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Matt D Loves Weird AL… and Junk Food Dinner!

Looks like our buds over at Junk Food Dinner were pretty desperate last week when they asked me to fill in for Kevin as guest host while he was away traveling this great land of ours.  Listen to me ramble about one of my most prize possessions… The ComplEAT Al laserdisc.

No longer a bridesmaid!

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Alan Robert Signing at Forbidden Planet, NYC July 22nd @ 6PM!

Come and meet artist, writer, and musician Alan Robert!

From his blog:

Life of Agony bassist/Wire Hangers creator, Alan Robert, will be kicking off the release of his new comic book series, Crawl to Me (IDW Publishing) with a special signing at FORBIDDEN PLANET (840 Broadway, New York, NY 10003) on Friday, July 22nd, 2011 at 6PM. Exclusive prizes will be given away in a random drawing! After the signing, come celebrate the launch at ANGELS & KINGS from 7-9PM (500 East 11th St., New York, NY 10009). A special guest DJ will be announced, spinning the best heavy music and don’t miss the Crawl to Me Cocktails!

CRAWL TO ME is a new horror comic book series published by IDW Publishing(30 Days of Night, Locke & Key, Zombies Vs Robots). Issue #1 hits comic shops on July 13th, 2011. For more information, visit

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Fresh Kills The Wolves That Raised You

Check out the new music video by Fresh Kills.

YouTube Preview Image

Lead lip sync-er Zachary Lipez is a good friend of mine, and the store for that matter.

Read more about his rock star lifestyle in the book Please Take Me Off The Guest List or buy a drink off him at Beauty Bar Brooklyn.  Make sure to tip big.

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Monster-Mania Con 17

This weekend I will be away at the Monster-Mania Con in Cherry Hill New Jersey!  I try to attend as many horror conventions a year as possible, and Monster-Mania is always at least one of  them.

So while I’m rubbing elbows with Ace Frehley, Fred Williamson and the cast of The Walking Dead I may not be able to post anything for a couple of days.  Oh, but when I’m back be prepared for some stories.

If you’re in the area stop by and say hello, I’ll most likely be helping out (or more like hanging out) at the Knee High Horror booth!

Here’s the info…

MARCH 11 – 13, 2011
(Formerly Hilton Hotel: (Same hotel, different name) 4 Miles past Exit 34B of I-295.
Reservations: 800-227-6963 Don’t wait! (Ask for the special Monster-Mania Room Rate) FREE PARKING

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Destroy All Movies!!! Back in stock, but not for long.

When I first heard about Fantagraphics’ Destroy All Movies The Complete Guide To Punks On Film I immediately knew this book was for me.  Being a “punk” myself and a huge cult film nerd how could I not be excited.

Destroy All Movies is an informative, hilarious and impossibly complete guide to every appearance of a punk (or new waver!) to hit the screen in the 20th Century. Featuring A-to-Z coverage of over 1100 feature films from around the world, as well as dozens of exclusive interviews with the cast/creators of crucial titles like Repo Man, Return of the Living Dead, The Decline of Western Civilization and Valley Girl.

Also examined are several hundred prime examples of straight-to-VHS slasher trash, breakdancing fairytales, no-budget apocalyptic epics and movies that barely exist. Plus hundreds of eyeball-smashing stills and posters, many in full color!

Six years in the making, this pulse-bursting monument to lowbrow cultural obsession is a must for all film fanatics, music maniacs, anti-fashion mutants, ’80s nostalgists, sleazoids, cop-killers and spazzmatics!

So while researching this book I came across their websites and I tell you its just as entertaining as the book.  On their site is an announcement for an east coast book tour with screenings and special guests from films that are covered in the book.  I instantly started dreaming of meeting Jon Gries at a screening of Terror Vision!!!

So I sent an e-mail to their contact introducing myself and letting them know that I (and Forbidden Planet of course) love the book and want to get involved in the book tour.  One of the writers, Zack Carlson promptly replied with some awesome yet sad information.

We’re actually at a dumb point with the book. The first printing is totally sold out (that’s good!) but there aren’t currently enough back orders for the publisher to put in for a second printing. So it’s kinda junked up our East Coast/Canada tour plans… So we’re stuck unless there’s suddenly some massive public demand for more copies… It’s a sad truth, but there it is.

So I encourage you all to buy copies of this book before they disappear for good.  Oh, and calling all your local retailers and making sure they have it in stock (or on back order) would help.  Lets see this baby go to a second print.  Destroy All Movies The Complete Guide To Punks On Film is too good to fall off the face of the earth so soon.

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K-On! The Manga Review

Here it is. My first manga review. As the title probably gave away it’s for the first volume release of K-On. If you have no idea who or what K-On! is I highly suggest you use your powers of google. Ah hell, I’ll be convenient and even link you to the wiki article on the series. Before the manga ever showed up (and certainly before Bandai has gotten on the ball in bringing the anime to us in the States) Forbidden Planet has had some really adorable figures come through its shelves. But I’ll leave the figure reviews for the boys on the FP Blog for now.

There is certainly an anime out there for pretty much anyone, and the same can be said about manga. It’s also been quite some time since I’ve really been excited to buy or read anything either. Most times I keep pretty busy. However, I set the time aside to read this lovely new manga about a girl band. That’s right. Girl. Band. And it’s straight up moe. It’s cool if you don’t really like that sort of thing but these girls are just so freakin’ adorable that you can’t help but like them.

Seriously. Look at them.

The Series As A Whole

Although you could argue that this is just like any other high school series with cute girls in it I don’t suppose that it would really be worth arguing with you about it. The appeal of K-On, in my opinion, is not that it is so new and different. Beck, for example, came far before K-On! ever did, and I am of the mind set that there is very little that can be new or different anymore. All the genres for the most part have been invented. All the character types are pretty much out there. What matters now, or should matter now, is the use of all those elements in story creation and how those elements and characters interact with each other. Continue reading

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LOOKEE! for the 14th of October, 2010

Unca Grant as one angry, frilly-shirted badass vs. My Chemical Romance

Redemption:  The sequel to one of the most ambitious SF cinema flops of all time is expected to become one of the biggest films of all time.

What’s happening to my special purpose?  Action Flick Chick as The Baroness NYCC

Vanity: Jeff Ayers on Jeff Ayers’ job. 26 minutes of me pontificating upon the vagaries of NYC comic retail on the hottest day in recorded NYC history. In reality I know the difference between Detective Comics #27 and #37 and tensile and tactile.  Saw a doctor and got rid of it.

Lord loves a workin’ man:  Grant Morrison on Twitter.

When you’re rich and famous you’ll send me a postcard:  Thank you, Messrs. Gaiman and McKean for all the conversation pieces you’ve provided me throughout the years.  Thank you DC for changing The Sandman’s trade dress all old-timey and shit.

Don’t trust whitey:  Comics cover price = $2.99?

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Rob Zombie Signing, Now with UPDATED DETAILS!

Rob Zombie is coming to Forbidden Planet NYC!!!

Rob will be in-store on Monday, October 11th at 6pm to promote his new album Hellbilly Deluxe 2 and Royal Flush Magazine Volume 7 (in which he’s featured, see below).

You may purchase admission to this event (which includes both a copy of the Hellbilly 2 CD and a copy of Royal Flush 7) here on Forbidden Planet NYC’s website.  If you would like to purchase admission to this event with a copy of the Special Edition of  Hellbilly Deluxe 2 you may do so by clicking here. Simply bring a printout of your emailed receipt with you on the night of the event.  Otherwise, you may purchase admission at our store on 840 Broadway (at 13th St.) in advance or on the 11th.

If you need to mail order signed copies of these items please indicate so in the comments field at checkout.

*PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of all the fans we will need to accomodate, a strict limit of ONE extra item signed will be enforced during our event. Advance purchase of admission does not guarantee a specific place in line… Please arrive as early as possible on the 11th.*



See ya there!

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Rob Zombie Signing at Forbidden Planet NYC, Monday 10.11.10

RobZombieSigningPosterI’m very pleased to announce a special event with Rob Zombie at Forbidden Planet NYC on October 11th at 6pm!  He will be signing copies of Royal Flush volume 7 (which features a totally rad illustration of  Rob by legendary Megadeath artist Ed Repka) and his new album Hellbilly Deluxe 2, both of which will be available at the shop.

Further details are forthcoming in the next coupla days, so check back on this post for an update.

UPDATE: Details on our signing with Rob have been posted.  Click here.

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Pops on the Radio

If E.T is listening I hope he’s listening to WKCR’s (Columbia University) annual Louis Armstrong 4th of July birthday broadcast… comma baby… If you can get down with 39.5 hours of Satchmo (1/4th of which you may have to sit through Phil Schaap, but trust me it’s worth it) the live feed can be found here.


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Coming to Forbidden Planet NYC: Llexi Leon, Eternal Descent Signing!


Eternal_Descent_Number_OneForbidden Planet NYC is pleased to announce we will be hosting a special signing with Llexi Leon, renowned guitarist and mastermind behind Eternal Descent from IDW publishing on Monday,  August 23rd at 6:30pm! Be sure to also enter the Eternal Descent guitar contest!

What contest?  Well, one grand prize winner will receive one ESP Guitar featuring the Eternal Descent comic character “LOKI”. The winner will be announced at our signing.

More details and official contest rules can be found here.

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Coming to Forbidden Planet NYC: Melissa Auf der Maur!

Comic Book signing this coming Tuesday!

Melissa Auf Der Maur OOOM signing Come to FPNYC at 5:30pm for a special appearance by Melissa Auf der Maur, who will be signing copies of her new OOOM comic book.

About Melissa:

A multidisciplinary artist, MAdM was born in Montreal Canada.  From 1994-1999 she was a member, songwriter and bass player for Hole culminating in the album “Celebrity Skin”.  In 2000 she joined The Smashing Pumpkins for their farewell world tour.  In 2004 “Auf der Maur”, her first solo album, was released by Capitol Records / EMI worldwide.  MAdM is preparing the release up of her new multimedia project “Out of Our Minds”, featuring her next Album, Film, Comic Book and Web experience.”

As stated above, the comic’s part of the larger scheme for Melissa’s current project, and FP’s psyched to be a part of OOOM too.  Joining Melissa will be the project’s artist Jack Forbes.

If you would like to know more about Melissa and/or OOOM visit her website, where you can even listen to the whole album!

See you Tuesday at the shop!

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Tuesday Toys 2/16/10

Yes, the majority of the toy world’s focus is centered on Toy Fair (being held this week here in NYC at the craptacular Javits Center) and all the neat-o toys coming out in the future.   But here at FP- in the present- we’ve got a  whole bunch of new stuff for you.  NOW…

Hot Toys Michael Jackson Thriller 12″


Blackest Night Series 3





Star Sapphire




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