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Somewhere Around The Number Ten Best Comics That Nobody Told You About

Part 1:

I love Chris Ware. Bit redundant to say so this holiday season with everyone and their sister buying Building Stories, but with so much comic awesomeness that happened in 2012; between Charles Burn’s second installment to his X’ed Out trilogy, The Hive, and Brian K. Vaughn’s SagaSAGA… It’s too easy for amazing comics to get lost in the stacks, so I’m here to give my somewhere around the number 10 best comics of 2012 that nobody told you about…


Michael DeForge might be the most prolific cartoonist working right now. He pumps more work and at a higher quality that would make any other cartoonist want to quit, or work harder… quit thats the correct response. On top of Lose #4 this year you can also see his work in the pages of Adventure Time comics, where he does the backgrounds,variant covers, anthology stories in  Nobrow 7 (more on that in a bit) and the newest  KUS, not to mention his on going serial Ant Comics, oh and his porn comic that he designs that features work by Johnny Negron, Brandon Graham, and Jillian Tamaki….more on all of them latter too…Bottom line, DeForge has a hand in everything and you’re probably a fan of his already, so read Lose, or Ant comics, or KUS, or Nobrow, or one of the million other things he worked on this year. King of comics 2012 goes to DeForge, no contest.

The Underwater Welder

Did I mention that DeForge is Canadian? Canadians….must be a universal sigh when cartoonist’s who aren’t Canadian talk about them. Jeff Lemire is another cartoonist hailing from The Great White North. Lemire had a full year of releases with Sweet Tooth Volume 4 and 5, the reprinting of his Xeric grant book Lost Dogs and Underwater Welder. Underwater Welder is for lovers of well paced, clear story telling, and the Twilight Zone. Lemire has an economy to his comics, the art is quick yet purposeful in the same manner as the writing, which rewards the reader with a world that they can envelope themselves in. Lemire is an odd school of cartooning, he’s not so deep into independent styled comics as DeForge, but he isn’t mainstream either (though he does write the only two books at DC still worth reading Animal Man, & Frankenstein Agent of Shade ). He’s a cartoonist in love with genre but doesn’t mistake comics to be only that.

Nipper Volume 3

Nipper Volume 3 finally came out! WOOOOOOO! I might be the only American to love Nipper so go buy it and prove my gross presumption wrong. Keeping in theme with brilliant Canadian cartoonists, Nipper volume 3 is the Canadian version of Family Circus, if Family Circus was anything like a real family and not so adorable that even your grandmother finds it lame. Always silent, black and white line work with one beautiful saturation of red dropped into each panel, Doug Wright creates multi-layered story telling, in the most simple yet still incredible complicated drawing. Just go look already, and then come meet me for coffee to talk about it, I’ll be here till next year trying to describe why it’s so effffffing smart.

Diary Comics 4

Dustin Harbin is yet another broken hearted cartoonist, upset that his nationality isn’t Canadian. Diary Comics 4 starts with Dustin talking about how amazing it is to be in attendance at the Doug Wright rewards (the Canadian version of the Eisners), and how he wishes we as American could take comics as seriously as they do. Why can’t we folks? Dustin’s beautifully minimalist drawings deceive readers with their simplicity, when they are really just the right amount of information needed, each mark done with purpose in mind and simply decroative. Go read em’ they’re good. And if your not a fan of memoir, you just like the punching and kicking comics, he did letter Casanova sooo…..I don’t know Matt Fraction wrote Iron Man for like a century right? See the full picture of creators not just the characters you like….

Pope Hat #3

Pope Hat #3 by Ethan Rilly. Rilly is surprise surprise, another Canadian. Pope Hats is technically 3 issues deep but you really only need/want two and three. In Pope Hats Rilly tells the story of Franny, a young law clerk at a massive law firm, picture Wall Street with less Charlie Sheen….okay no Charlie Sheen, just that one part where he gets punched in the face by Michael Douglas… Rilly drawings show traces of his influences but they don’t unhinge the story. You can see traces of Doug Wright’s drapery in the clothing, and bits of Shultz popping up in the rendering of grass and clouds. It’s like a love letter to days past when cartooning was a profession and getting a weekly strip in a newspaper was the dream. Pope Hats narrative shares a similar tone of nostalgia with its drawing, that bitter sweet pain, from an old wound.

Thats the end of Part 1. Part 2 on Sunday 12/23/12.

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TONIGHT! TV Carnage and Found Footage Festival Party at Nitehawk Cinema

TV Carnage & Friends

Thursday Aug 4, 2011 – 9:30pm

Tonight at the Nitehawk Cinema there will be a live TV Carnage event featuring some dudes from the Found Footage Festival, a must for all you boob tubers.

Nitehawk Cinema

136 Metropolitan Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11211

If I wasn’t working tonight I would be at this…

The unquestioned master of the video mixtape, Derrick “Pinky” Beckles (Adult Swim, Street Carnage), hosts this night of TV Carnage that will “stab your tender brain-sac with deliciously infected shards of the worst, most cringe-inducing sights ever to come to life on the electronic devil we have come to know as video.” Nick will be there to present some FFF goodies and short films. It’s at the new and awesome Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn.

“There will be food, drink, merriment, smiles, more merriment, a heckler or two, a shouting match between Pinky and an audience member, and most likely a straw hat choc-full of aggravated assault charges. Come participate and/or bear witness to the mayhem ultimately to be labeled by local papers as a ‘tragedy.'”

If you go… don’t rub it in.

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Matt Jones Multiverse Opening Tonight!

You read the title… The opening reception for the Matt Jones exhibition Multiverse at Freight+Volume is today.  So get off your butt and go check out some art!

What: Matt Jones Multiverse Opening Reception

When: Today Thursday March 31 6PM

Where: Freight + Volume 530 W. 24th Street (btw 10th and 11th Ave) Manhattan NY (DUH!)

What you should be wearing: Matt Jones Bars shirt, Rollins approved?

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Jack Kirby’s Estate prepares to sue Disney/Marvel.


Comics Rumormonger-In-Chief, Rich Johnston reports that holders of Jack Kirby’s Estate are preparing to sue Disney in reaction to the Mouse House’s acquisition of Marvel.

The legal action Kirby’s Estate has taken is serving notice that the blockbuster deal terminates copyright of all of Kirby’s creations with Marvel. Those creations being pretty obvious: the Fantastic Four, Captain America, The X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and, well, you get the idea.

The Estate is using the same group of lawyers as the Siegels, Toberoff & Associates, who I would say has been fairly successful.  Though Johnston, theorizes that if the lawsuit goes the family’s way the effects of it won’t be felt until 2014, when the Kirby’s could enter in negotiations to discuss the further use of the characters Jack worked on. Including all movie properties involving them.  Which always struck me whenever Stan Lee would get an executive producer credit for his movies and Kirby did not.

Kirby has fought for years over the rights for his original creations, which he signed away when he was younger. One of those battles, was co-creating a series with Steve Gerber called Destroyer Duck to benefit Gerber’s legal fight with Marvel with regards to Howard the Duck.

Currently, Dynamite is preparing to publish a series of “Kirbyverse” books that the Estate has okay’d, featuring characters that Mr. Kirby worked on independently from Marvel and DC.

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