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Lalala Mango And Animu

Manga Explosion 2011 seems to have calmed down a little, at least for the time being. Still, there is a decent offering of things to choose from this week if you’re looking for something new to read, such as new Oh! My Goddess, Sergeant Frog, .hack/sign GU, or Negima Neo. Frankly, most of them seem to be the tail end of TokyoPop’s pre-slated releases, so be sure to whip out a hankie and shed a tear for horrible business models as that ship finally sets sail and heads out into the waning sunset. Done? Yeah, me too.

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Phantasmagorical Fantasy

June is really proving to be quite the month for manga collecting! Another really full week is ahead of us, fellow otaku, so loosen those purse strings and get ready for excitements such as new Soul Eater, Higurashi, 20th Century Boys, NGE: Campus Apocalypse, and of course, Full Metal Alchemist. There are even some great reprints in store, like the Phoenix Wright manga, or Tenjo Tenge, and the first omnibus version of Negima. Suffice to say that it seems like this week’s grand theme for manga is fantasy and the unreal. Well, more unreal than what’s standard for manga, anyway. Continue reading

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