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Chris’ Comics: The Top 4 (and a Hawkguy) Finale

At last, it’s time for my final article for the Daily Planet. Instead of reviews, I’m going to recommend 4 series to you (plus Hawkeye, because we all know that’s coming) that are some of my favorite comics. There’s a few “well duh” choices on the list, but hopefully someone will find a new favorite on this list, or at least think I have excellent tastes in comics.

DCD5297571) Batgirl: Year One (Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, Marcos Martin) The only way you can buy Batgirl: Year One these days is in a trade packaged with the also great Robin: Year One. But Batgirl: Year One is arguably my favorite story featuring my favorite DC character. It’s a nice re-imagining of her origin from pre New 52 times, from a writer who wrote a good portion of the best Babs Gordon stories in the 90s. Marcos Martin later blew up on books like Spider-Man and Dr. Strange: The Oath, but this is where the Martin hype train officially began. A gorgeous story that does wonders for one of the most iconic superheroes out there, Batgirl: Year One is the one DC story I can’t recommend enough.

DCD4061942) Phonogram: The Singles Club  (Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matthew Wilson). While I absolutely adore this team’s work on The Wicked + The Divine and Young Avengers, P:TSC is my next pick, which was the first time Wilson joined Gillen and McKelvie on a creator owned joint. Set over the course of a single night, each issue in this trade tells a different story, focusing on a different character, and occasionally crossing over. My personal favorite of the various stories is the finale, a relatively silent story that focuses on Kid-With-a-Knife, one of the more simplistic but exciting characters in the series. While it’s technically the second part of the Phonogram trilogy, it’s by far the most accessible, and an excellent entry point for Gillen/McKelvie/Wilson’s indie work.

15958246263) The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (Gerard Way, Shaun Simon, Becky Cloonan). I really wanted to throw a Grant Morrison penned story on this list, but honestly, there’s enough best of/recommendation lists out there featuring his work on All Star Superman, JLA, Doom Patrol, etc. Instead I’ve opted for a comic featuring a character played by Morrison in the My Chemical Romance music videos this comic series is based on/a sequel to. While being familiar with said music videos/album helps. Killjoys is good enough to enjoy on it’s own, thanks to Cloonan’s gorgeous art, and Way’s sensational and kinda out there scripts. While you can make an argument that both creators have stronger work on the market, this is a favorite of mine, and it’s definitely worth your time if you’re a fan of either creators.

07851983934) NEXTWAVE: Agents of H.A.T.E. (Warren Ellis, Stuart Immonen) Also known as my favorite comic series before Hawkguy was a thing. Warren Ellis’ funniest book to date, in which his team of super hero pirates fight an evil corporation profiting from a war they’ve created. A cult favorite that’s influenced so many books, NEXTWAVE was at one point the weirdest but also one of the best looking books Marvel had ever published thanks to Stuart Immonen’s art. Assuming you haven’t read it, you should, unless you hate nuclear puppies, flesh eating koalas and dragons that wear shorts.



0785192190Hawkguy) Hawkeye (Matt Fraction, David Aja, Annie Wu, Matt Hollingsworth, and various) And here it is, my obvious favorite that I’ve never shut up while writing for Forbidden Planet NYC. Hawkeye was a game changer for Marvel, and is easily the best for-hire work Fraction and Aja have done, possibly ever. The creative team makes walking dumpster fire Clint Barton one of the most relatable characters in comics, while making Hawkeye Kate Bishop a break out star. From the Pizza Dog issue to the Sandy relief issue, there’s some many amazing, genre defining comics that show that you can do big 2 comics with an indie comics sensibility. No comic series has affected as much as this book has, and there’s never going to be a time where I won’t recommend it.

And with that, I take my leave. I’d like to thank everyone who’s read my work, my fellow contributors, and the fine folk at Forbidden Planet for giving me a stage over these last years to talk about comics, and toys. I’ve had a blast, and if you care to see what I’m doing post Forbidden Planet, give me a follow on twitter (@theanarchris). Thanks for the memories FPNYC faithful!


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Stand tall for the Beast of America. Or Againist. Your choice.

Welcome back to FPNYC’s offical Bioshock blog (Blogshock? Bioblog?)!! “REAL” Bioshock fans will get the reference in the title, which only make sense if you own a TV. And continue to not comment on the blog. Good times.

I mentioned the existence of a “Bioshock Infinite” art book last week, and now that I’ve beaten the damn game (REALLY good doesn’t even begin to cover the quality of the game, or it’s ending, play it for yourself and I’m fairly confident you’ll agree), I picked a copy of it for myself because I may have an addiction problem of sorts.

So what did I think of it? I’ll get to that in a minute, because I just want to point out that I am  loving the fact that we’re getting quality artbooks based on western video game over here. Bradygames have released some okayish ones, but the books released by Udon (where the crap is the Bayonetta on Udon??)  and more recently Dark Horse are really well packaged, and make for really good reads/collectibles. MORE OF THIS PEOPLE, CHRIS APPROVES!

“The Art of Bioshock Infinite” is a 184 page hardcover released by Dark Horse Comics that clocks in at 9 x 0.9 x 12 inches and retails for $40. While some chapters are light on text, it’s a relatively spoiler-free read, and chock-full of gorgeous art. There’s a lot of cool concept art for things that never made it into the game, or went through a ton of changes. At $40 it’s hard to recommend this book for any non-fans, but if you sunk 12+ hours into the game like I did within a week of it’s release and need a new fix, this is a good way to get it until the board game and/or the Heroclixs drop.

::: Swears this is the last time he’ll mention the game until said ‘Clixs or more toys are released. You are powerless to stop him :::

::: Makes another smarmy remark about reviewing yet another wave of Batman Play Arts figures:::

The newest, and possibly final wave of Arkham City Batman toys via Square-Enix have hit our shelves and man, they are beefy. This time around we’re graced by an extremely jacked version of Tim Drake as Robin (new 52 continuity joke goes here) and the AC take on the classic Dark Knight Returns version of Batman (Frank Miller joke goes here). As you can tell, there’s A LOT  of plastic involved with this figures, which means you’re definitely getting your $60-worth with these figures.

While I’m not crazy about cage-fighter Robin (AC’s continuity is a tad silly in some areas) look, I have to admit that the figure captures the design well. Both he and Batman sport 26 points of articulation, and come with variant hands, heads, and some accessories; a bo staff for Robin, and a grappling hook for Batman. I would have gone with a mud-covered mutant gang member corpse myself, but that’s just me. And yes, Robin IS in scale with the standard AC Batman & Catwoman figures, and I guess the DKR Batman too, even though blah blah canon, blah blah nerd, blah blah prostitute joke.

I am such a good blogger you guys.

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TRY SOMETHING NEW Chapter 14: Pursued By The Empire’s Sinister Agents!

Hey lucky readers, I am back from the great state of Seattle in time to phone it in from my apartment. And what a phoning it in this will be. Last week’s column was brutal because I was jetlagged, sleep deprived, and over-comic’d (It’s a real thing. Look it up. Happened to millions of people in the mid-90’s.) This weeks column will be brutal because I am not a great writer and have been coasting on my mediocre sense of humor far too long. One important thing of note; dozens of readers wrote to ask why I didn’t mention Forbidden Planet’s Tech Wizard/Razor Enthusiast, Tyler, last week. Sally from Barrie, Ontario asked if it was because I was in Seattle and he was “Out of sight, out of mind.” It’s a good guess Sally, but no. When I travel I always carry a picture of Tyler in a heart shaped locket I wear around my neck at all times. He is never out of sight or mind. Tragically the reason I didn’t mention Tyler is much more dark and sinister. Tyler is on a journey now and I don’t think I have the strength to save him. Poor Tyler. Anyway folks, let’s find out what is happening in comics, shall we?

Managed to get an advanced copy of FIVE GHOSTS last week. Issue #1 makes it an easy frontrunner for book of the year. Chris Mooneyham’s art is stunning, Franke Barbiere’s writing never misses a beat. This is a full tilt pulp adventure like comics hasn’t seen in a long time. Think Indiana Jones meets League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I almost guarantee this book will be a huge hit and fan favorite for the year, the buzz is crazy and the book surpasses it. Unfortunately for you all the book isn’t out this week but fortunately for you all it comes out very soon. Not just that but Forbidden Planet is hosting a signing for the book on IMAGE COMICS PREMIERE NIGHT, Wednesday, March 20th. Bob Fingerman will also be there signing his brilliant new collection, MAXIMUM MINIMUM WAGE. And there will be awesome special guests. And maybe a cake or something. Probably not. But great comics should make it worth your time. Mark your calenders and set aside some dollars. Not all of them though because you need to buy some books this week too.

BUDDY COPS #1 is actually out this week. Doc Shaner may be the next superstar artist in comics. He has a smart take on the updated retro style of current superstars like David Aja and Chris Samnee. In short, he draws really pretty. Nate Cosby used to edit for Marvel where he focused on the good but under loved all ages books. He has since moved on to doing fun books like Cow Boy and Pigs. Buddy Cops is like Axe Cop if you want to read absurd cops stories but instead of being written by children it is written by childish men. There is a character named Uranus. Either you find that funny or you should buy something else. I like Uranus.

BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL vol 26. My bet is that most of you don’t read manga. That’s cool. I was dumb once too. Here’s the thing, don’t dismiss the cultural output of an entire nation, especially when the nation loves comics as much as Japan does. And especially especially when they make such good comics. Blade Of The Immortal is one of the craziest and most badass things humans have ever made. A shamed samurai cursed with immortality must kill 1,000 evil men in order to be allowed to age and die. Awesome, right? Well volume 26 is probably not the one I would start with, but that’s the one that’s out this week. Go read volume 1 and see if you like it. If you like reading about dudes getting dismembered, bloodworms, and really detailed portraits of feudal Japan as much as I do then you should love it. Come for the bloodworms, stay for the guilt.

Mike Mignola and John Arcudi make awesome comics like Hellboy, BPRD, and Lobster Johnson. (Fun Fact: John Arcudi used to work at Forbidden Planet. The store probably still owes him like 2000 hours of overtime from like 25 years ago. Good luck getting that John, we’re pulling for ya.) Every book Mignola and Arcudi have worked on has been, at worst, well worth your time. When these guys are off they are still better than 99% of the field. (Fun Fact: I met Mike Mignola recently and acted like a big idiot. He was pretty cool though. Firm handshake.) Now they have teamed up with the great Jason Latour to introduce SLEDGEHAMMER 44. A man in a giant metal suits who fights nazis. That’s pretty much all you should need to know. (Fun Fact: umm… I don’t have any fun Jason Latour facts. umm… Latour is French for “The Tour.” Useful info.)

I feel like a moron telling you to read HAWKEYE Vol. 1: MY LIFE AS A WEAPON. It’s one of the best books Marvel has done in years. Beautiful, funny, exciting, and innovative. It is David Aja and Matt Fraction doing the work of their respective careers. HAWKEYE is a line in the sand. You can either buy it or be the reason we don’t get to have nice things.

I remember reading Ben Katchor‘s brilliant JULIUS KNIPL strips that ran in The New York Press in the early ’90s I think. I bet you thought I was much younger than that, huh? I just write with childlike whimsy and grammar. Always bizarre, his oddly compelling characters made it less of a favorite read and more of a compulsion. Mr. Katchor always puts forward interesting and thought provoking work. HAND-DRYING IN AMERICA is his latest, a meditation on place, property, and possessions. His insights and wit offset the pervasive feeling of wrongness that he illuminates so eerily well. This is a book for those who notice they feel out of place or out of touch with their world.

Maybe the best book you aren’t reading this year is THE END TIMES OF BRAM & BEN by Rem Broo, Jim Festante, and James Asmus. The perfect mix of Chew‘s dark humor and Preacher‘s tongue in cheek religious and cultural satire, TETOB&B is both clever social commentary and laugh out loud absurdity. TETOB&B #3 comes out this week (with a brilliant cover by Juan Doe), but you should be able to track down issues 1 & 2 pretty easily. Image puts out a lot of new books every months, but few have the heart and personality of this one.

That about does it for me. I’m going to go listen to Lungfish and read BULLETPROOF COFFIN until I pass out. Make sure to come to the FP/IMAGE party next Wednesday and wear something nice. Maybe bring cupcakes. I am sure we will forget.

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It’s Berserk Time!

By Chris Troy

And we’re back FP Faithful, with possible the most bi-polar article to date! Today we’ll be looking at the plethora of awesome new merchandise we’ve received based on the hit Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time”, as well as a review of the newest Figma, Guts from the hyper-violent anime/manga “Berserk”! We’ll lead off with Guts first, as there’s less ground to cover, and because this is a sick-as-hell figure!

The “Berserk” franchise has been around forever, with Dark Horse comics releasing the manga for a few years, and got a 26 episode series from the early 2000s, which was a solid adaption for it’s time. We also got a decent selection of toys and video game back then as well, but not much has been released since 2002/2003. With a new series of movies hitting Japanese theaters this year, Max Factory has decided it was time to release some cool figures, WHICH I AM SOOOO OKAY WITH, as it’s a nice departure from the usual school girls that most of the series has consisted of. The Black Sword’s is EXTREMELY well sculpted, as the detailing on this figure is nuts. And it being a Figma means it’s fairly articulated as well, and it comes with a plethora of accessories to ensure certain familiar poses from the series can be recreated. Aside from the various joints and trademark Figma stand, Guts also comes with his famous massive sword “The Dragon Slayer”, and a variant cannon arm/wrist thingie. Guts’ cape is also removable to sheath his sword on his back. It’s retails for about $50, which makes sense considering all you’re getting. We have extremely limited quantities of the figure in, so if you want him, pick him up ASAP. Besides, by the time Figma Griffin comes out,  Guts will probably be impossible to fine.

Alright, so let’s move onto something a little more family-friendly. “Adventure Time” is one of those rare animated series that works on a time of levels, with a back-story that may or may not involve a nuclear war. I think it’s rad, and advise you to pick up the DVDs and the awesome ongoing comic series written by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame and published by Boom!. That being said, if you want something a little more collectible, Forbidden Planet and Jazware has you covered.

First there’s the Slamcows, a cool modern update of those old wrestling buddies from back in the day. You have your choice of the main characters, Jake the Dog and Flynn the Human,  and each 20″ plush  has 5 electronic sayings. They go for about $35-$40 each. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and smaller, there’s a selection of 2″ 2-packs, featuring a few variants of Jake and Flynn, as well as supporting characters like the Ice King, Marceline the Vampire, and  MY personal favorite, Lumpy Space Princess. These go for less than $10 each.

If your looking for a cool role-playing (or cosplaying for at least several of our readers!) prop, we also have Finn’s 24″ sword, which is a fairly solid replica on the cheap.  That sells for about $30. We also have a variety of Adventure Time magnet sets, keychains, and shirts. The bottom line is that FP NYC has a ton of great Adventure Time stuff in stock, so if you want it, come get it!

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Blood, Guts, and Glory!

In case some of the people who are reading this happen to be superhero fans of the DC/Marvel persuasion, there is a series you should consider as your stepping stone into the world of Japanese manga. It’s called Berserk, and its 35th volume hits our shelves this week. People who are already addicted to this epic, Heavy Metal-esque fantasy story are probably going to snatch this bad boy up as fast as possible, but there will hopefully be a few rogue volumes left in their wake for curious newbies to peck at.

Continue reading

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Hello, Good Buy!

Still out on my crazy adventure. A rather bold party mix of manga this week, FP faithful, and certainly something for everyone! There’s some shoujo, some shounen, and I decent peppering of yaoi on top! In partiuclar, there are two relatively known titles coming out this week that don’t seem to get the limelight they deserve, so here I am to shine it upon them!

First, there’s a new volume of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which is a rather clever black comedy that pokes fun at Japanese society, language, and everything in between! Meet Nozumu Itoshiki, who begins his first day as a new teacher underneath a sakura tree, attempting to hang himself. He’s stopped by a girl who turns out to be one of his future students, just one of many who seem to suffer from a myriad of specific and bizarre problems.

Perhaps the amusement in Zetsubou Sensei lies in one’s knowledge of Japanese culture, thus alienating people who aren’t… well… Japanese. It’s not enough to just be up on your anime to get the full scope of what this particular series encompasses, since a lot of the humour is really based on understanding the structure of Japanese language, with things that don’t always carry over into a perfect English translation. Still, there’s merit in being forced to learn more about real Japanese culture through such satire, and if anything, the art is really fun to look at. There is a great aesthetic of incredible pattern and restful, white space, yet another Japanese-ism we might not appreciate so much as Americans. (In Japan, many things are crafted to focus on the singular beauty of a thing, whereas the American aesthetic is that more is more.) Anyway, it’s a pretty fun romp if you want something a bit brainier to read.

The other title that comes out this week that is worth checking out is Eden: It’s An Endless World! If you like beautiful artwork and those after-the-apocalypse sort of stories, this is one you should definitely pick up. After a killer virus has wiped out a good portion of mankind, the world’s future is up in the air. There is political unrest everywhere, and young Elijah is caught up in the middle of it all. If you enjoyed the dystopian mess that occurs in the second half of the Akira manga, then you’ll find a lot of similarities. But definitely in a good way!! What’s also cool about Eden is that it has a kind of gnostic undertone to it, so people who love symbolism will have a lot to soak in.

Anyway, I hope these are fun new old titles for you to check out! It always makes me happy to hear that people are getting up on their anime roots. No sense in being into something if you’re only going to do it halfway, I say!

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Have You Considered Letting Justice League #1 Into Your Heart?

We’re just jumping in head first like a seal into a wood chipper!

Dark Horse has the Goon #35, Faith and Angel #1 and a brand new Star Wars original graphic novel called Chewbacca & the Slavers of the Shadowlands. Chewie hates slavers almost as much as Mr. T pities a fool, and I am drooling on my lobster bib thinking about a new Angels/Faith book!

DC has the REQUIRED TP of Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories, Flashpoint #5, and a young reader adventure story book of Streaky the Super Cat in Royal Rodent Rescue. YES, I am more excited about Streaky having her own adventure book than I am about Flashpoint.

Wait, you didn’t know Streaky was a girl? HA. You ain’t down with Streaky.

DC also has the Justice League reboot book, Justice League #1, which rumor has selling out as soon as it hits the stands. This makes sense.

People love #1 books, and people love the Justice League, a.k.a. the Super Friends. This is also the first of their new, renumbered titles, so there’s a huge speculation interest not just because of the title, but because it is the tip of a renumbering iceberg.

Long Story Short: BUY Justice League #1. I don’t care if you’ve never read a DC book…I don’t care if you only shop upstairs and your house is full of manga and Bishoujo statues! I don’t care if you’re illiterate and you only wandered in here to use the can, which is probably for employee’s only!

Best case scenario: it’s going to be amazing (Justice League #1, not the Forbidden Planet toilet) and you’ll want to start collecting the title. Worst case scenario: you can sell it, trade it or give it away to someone who cares. Either way: BUY Justice League #1!

Image has Savage Dragon #173 which looks INSANE, as well as Invincible #82 and a complete reprint of Rick Remender’s trippy mature reader God/road trip mash-up Strange Girl. Oh, and did I mention you should BUY Justice League #1?!


Meanwhile, Spider Island is in full effect over in Amazing Spider-Man #668 featuring the incomparable Humberto Ramos on pencils!

Ramos is only one good reason to pick up Spidey books right now: The other is the future movie reboot swinging down the web. Best fall in love with this version of Spider Man before Hollywood screws it up again, breaking your heart and forcing you to seek comfort in the arms of escapist fare…such as comic books!

I guess if I had to sum this column up in three words it would be “Streaky Rocks,” and then I’d save that last word for when I really needed it. That said, BUY Justice League #1.

Bye-Bye… Justice League #1.

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Hold On To That Dream!

By Shannon H

Death and pestilence kept me from the Weekly Planet last week, and it would figure that on such an occasion, the robot manga gods of Japan delivered a book I’ve been clawing after for no less than half a year. That book would be Dark Horse’s new printing of the first Magic Knight Rayearth story arc, another CLAMP title that had been abandoned by lame-o Tokyopop, forgotten and left to rot in the archives of our memories for almost eight years now. I had nearly lost my mind when I first found out that Dark Horse seemed to be on this CLAMP kick, but the Magic Knight book kept falling behind schedule, and it was making me a very sad panda. It’s definitely one of my favourite CLAMP titles, not only because it was the first one I ever read, or because it changed the way I looked at comics in general, but because it’s just so damn awesome as well! Continue reading

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Lalala Mango And Animu

Manga Explosion 2011 seems to have calmed down a little, at least for the time being. Still, there is a decent offering of things to choose from this week if you’re looking for something new to read, such as new Oh! My Goddess, Sergeant Frog, .hack/sign GU, or Negima Neo. Frankly, most of them seem to be the tail end of TokyoPop’s pre-slated releases, so be sure to whip out a hankie and shed a tear for horrible business models as that ship finally sets sail and heads out into the waning sunset. Done? Yeah, me too.

Continue reading

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Phantasmagorical Fantasy

June is really proving to be quite the month for manga collecting! Another really full week is ahead of us, fellow otaku, so loosen those purse strings and get ready for excitements such as new Soul Eater, Higurashi, 20th Century Boys, NGE: Campus Apocalypse, and of course, Full Metal Alchemist. There are even some great reprints in store, like the Phoenix Wright manga, or Tenjo Tenge, and the first omnibus version of Negima. Suffice to say that it seems like this week’s grand theme for manga is fantasy and the unreal. Well, more unreal than what’s standard for manga, anyway. Continue reading

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Supporting Local Artists: It’s Sacred

By Shannon H.

There is a small but strong wave of darkly satisfying manga this week. In particular, the long-awaited second volume of March Story, a lovely horror manhwa with the most elegant gothic drawings to be seen in a good while. Also worth noting is the newest Vampire Hunter D novel (Volume 16), which begins the first half of a tale in which D takes on a legion of vampiric alien creatures. Like the other D novels, this chilling addition to the saga has been translated with a care for good prose, and features spot illustrations by renowned Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano. If just the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Vampire Hunter D realm wasn’t enough of a draw, I can promise you that Amano’s distinctive blend of traditional and modern Japanese visual aesthetics is more than enough reason to check it out. Amano is, without a doubt, not just a significant contributor to manga and video games, but to the greater world of fine arts at large. Continue reading

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By Shannon H.

Despite all the great titles coming out this week, Black Butler Volume 5 and 20th Century Boys Volume 14 among them, there is only one thing to talk about at the moment, and that’s Katsuhiro Otomo’s infamous Akira. At long last, after almost ten years, all six volumes of the most epic manga ever have finally been reprinted by Kodansha, which is glorious mostly because it means I don’t have to lend out my Dark Horse copies from back in the day anymore.

I remember my first experience with Akira, back when you were lucky to find maybe one or two mangas at any given bookseller. (God, I feel so old.) I’d heard whispers of it on my obsessive, youthful quests to find out any and everything about this thing called ‘anime’, mostly because the movie is so iconic and hard to miss when looking into the history of Japanese animation. So when I stumbled upon the firstAkira graphic novel, I thought that I should look into it, even though I had yet to see the film and didn’t know much else about it than it was supposed to be super violent and awesome. I brought the book home and began to read: by the time the week was out, I had purchased all six books and was forcing myself to pace myself through the epicness so that it wouldn’t ever have to end. (Pro Tip: watch the film of Akira before you read the manga if at all possible; otherwise, the movie is just damn disappointing, and that is not something you should ever have to think about it, because it is a very important one to see.)

Then Akira vanished. Continue reading

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Light Fell on Black Days

Maybe it’s because the new movie just came out on DVD, but after three consecutive weeks of Evangelion manga, I’m starting to notice a trend. Not that anyone should really be complaining about a new volume of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse, because, unlike some of the OTHER spin-offs of the original series, Campus Apocalypse doesn’t suck. It’s way more AU than the other manga storylines, but that’s part of what makes it work better as an alternate story. Instead of belonging to a super secret government agency, the Eva kids attend a fancypants school called the NERV Foundation Academy, and in the place of giant robots, the weapons known as Evas are manifestations of willpower that take the shape of various items. There is still tons of convoluted, dark, sinister nonsense to be had within the plotline, but it’s nice to see a variation that really rehashes a lot of the familiar things in Eva into something fresh.

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New Manga Releases: Time To Pop Your Meds

By Mat K.

Any one who ever bought manga or anime knows that as far as your wallet is concerned, crack is cheaper. I’m sure you’ve heard the very phrase, it’s been on wallets and messenger bags since I was in high school. And to many of you who feel the addiction, you know that satisfied feeling of self-medicating when you pick up the next volume of your favorite series. The reason I bring that up is to bring this up: this week’s releases are downright schizophrenic. It’s not a large week, but by golly the few genres coming in are all across the board. Continue reading

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New Manga: TokyoPop Party, Farewell 2010!

By Mat K.

So, there’s not actually any kind of special TokyoPop event going on, so much as its just a major release week for them, and kudos to them for that. After last week’s minimal title list, we have at least 20 new books coming in this time, which is quite a nice little selection to choose from, and pretty average considering it’s the last week of the year. That’s right, the next time I write to you guys it will be 2011. I’m also not saying every book this week is TokyoPop, but I’m always so proud of them when they print more than 2 books. Okay, so Dark Horse is dropping the Oh My Goddess! Volume 16 reprint edition this week, and Udon is reprinting the Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2 Ultimate edition TPs, which are gorgeous, full-color, oversized, $60 collections of the comics, and totally worth it. Also, Street Fighter Gaiden Volume 2 shows up (which was amazingly quick after the first volume).

Now, on to the party. There are a couple series that Tokyopop is premiering this week, and first on the block is AiON (aka Hekikai No AiON) by Yuna Kagesaki who is notorious for Chibi Vampire (aka Karin). In Kagesaki’s new series Tatsuya Tsugawa loses his wealthy parents in the middle of high school. Trying to fulfill his father’s dying wish of his becoming an upstanding man, Tatsuya attempts to save a gril from obsessive bullies only to be consumed with intrigue and slight obsession himself. But eventually his good will and earnest efforts lead him into a twisted fantasy world infested with mermaids and mind-controlling parasites. And those channel 11 kids think they have it tough in high school. Continue reading

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