s Captain America: Civil War. Each features highly detailed costuming, interchangeable hands, character bases and mini versions of Ant-Man. Scarlet Witch also comes with translucent red spell effects while the full-sized Ant-Man features a light-up helmet and an unmasked head. Speaking of Hot Toys, I just got notice that another pair of characters from Civil War will be arriving by the end of the month and they are…Winter Soldier and Falcon.

Collectors of 1/6 scale figures that happen to be fans of horror will probably love Sideshow’s next figure: Ash Williams from Evil Dead II should be here around the same time as the aforementioned Hot Toys. Ash will feature a fully articulated body including a chainsaw arm as well as film-specific accessories including the Necronomicon and Henrietta’s head. Fans of POP vinyl and the Evil Dead franchise should also know that we have received the entire series of Ash V Evil Dead POPs from the recent STARZ TV series. Included in this series are: Ash, Kelly, Pablo and an exciting one for fans of Xena: Warrior PrincessRuby as played by Lucy Lawless.

Star Wars fans that loved the recent Rogue One film will be pleased to know that two additional characters have debuted in the 6″ Black Series. Both Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus are here! Each figure comes with character specific accessories and features the usual articulation you would expect from Hasbro.

The real Black Canary(and not the fake new Canary running around on Arrow as of last week’s episode) is here with the release of Diamond Select’s Justice League Unlimited Black Canary Animated Gallery PVC figure. Dinah Laurel Lance is featured in her standard bolero jacket, tights and bustier and is captured mid-scream atop a city street base.

img_0771Canary’s cohort from the Justice League, Wonder Woman is the latest addition to Kotobukiya’s Super Powers PVC statues. This Wonder Woman is based on the old Kenner toyline with a design inspired by the artwork of Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. img_0777DC Collectibles continues their Batman: The Animated Series collection with their latest 3 pack featuring the characters from the futuristic spin-off Batman Beyond: Terry McGinnis, Old Bruce Wayne and Ace the Bathound! Each figure is crafted to appear as they did on the old series and features accessories for Bruce and Terry.

Miscellaneous new and restocked items:

Funko has stopped making ReAction figures but are still making figures in that scale. Their second release are the new Suicide Squad 3 3/4″ figures featuring characters from last year’s summer film. Characters in this series include Harley Quinn(Inmate version), Enchantress, The Joker(Shirtless), Katana, Underwater Batman and Killer Croc. Each figure features several points of articulation and some even feature an accessory.

A limited amount of Marvel Legends Deadpool figures from the most recent X-Men wave are expected to arrive this week. I don’t anticipate these will be around for long.

The Mezco One-12 Series have been on fire lately- particularly with the new releases. Coming up next is The Punisher. If previous figures are any indication this will be a blink and you’ll miss it figure on our shelves.

Toy Fair is imminent- I will have photos and more in a couple of weeks, so keep your eyes on this column.




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Val’s Toy Chest- Convention Season Is Upon Us

It is convention season as comic cons will begin their summer reign as soon as this weekend.  MegaCon is taking place in Florida over this coming Memorial Day weekend, next weekend is Wizard World Philadelphia and Awesome Con, and there’s several other conventions forthcoming locally and far away all the way thru October.  Whether you are a comic book fan, a Star Trek fan or even a horror movie buff, there’s surely some convention that’ll strike your fancy.  I won’t go into crazy detail in this column, but there’s some cool people going to the various cons, plus there’s bound to be exclusive toys as well.

If you’re into actors from the various TV shows and movies- next week’s Wizard World will have a bunch of actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe including Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Hayley Atwell. Dominic Cooper will also attend, now also known for his role as Jesse Custer on AMC’s Preacher.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows actor Stephen Amell will also be around next weekend in Philly. I won’t get into the rest of the conventions in this column, but there will surely be a few I will attend. You’ll get my reports then.

How awesome was Black Siren in last week’s episode of The Flash? Though I am still salty about the Black Canary‘s demise on Felicity and Friends, I did enjoy seeing Katie Cassidy vamping it up as her Earth-2 Doppelganger. Icon Heroes just announced that they will be releasing a bookend/statue of Laurel’s Canary which joins the previous Flash, Atom, and that dude with the green outfit that shoots pointy sticks from a bow. Though I refuse to buy anymore product from that show, Laurel product is fair game.  Speaking of Black Canary, Rebirth comes out from DC Comics this week and one of the developments finds her and Oliver reuniting after the past four years completely out of each other’s orbits. I am super-excited to see what Benjamin Percy has in store for our iconic duo and if he is to be believed, we will see neither hide nor hair of that tech-gal now known as Overwatch anywhere near his story.

After a long hiatus, DC Collectibles has a few items hitting this week. First and foremost is the Arkham Knight Red Hood figure, featuring the character as he appeared in the popular series of videogames. There is also a brand new entry into the Bombshells series of statues with the debut of Barbara Minerva as the Cheetah. The Cheetah is depicted in classic safari garb with cheetah print peppered thru her outfit. Finally, a new Joker bust is due out this week based on a design by Jim Lee. It’s good to be getting new DC Collectibles again and I hope their schedule gets back on track soon.

On a final note- we should be getting a new Hot Toy really soon. Fans of Samuel L. Jackson can rejoice as we will be receiving our stock of Nick Fury as seen in last summer’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. I anticipate that this will be a popular piece, especially since so many people missed the original Fury that was issued after the original Avengers movie was released.

That’s it for me this time- catch you next time!


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Val’s Toy Chest- The Cat and The Canary


Hey guys- at the beginning of this season on Arrow, a mysterious death that is supposed to stick was teased on the show to take place sometime during the back half of the season. That mystery looks to be solved in this week’s episode and if all the leaked pictures are to be believed, including shots of SPOILER Dinah Laurel Lance’s SPOILER grave from the Legends of Tomorrow first season finale, Star City is about to have one less vigilante and it is a bone-headed decision. That being said, further spoilers for the penultimate episode of The Flash Season Two seem to show us a completely new iteration (i.e. Earth-2) of said character, portrayed by the same actress appearing to either fight alongside Barry or against. I don’t know what to believe anymore, but I think the CW DC TV shows will go down as a massive joke if they kill an iconic character and one as important to the Green Arrow and Justice League mythos such as the Black Canary without some sort of way out. I will drop Arrow out of protest, though I haven’t watched the past two episodes anyway. I will continue to support Katie Cassidy’s career if she is the one being written off the show and still hold out a brief glimmer of hope that her Flash stint could become permanent. I’ve already dismantled my Arrow toy shelf in anticipation of the big death. If Laurel survives, then I will gladly eat crow.



That bit of news aside, there’s a couple of neat items to discuss this week- both featuring everyone’s favorite feline femme fatale. The first is the Tweeterhead/Sideshow Batman Returns Catwoman piece. Based on Michelle Pfeiffer’s likeness, this statue finds Selina Kyle atop a rooftop base, whip in hand, ready to strike the Batman. 040232300646The other Catwoman piece is a statue from Diamond Select Toys which like its predecessor, Batgirl, is based on the now 50-year-old Adam West Batman 1966 TV series. Catwoman is sculpted to resemble Julie Newmar and comes standing atop a base with the classic Batman TV logo emblazoned upon it.699788813287

Other Catwoman items in-stock now include the Batman 1966 Catwoman bust, also based on Julie Newmar’s likeness, the Cover Girls of the DC Universe Catwoman statue and the Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman bust designed after her look in the 1992-1995 series. If Catwoman isn’t your thing, but you love 1966 Batman, we’ve still got a number of items in stock from that era of Batmania. This includes the Batman, Robin and Batgirl three-pack, the Batmobile with Batman and Robin figures, the To The Batcave set with Bruce Wayne and the Batcomputer and the Tweeterhead Yvonne Craig as Batgirl Maquette. Tweeterhead also released one other awesome piece recently, particularly if you enjoy Batman comics from the 1950s- the Kathy Kane Batwoman maquette recently arrived and she is in all her retro glory.


As I started working on this column, we received a limited refresh on Batman: The Animated Series figures which probably won’t last too long. Harley Quinn, The Mad Hatter, The Penguin, The Riddler, Robin, The Joker and Man-Bat from the original Animated Series are all back in stock as well as Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Robin, Bane, Scarecrow, The Creeper and Mr. Freeze from The New Batman Adventures. The Batman and Phantasm two pack completes our restock of animated style action figures.

I got to see Batman V Superman last week and I mostly enjoyed it. It isn’t the best superhero movie in the world, but I had fun watching it. Brief thoughts on the film- it was a little disjointed at times, Batman was a massive jerk, Superman was fine, Wonder Woman is AMAZING! Gal Gadot’s portayal of the Amazon Princess, no matter how brief made the film for me. Whether it was the thrill of finally seeing her on the big screen for the first time or because I just love Wonder Woman, she was a breath of fresh air. If you’re feeling like you need merchandise from the film, we’ve gotten a restock of action figures of the DC Trinity as they appear in the movie back on our shelves. You too can own a Ben Affleck Batman, Henry Cavill Superman, and Gal Gadot Wonder Woman if your heart desires. Each figure from Mattel has a piece to build Batman’s Grapple Gun and are fully articulated so you can pose them for your own adventures. If Barbie dolls are more to your liking, we also just received the Batman and Superman Barbie Brand dolls from the movie. No Diana yet, sadly.

Next week: the 500th issue of the Weekly Planet. Catch you guys then!

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Val’s Toy Chest- A Canary Kind of Week

There aren’t a lot of toys coming in this week from what I’ve seen on our list, but there are a pair of statues of high interest to yours truly and they both feature my favorite DC character, Dinah Laurel Lance a.k.a. The Black Canary.

The first statue we’ll be getting in is the Cover Girls of the DC Universe statue of Black Canary. This Canary statue is dressed in a modern costume closer to her New 52 look and is based on Stanley Artgerm Lau’s artwork. Canary comes carrying a bullhorn and in a sassy pose.


The second statue is part of DC’s newest series of Famous Couple statues and is definitely for fans of the classic comic book romance between Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance. The Green Arrow and Black Canary statue is based on Cliff Chiang’s cover artwork from the Judd Winnick-penned Green Arrow and Black Canary series. This image was featured on the variant cover for issue #1 released back in 2007. The statue captures both characters in an embrace as Oliver shoots his bow. Very gorgeous.


If DC Collectibles’ release schedule holds up, there’ll be one additional Black Canary item to close out the month. POTENTIAL ARROW SPOILERS AHEAD!!!  Arrow has been teasing a death since the fourth season premiere in October and recent behind the scenes photos seem to point to the grave belonging to one Dinah Laurel Lance. IF this holds true, the upcoming DC Collectibles figure of Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary/Laurel Lance will be a bittersweet release for me. I’ve talked about Arrow in this column many a time in the past and for the most part I really enjoy the show. This season has been largely uneven for me with me only really watching for Diggle, Thea, and of course, Laurel.  I came into the show largely because of the Black Canary character and her alter ego because in case you couldn’t tell, Canary is my favorite character of all time. If Laurel dies on the show, I am done with the series. All that being said, let’s hope the Laurel action figure due out in a couple of weeks is not the last thing from Arrow for me to look forward to.


In non Black Canary news, I did get notifications on two incoming Hot Toys pieces. Both should be in sometime within the next couple of weeks. The first is the Batman Returns Batman/Bruce Wayne deluxe 1:6 scale figure set featuring the likeness of Michael Keaton as he appeared in the 1992 motion picture. The other is the Avengers: Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch figure from last summer’s blockbuster film based on Elizabeth Olson’s portrayal of the stalwart Avengers heroine. I expect that Wanda should be a brisk seller since she will be a first time character in this style. Wanda comes dressed as she appeared in the film with her striking red jacket/black dress combo and comes with the usual multiple hands and character specific accessories that Hot Toys is known for. I definitely can’t wait to see this one in person.

That’s it for me this week, catch you guys next week with more toy news.

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Val’s Toy Chest- House in the Woods

Greetings toy fans and column readers! I’m writing this from a house in the woods in upstate New York as I take a well-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city. I still wanted to share the new toys and assorted paraphernalia coming this week.

The company with the most output this week is clearly DC Collectibles. There is a bevy of items arriving in store Wednesday. Kicking things off is the long awaited Batman: Black and White statue of Batgirl as depicted in her current run illustrated by Babs Tarr. Flash TV fans can look forward to the brand new Reverse Flash prop replica ring(size 12.5 only)as well as a 1:6 scale statue depicting series star Grant Gustin as the Flash. Speaking of props, the awesome Mother Box prop replica with lights and sound should also be in this week. The Wonder Woman Art of War statue line continues with a new stylized piece designed by Robert Valley that was used in the DC Nation Animated Shorts. Cover Girls of the DC Universe will issue a new piece featuring Red Lantern Bleez and we’ve also got a new Catwoman bust and a DC Icons statue of Green Lantern expected to arrive. Do you like the different banks we carry that are found in the very front of the store? Monogram is the manufacturer on the majority of those specifically the DC and Marvel ones. They’ve also got a pair of releases this week. First off is Deadpool in his red and black look that complements the grey and black one we got in last week. Harley Quinn is the other piece. Both are not the typical bust style that Monogram has done in the past but rather just a giant head that looks to hold more money than past offerings.

Funko POPs expected to arrive soon are the Harry Potter Series Ron Weasley and Dumbledore pieces along with Marvel’s Agent Carter from ABC’s eponymous TV show. Recent Hot Toys arrivals include the Iron Man Mark XLI Bones version and Electro from Amazing Spider-Man 2. The single packed Rocket Raccoon should be on its way soon as well. Finally in comics this week, DC Bombshells issue #1 will be out along with more Bombshells variants for select titles. Plus there is a new Garbage Pail Kids one-shot that sees the Garbage Gang Hollywood bound.

That’s it for me this week. Catch you in next week’s column or in the store.

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Val’s Toy Chest- Fabulous Fighting Females

Hello readers, it’s a new month here at Forbidden Planet and we’ve got some cool new toys coming in this week. Almost all the new toys releasing this week are characters from motion pictures past and present.

Kicking off the excitement this week is the long awaited Marvel Select Avengers: Age of Ultron Black Widow figure. Based on the likeness of Scarlett Johansson, this figure comes attired in her costume from the recent film. I first teased this figure as coming out back in May since that was when Diamond initially said it would be released, but that date got pushed back and she will finally be released on Wednesday. I would move on this figure soon as she will not last long. Natasha’s fellow teammate Thor will also make his way into our shop appearing as Chris Hemsworth did in the current film. Recent Marvel silver screen superhero star Ant-Man will also arrive this week courtesy of Diamond and Marvel Select, I’d also recommend buying Ant-Man as soon as you can as he is sure to shrink away from our shelves quickly. Both Avengers figures will feature multiple points of articulation and diorama bases that will connect to one another, while Ant-Man will also be well-articulated and have his own dedicated character base. Just as an FYI, Marvel Select/Diamond doesn’t typically do more than one run of the movie-style figures, so I always advise those who want the movie-based ones to buy them as soon as they see them.

In terms of other movies, Diamond Select has a series of toys in their Select style for Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back featuring Bluntman, Chronic and Mark Hamill’s villainous character whose name I will not write in this family-friendly newsletter. Diamond Select strikes again with more sets of Minimates in their Kill Bill and Sin City collections. The Kill Bill set features three of the deadly assassins that Beatrix Kiddo aka the Bride takes on in the Tarantino film, along with a figure of the Bride herself. The Sin City four pack features Gail, Miho and two others from the original film.

In import toys news: This week sees the release of the Previews Exclusive Mafex Dark Knight Rises Selina Kyle action figure. Sculpted to resemble Anne Hathaway from the 2012 film, this figure is super poseable and stands about 6″ tall. She joins the previous Mafex Joker figure from The Dark Knight, which is still available as of this writing. Square Enix has been known for their heavily articulated video game and DC Comics figures and now they are unveiling their Marvel Play Arts Kai figures. We’ll be getting our first one in this week in the form of everyone’s favorite armored billionaire Tony Stark in his guise as Iron Man. Iron Man will have blast effects, interchangeable hands and a display base and features a red, black, and gold color scheme.

DC Collectibles drops the next statue in their continuing Bombshells line this week with the release of Superman’s favorite Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane. Lois is done in Ant Lucia’s pin-up style with a very Newsies influence, holding up a copy of a major Metropolitan newspaper. Other Bombshells statues still in stock are Supergirl and the Bettie Page-esque Wonder Woman. DC is also doing Bombshell variant covers on select titles this month and we’ve got two of those issues out on Wednesday with the current issues of Detective Comics and Green Lantern. There is a plethora of other Bombshell merchandise available in store including stickers, buttons and other licensed product. For fans of TV superhero adaptations, DC Collectibles is issuing a neat replica police badge from the Fox series Gotham. The badge is a chrome plated metal cast from the actual show prop and comes attached to a leather belt strap.

That’s pretty much it for the Toy Chest this week. See you guys with more toy talk next time!

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Val’s Toy Chest- DC Toys at SDCC

Greetings, readers! This past weekend saw the conclusion of San Diego Comic Con and while I wasn’t there, I’ve been keeping tabs on the mountain of new announcements that have been made in toyland. There is far too much to run down in one column, so I will be sharing news with you for the next few weeks. This week, we’ll discuss the comics company nearest and dearest to my heart- DC Comics.

DC Collectibles showed off a bunch of new collectibles slated to hit sometime in 2016. I discussed the ICONS line before and DC has shown off four new additions to the line: The Joker, John Stewart Green Lantern, Firestorm and with Milestone characters returning to the DC stable, Static Shock. In their Batman: The Animated Series/New Batman Adventures line we will be treated to BTAS versions of Commissioner Gordon, Ra’s Al Ghul and my most anticipated- ZATANNA as well as a TNBA version of Etrigan the Demon who comes packed out with Klarion the Witchboy and Teekl the cat. Arrow and The Flash releases continue with the previously announced Laurel Lance/Black Canary figure that will be joined by a new season 3 Arrow figure, a Malcolm Merlyn figure that bears the visage of the handsome John Barrowman, the Reverse Flash and Heat Wave. The TV show figures are slated for a March 2016 release. DCC will continue their Designer Series with two additional Greg Capullo inspired figures of the Joker and Wonder Woman, a new Darwyn Cooke line featuring Supergirl, Batman, Harley Quinn in her roller derby look and Adam Strange as well as a Lee Bermejo line that will include Superman, Luthor, Batman and Green Lantern. DC had even more figures up their sleeve including animated Clayface, Firefly and Harley Quinn(presumably a TNBA version) as well as a Batgirl/Oracle two pack based on her appearance in “Arkham Knight.” No pictures were available of those items.

Mattel is rebranding their Multiverse line by shifting gears from 3 and 3/4″ figures into a refreshed 6″ line which features the return of the Collect and Connect figure. The first wave draws from both the comic books and TV shows and will include “Zero Year” Batman, The Joker from the recent “Endgame” storyline, the Superman of Earth 23, TV-inspired figures of The Flash, Reverse Flash and Arrow with the CNC figure being the Batman Justice Buster Armor also taken from the “Endgame” storyline. Mattel’s display featured toys from the forthcoming live-action Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie as well, including 6″ figures of Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Not much news was shared about the female-focused “DC Super Hero Girls,” though a website was set up with brief bios of the main players.What I’ve seen thus far makes it sound like they’ve crossed the DC women with “Monster High.”

Mezco will continue their popular 1:12 line of cloth-covered 6 inch figures with a Flash and Superman figure that join the previously available Dark Knight Returns Batman. Non-DC characters slated for the line include Space Ghost and Judge Dredd. Hot Toys announced a new version of the Adam West Batman which will come with the iconic red Batphone, and showed their Batman Returns Batman and Bruce Wayne figures. A whole bevy of statues based on various DC characters from DC Collectibles, Tweeterhead and Sideshow made their first public appearance including the Yvonne Craig Batgirl and a Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman.

As far as this week goes, we will be getting one of the last two New 52-branded figures in this week with the release of the John Stewart Green Lantern figure. This leaves the Joker as the last figure for this line before DC gears up and starts pumping out the ICONS line. We should also be getting a restock on the Green Arrow figure from this same set. In non-DC news,  Funko’s Garbage Pail Kids finally hit and we have a nice display set up in our glass case with the entire set of 12 and the Adam Bomb vinyl figure. We should also be getting a couple of the Harry Potter POPs in, including Harry himself and my favorite; Hermione Granger. Dr. Who POPs have also started to show up in-store but have been selling briskly. Recently arrived POPs still available from these series as of this writing include Severus Snape, the Adipose and the Eleventh Doctor.

On a last note, issue #2 of Black Canary is out today and I look forward to seeing where Dinah’s tour will take us and her band next.

Next week: Marvel Toy News!


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Val’s Toy Chest- DCpalooza

DC Collectibles continues the celebration of Batman’s 75th Anniversary this week with another set of action figures featuring some of the most iconic looks of everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader. If this set follows the design of the previous boxed set, we should see the four figures in their own commemorative tins in a larger display box. The looks DC is showcasing this time around are from Alex Ross’ “Justice”, the New 52 Greg Capullo design, Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” and the classic 1970’s animated “Super Friends” TV show. Joining Batman this week from DC Collectibles are a pair of statues from two of DC’s ongoing statue series. Harley Quinn makes another appearance in the “Cover Girls of the DC Universe” line designed by Stanley Artgerm Lau and features her classic outfit. David Finch, current artist of Wonder Woman contributes his interpretation of the Amazing Amazon in the “Wonder Woman: Art of War” series.

Dropping from DC Comics proper this week is “The Trial of Oliver Queen,” the third collection of Mike Grell’s “Green Arrow” run from the 1980s. Never before collected, these stories present Oliver and his lady love Dinah Lance dealing with gritty street level crime while leaving Star City behind for Seattle. Gone were the trick arrows and Dinah’s sonic scream and everything was more realistic. The series was groundbreaking for its time as it featured mature themes and language and eventually paved the way for DC to create an imprint for that audience called Vertigo. Certain elements from this run definitely influenced the earlier seasons of the “Arrow” TV series. DC is back with their regular titles after the two-month “Convergence” event and is proving that everything old is new again as they are returning Oliver Queen to Seattle in this week’s Green Arrow #41 featuring a new creative team that promises to turn GA’s world on its head all over again.

Kotobukiya releases a color variation on last week’s Marvel Now ARTFX Deadpool statue- this time featuring him in his grey and black X-Force outfit as an exclusive to comic book shops thru Diamond.

I’ve discussed the Black Canary for the last three columns now and she is my favorite DC character, however this time I am going to turn the tables and talk about one of my favorite Marvel characters- the Black Widow. Natasha Romanoff first appeared as an antagonist to Iron Man in Tales of Suspense #52 but eventually became a heroine. Widow was always on my radar but I didn’t really fall in love with the character until I saw Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal in the original “Avengers” film. Her opening scene fighting the mob while mostly tied to her chair was almost certainly a callback to Drew Barrymore in the “Charlie’s Angels” film, but she made it her own. I was so in love with the Black Widow after the movie that I ended up buying the Hot Toys version of her from that film and I haven’t really curbed my Hot Toys habit yet. As far as Black Widow collectibles go, we currently have the Marvel Select comic book version action figure and the Eaglemoss Chess piece. Hopefully hitting within the next couple of weeks will be Marvel Select’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Black Widow figure based on Scarlett’s likeness in the recent film. I will definitely let you know in this column when she comes out.

So I thought I’d take a few moments to introduce myself to the readers out there. I have been avidly buying action figures since I was a child in the early 80’s, and while those figures did not survive what a little kid would have done with them- I had the foresight to get new copies of some of the figures I had when I was growing up sometime in the mid-late 90’s, so I have a nice set of the heavy hitters from the Super Powers Collection all in good shape with minimal wear and pretty much all accessories intact as well as nice copies of a few He-Man figures. Growing up in the era that I did, I had Star Wars toys when I was a kid, mainly from the Return of the Jedi line which was the movie that was out at the time. One of my favorite figures was the Princess Leia in Boushh disguise. Something about that orange and grey helmet struck me as a kid and I also liked that you could hide her face with it. Hasbro has been the main license holder for Star Wars for a long time now and as they start gearing towards Episode VII we’re sure to see more product from all the Star Wars eras. Sometime in 2012, Hasbro announced that they were going to do a special line of figures called Star Wars Black which sees plenty of familiar Star Wars characters in a larger more articulated 6″ scale. Though the previous Slave Leia figure in the Star Wars Black line hasn’t been flying off the shelves, there will be a Leia as Boushh Action Figure coming out sometime in the summer which has me flashing back to the original figure and finding my inner child all over again.(Personally I also want a figure of Leia’s iconic white dress and star puffs hairdo- but Hasbro doesn’t seem to have that in the works at the moment.)

As you can probably guess, I am pretty passionate about action figures, mainly comic-book and science fiction based characters as my focus with the 80s as my golden age. I also like collecting female action figures since there has always been a stigma attached to them by the toy companies.(“Girls don’t sell”) I have a decent sized collection which ranges from Masters of the Universe to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Star Trek, Star Wars, DC and Marvel all well represented. I regularly read toy websites and message boards to keep my ear to the ground to see what is coming out and try to keep myself as informed as possible about the many toy lines that are out there. I don’t really keep up to date with anime or import toys as those don’t fall within my interests. Hopefully this gives you some idea of what I’m trying to make this column about and why I focus on the characters or lines I talk about. Going forward I plan to discuss some of my favorite toy lines growing up as well as talk about the new toys and other miscellany that I think you should know about.

Next week: We’ll flashback to the late 80’s and early 90’s with Playmates Toys’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures. Catch you guys soon!


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New Arrivals: Tiger and Batman

::: Insert an 1,000 word capslock word-vomit article about San Diego Comic Con News and the arrival of his Figma Samus Aran figure here::

Honestly, if I could get away with that folks, I would.

Doing my best to ignore new developments over at SDCC, let us take a look-peak at what’s new on the shelves of Forbidden Planet NYC. As we’ve stated at least a half-dozen times on the blog to date, there’s a new Spider-Man movie out, and with a new movie comes new merchandise (:: Pats himself on the back for that one :: ) Marvel Select has released 2 figures based on the movie, a decently poseable Spider-Man, and the Lizard. For the $20 they’re retailing for, the figures are actually quite solid on the paint, sculpts, poseablility end of things. There’s also a ton of Avengers figures, available in both movie and comic versions, out in the Selects line, so you should check em out. On the 3.75″ side of things, Hasbro has a plethora of Spider-Man figures out, based on both the movie and comics. The comics end of the line are a lot of repaints/re-releases from past Spidey-lines/Marvel Universe line. The movie-side of things has an awesome Ultra-poseable Spidey figure, which is worth if you really like the new movie comics. Those goes for about $12-$13 each.

Aside from superheroes with movies, FPNYC has also received a ton of merch based on superheroes from Japan. The “Tiger And Bunny” merchandise train continues to ride on, as there’s a bunch of new gasaphon figurines in stock, and some more high end stuffs from the Figuarts line. The newest release in the Figuarts line is Origami Cyclone, which in terms of cash value, you definitely get the most bang for your buck. The articulation, sculpt and paintjob are as good, if not better than the previous releases. But when you get to the accessories department, this is where Origiami surpasses the others. Aside from the standard base, you get a a back mounted giant shuriken AND a holdable giant shuriken, an empty back holster, two katana hilts/blades/ holsters, a small shuriken, two giant shuriken holding hands & two katana holding hands. That is a lot, especially for less than $60. On the other end of the spectrum there’s ZeroArts Kaburagi T. Kotestu (Wild Tiger). Kotestu is basically a cheap statue, better than your average gasaphon figurine, but not as good as a higher-end statue (Or the Portrait of Pirates line). But it does come with a stand, and an alternate arm that can hold a stuffed Bunny. Again it’s okay for $50, but for $7 more, you can get an articulated Figuarts Wild Tiger figure. It’s a matter of preference and taste in the end. Continue reading

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Back by “Popular” Demand!

by Chris Troy

It’s been awhile hasn’t it FPNYC faithful! I would have written sooner, but I had a trinity of things keeping me away from blogging as of late, as my ass was in Boston earlier for PAX East, Chicago over a week ago for C2E2 and then celebrated my 3rd year of marriage this past weekend with the Mrs. But I’m back for the foreseeable future, here to pimp out the newest toys and collectibles FPNYC has to offer. We’ve got a ton of stuff to cover, and not all of it’s Marvel related! Just of lot of it, because man, they have the Avengers’ license and that will be printing a lot of people some serious green.

After releasing some awesome Batman, Final Fantasy XIII-2 & Street Fighter IV figures earlier this year, Square Enix has decided to take a trip back to 1998 for their latest figure: Cyborg Ninja (formerly Gray Fox) from the legendary Playstation One classic “Metal Gear Solid.” It’s been a while since Ninja has gotten the plastic treatment (I think McFarlane toys was the first and only company to release a poseable/non-gasaphon Ninja) and man, Square went to town on this figure in terms of detailing and sculpt. Square definitely captures the robotic feel of Ninja, and the paint job for the figure is insane. As far as accessories go, Ninja is limited to only a katana and a railgun, which is kinda of lacking compared to other Play Arts Kai releases, especially since it also lacks variant hands. However, it’s still and amazing figure in its own right. Ninja isn’t the only MGS1 figure getting the Play Arts Kai treatment, as Solid Snake is due out any week, and Meryl should be out within a few weeks/month (Square really needs to clarify this). Ninja retails for about $60, which is the average price for the Kai figure, and is available now. Continue reading

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A Plethora of Arts

So remember last week when I complained about the severe lack of new arrivals post-holiday and there was barely anything for me to talk about that WASN’T comic book related? Well don’t fret folks, that’s not an issue for this week. Our import section got a HUGE shipment in this past week, and we now have a plethora of new stuff in to discuss. As well as some new merch that falls under both the comics and anime sections.

Leading off the new arrivals is the Bishoujo Mystique statue, and a pair of repainted Ami-Comis statutes: White Canary and Star Sapphire Wonder Woman. The Ami-Comis are kind of whack, basically just being repainted versions of the previously released White Canary & Star Sapphire, but hey, they may be someone else’s thing. Mystique, on the other hand, is a damn find low end statue, and the painting and sculpt is very well done, especially when it comes down to the skulls on her belt. In addition to Mystique, we also have the black costume variant Batgirl Bishoujo statue in stock, which  looks a ton better than the original release thanks to the new paint scheme/job.  I would easily recommend the 2 Bishoujo statues over the Amie Comis if you interested in picking any of them up.

After what seemed like forever, Square Enix finally released the first set of the Super Street Fighter IV Play Art Kai figures.  And it’s worth the wait, because these figures are MASSIVE! Chun Li and Ryu make up the first wave, and each of them come with a variant head, another set of hands, a  trademark fireball, and a stand for said fireballs. Again, I think it’s bull that Squenix doesn’t package figures for their figures anymore, but they’re fairly sturdy figures as is. Much more so than the previous Final Fantasy releases, as their exaggerated designs lend itself to this look well. They go for about $55 each, which is the average Play Art Kai price these days. If you’re looking for some colorful additions to your collection, and really dig Street Fighter, these figures are meant for you.

The biggest arrivals of last week have to be in the insane amount of new Bandai arts figure. We finally got in some new releases, and man, it’s nice to have something that’s not Shonen Jump related to talk about. The first new D-Arts is from the cult PS2 classic/new hit anime Persona 4, and is the main protagonist’s Izanagi.  The first D-Arts based on Persona 4 (there’s at least 2 more on they way), Izanagi comes with a stand (obviously), a plethora of variant parts and effects, and a massive bladed weapon. The other new Figuarts of note in is Rock Bison of Tiger and Bunny fame! He’s a massive figure, easily overshadowing Tiger and Bunny in terms of scale. What’s a little beat about the figure is the fact that he really doesn’t come with much outside of some variant hands. Still it’s well sculpted and has a ton of articulation. So it’s not like it’s a bad figure. We also got a few older mecha-releases in stock, specifically Gundam F-91, and Eva Units 0-1, and the Berserker Unit 0-2. And a ton of Kamen Rider figures. Possibly a literal ton. A lot regardless. Prices for the figures start at $45 and go up from there. With the rate most of these have been selling out, I advise you come by ASAP if you want em.

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