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Have a ball with the Misfits and Osaka Popstar

Less than one week til The Misfits and Osaka Popstar invade Forbidden Planet!



Everyone who attends our Misfits Records event on October 27th will be entered in a raffle to win free tickets to see The Misfits live at Irving Plaza on Tuesday October 28th! And just to let you know… we got mad tickets so there will be a bunch of WINNERS!

Don’t forget! If you can’t make it to the event you can still pre-order a bunch of SIGNED Misfits and Osaka Popstar goodies by following the link right HERE!


One of the coolest things you can pre-order from us is the Osaka Popstar Glass Xmas ornament with free download card for their new 2014 Xmas single! Now this item is not available anywhere else at the moment, and will only be available autographed through our website, or by coming to the Misfits Records event, so be ahead of the curve and grab your balls now!

See you at Forbidden Planet NYC next Monday!

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October 27th Return of The Misfits and Osaka Popstar to Forbidden Planet!

Whoaaaa doggy! You read that right!

Forbidden Planet will be enjoying the haunting season the fright way… with a maniacal Misfits Records in-store event!


Meet Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Eric “Chupacabra” Arce of the The Misfits and John Cafiero of Osaka Popstar on Monday October 27th from 7 to 9 PM.


What makes October 27th so special? Well it’s the release date for the Expanded Edition of Project 1950 which the fiends will have on hand for you to get signed! But that’s not all… we’re gonna have more Misfits and Osaka Popstar related CDs, vinyl, toys, and merch than you can shake a devilock at and yes the guys will sign it all for you!

Can’t make it to the signing but still wanna snag some sweet signed Misfits Records swag? Forbidden Planet has always got your back! Here is a list a stuff you can pre-order from our site that we will make sure to have the guys autograph for you on October 27th before we ship it out to you.

Misfits Project 1950 Expanded Edition CD
Misfits Horror Xmas CD
Osaka Popstar Glass Xmas Ornament w/ Digital Single

So if you can make it, let’s party!  If you can’t? Party with us from home!

Also make sure to keep your eyes peeled to our various social media outlets for more Misfits Records event info !



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Somewhere Around The Number Ten Best Comics That Nobody Told You About

Part 1:

I love Chris Ware. Bit redundant to say so this holiday season with everyone and their sister buying Building Stories, but with so much comic awesomeness that happened in 2012; between Charles Burn’s second installment to his X’ed Out trilogy, The Hive, and Brian K. Vaughn’s SagaSAGA… It’s too easy for amazing comics to get lost in the stacks, so I’m here to give my somewhere around the number 10 best comics of 2012 that nobody told you about…


Michael DeForge might be the most prolific cartoonist working right now. He pumps more work and at a higher quality that would make any other cartoonist want to quit, or work harder… quit thats the correct response. On top of Lose #4 this year you can also see his work in the pages of Adventure Time comics, where he does the backgrounds,variant covers, anthology stories in  Nobrow 7 (more on that in a bit) and the newest  KUS, not to mention his on going serial Ant Comics, oh and his porn comic that he designs that features work by Johnny Negron, Brandon Graham, and Jillian Tamaki….more on all of them latter too…Bottom line, DeForge has a hand in everything and you’re probably a fan of his already, so read Lose, or Ant comics, or KUS, or Nobrow, or one of the million other things he worked on this year. King of comics 2012 goes to DeForge, no contest.

The Underwater Welder

Did I mention that DeForge is Canadian? Canadians….must be a universal sigh when cartoonist’s who aren’t Canadian talk about them. Jeff Lemire is another cartoonist hailing from The Great White North. Lemire had a full year of releases with Sweet Tooth Volume 4 and 5, the reprinting of his Xeric grant book Lost Dogs and Underwater Welder. Underwater Welder is for lovers of well paced, clear story telling, and the Twilight Zone. Lemire has an economy to his comics, the art is quick yet purposeful in the same manner as the writing, which rewards the reader with a world that they can envelope themselves in. Lemire is an odd school of cartooning, he’s not so deep into independent styled comics as DeForge, but he isn’t mainstream either (though he does write the only two books at DC still worth reading Animal Man, & Frankenstein Agent of Shade ). He’s a cartoonist in love with genre but doesn’t mistake comics to be only that.

Nipper Volume 3

Nipper Volume 3 finally came out! WOOOOOOO! I might be the only American to love Nipper so go buy it and prove my gross presumption wrong. Keeping in theme with brilliant Canadian cartoonists, Nipper volume 3 is the Canadian version of Family Circus, if Family Circus was anything like a real family and not so adorable that even your grandmother finds it lame. Always silent, black and white line work with one beautiful saturation of red dropped into each panel, Doug Wright creates multi-layered story telling, in the most simple yet still incredible complicated drawing. Just go look already, and then come meet me for coffee to talk about it, I’ll be here till next year trying to describe why it’s so effffffing smart.

Diary Comics 4

Dustin Harbin is yet another broken hearted cartoonist, upset that his nationality isn’t Canadian. Diary Comics 4 starts with Dustin talking about how amazing it is to be in attendance at the Doug Wright rewards (the Canadian version of the Eisners), and how he wishes we as American could take comics as seriously as they do. Why can’t we folks? Dustin’s beautifully minimalist drawings deceive readers with their simplicity, when they are really just the right amount of information needed, each mark done with purpose in mind and simply decroative. Go read em’ they’re good. And if your not a fan of memoir, you just like the punching and kicking comics, he did letter Casanova sooo…..I don’t know Matt Fraction wrote Iron Man for like a century right? See the full picture of creators not just the characters you like….

Pope Hat #3

Pope Hat #3 by Ethan Rilly. Rilly is surprise surprise, another Canadian. Pope Hats is technically 3 issues deep but you really only need/want two and three. In Pope Hats Rilly tells the story of Franny, a young law clerk at a massive law firm, picture Wall Street with less Charlie Sheen….okay no Charlie Sheen, just that one part where he gets punched in the face by Michael Douglas… Rilly drawings show traces of his influences but they don’t unhinge the story. You can see traces of Doug Wright’s drapery in the clothing, and bits of Shultz popping up in the rendering of grass and clouds. It’s like a love letter to days past when cartooning was a profession and getting a weekly strip in a newspaper was the dream. Pope Hats narrative shares a similar tone of nostalgia with its drawing, that bitter sweet pain, from an old wound.

Thats the end of Part 1. Part 2 on Sunday 12/23/12.

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TRY SOMETHING NEW Chapter 2: A Long Time Ago

So here we are at my second column of TRY SOMETHING NEW! already. Wasn’t too pleased with how the the first one came out, 20/20 hindsight and all, but we press on. New comics wait for no man or woman and so this column where I berate you for not buying enough new comics waits for no man or woman. Let’s get right into the berating, shall we?

Geoff Darrow

DARK HORSE PRESENTS #19 comes out this week. Is it stupid to call a series that is on issue #19 “something new?” Sort of. But I did it anyway. DARK HORSE PRESENTS is a monthly anthology of short comics, sometimes stand alones and sometimes serialized stories, from a mix of the best creators in comics and the most exciting newcomers. Each month Dark Horse Presents offers you something new, hence it’s inclusion in this column. Ranging from one page absurdity pieces to stunning series beginnings, DHP has something for literally every type of comic fan. Lately anthology books have had trouble finding an audience which is a shame unto itself, but the level of talent and great comics in DHP turns that shame into a tragedy. This month alone features a new story from Matt Kindt’s excellent MIND MGMT, Duane Swierczynski and Eric Nguyen bring back X, and Gabriel Hardman and Corrina Bechko start a giant monster story called STATION TO STATION.

A bunch of issues back DARK HORSE PRESENTS premiered a new series by writer Frank Barbiere called THE WHITE SUITS. I thought it was one of the best introductions to a series I had read in years. Equal parts SIN CITY, 100 BULLETS, & WINTER MEN, that first chapter filled a void in comics that badly needed filling- smart and stylish crime books with a healthy amount of conspiracy. Now THE WHITE SUITS is returning and I couldn’t be more excited. Even if the other stuff in DHP doesn’t interest you, I promise this story is worth the price of admission alone. RIYL: Short stories, great things in small doses, being into cool stuff before everyone else.

Nowhere Men #2

NOWHERE MEN #2 Eric Stephenson, Nate Bellegarde, & Jordie Bellaire have crafted a really interesting book in NOWHERE MEN. The simple tagline/premise of “What if scientists were our rockstars?” opens the door just enough to make one curious without revealing anything at all. The first issue firmly established Stephenson’s remarkable ability to build interesting worlds and characters all while using some clever narrative tricks. Bellegarde turns in the work of his career so far making pages that are both very effective and visually unique without being hindered by being too “sylized.” And Bellaire is simply one of the best colorists in comics. The book has all the “sciencey” feel of a Jonathan Hickman book, without all of the actual “science.” Other than that is was hard for me to say what the book was about… which I loved.

Since it is a medium that relies on people coming back and paying every month, comics tends to rely on playing it’s cards early and then twisting and turning every month after to keep you interested. It’s feeding the reader just enough so they feel like they paid for a meal, but not enough to that they won’t need to eat again very soon. This works (moderately) well for the industry, but is a terrible hindrance to storytelling as a whole. The NOWHERE MEN team seems to have decided to not care if you “get it” in favor of building a smarter story that unfolds at the pace they want it to. I tend to love comics that are willing to take chances to do better work and that is why I bothered to write this recommendation. If you are a reader who prefers the safe and predictable there are plenty of other books you might want to grab instead. Don’t mind us. We’ll be over in the corner eating weird food, playing with switchblades, getting bad tattoos from sketchy dudes, and reading unpredictable comics. And laughing at you. RIYL: MANHATTAN PROJECTS or TRANSHUMAN, mid-70’s KRAFTWERK, or a weird movie that I am imagining that is a cross between 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE and DR. STRANGELOVE.

Iron or the Waar After

IRON OR THE WAR AFTER Archaia does a great job of finding comics that are truly breathtaking and original and wouldn’t fit in at any other publisher. IRON OR THE WAR AFTER is the newest example of this. Shane-Michael Vidaurri writes and illustrates this surreal tale about anthropomorphized animals engaging in espionage during a literal Cold War. The subtle, slow pacing and beautiful and delicate watercolors almost guarantee that this book will fly under a lot of people’s radars this year. They also guarantee that those who pick it up will have a new favorite book. RIYL: Watership Down, Beasts Of Burden, or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Comeback #2

COMEBACK #2 I’ll say it right now. Note the time. Ed Brisson is the next superstar writer in comics. If the Big 2 publishers are not already scouting him then their editors are sleeping on the job. His self published series MURDER BOOK is on par with the best comics published in the last 10 years.

COMEBACK is his new book at Image/Shadowline and the first issue made quite an impression on everyone who was lucky enough to find a copy. Gritty crime noir meets slick sci-fi in a “time travel gone wrong” story. Michael Walsh does stunning work in the wheelhouse of folks like Sean Philips or Alex Maleev. That should be all you need to know.

LOOPER, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, MINORITY REPORT, INCEPTION, I am sure that Mr. Brisson is already tiring of the comparisons, but there is something inherently cinematic in the way he tells a story. It’s crime for people who are bored with crime, sci-fi for people who are sick of sci-fi. COMEBACK would easily make my Top 10 comics of the year list if I didn’t think Top 10 lists were demeaning and obnoxious. You should go ahead and buy this book now so that when it inevitably becomes a hit movie you can say “the book was way better” and other annoying but true things. RIYL: CRIMINAL, INCOGNITO, or other stuff by Ed Brubaker, Movies by Christopher Nolan that don’t involve a growling dude dressed like a huge flying rodent, Philip K. Dick.

That’s all the room I have. Thanks for taking the time to read this stuff. Please don’t hold it against these great books that I am sort of obnoxious and don’t take this very seriously. Even if none of this stuff grabbed you, remember to try something new. It’s good for you. Stay tuned for my “Top 10 Best Comics of ’12” next week.

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New Comics Shipping Delay 11/28/12

Rrrrrrgh.  It looks like once again UPS delays will be mucking up our comics release schedule, folks.  Barring a miracle tomorrow’s (11/28/12) new comics, graphic novels and toys will not be on our shelves until 2pmISH, whereas normally we would open on Wednesday with the material processed, racked, and good to go.

The rage starts boiling when tracking our boxes one discovers they were picked up from Diamond and delivered to NYC even earlier than normal weeks.  OY!  I think now might be a good time to note that FedEx has been a far more reliable courier in recent years, and they’ve upped their game for the holiday season with added staff and a 6-day delivery schedule.  I also endorse USPS… FYI.

My apologies to any customers affected by this.  We’ll be busting our butts to speedily get everything situated when we receive our product.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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Labor Day Will Delay Our Comics Shipment

WE’RE working on Monday the 3rd (9am to 10pm) but UPS ain’t. That means our regular new comics shipment will be slightly delayed.

Forbidden Planet will receive its shipment on the day of release, Wednesday the 5th. If you’ve ever had to bear with us on such a frenetic day you’ll know we, upon receiving our wares, bust our humps to count and process everything as quickly as possible for our customers, usually racking the shelves around 2pm. It’s quite the undertaking.

The skinny:  FPNYC should have all of this week’s new books out by 3pm this Wednesday.  Thanks for understanding.

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New Location No Phones Yet

Verizon has failed to install our communications when they said they would and subsequently we have no phones or data lines at present time.  We apologize to all our customers for the inconvenience.  Any inquiries should be sent to our sales department or to Manager Jeff Ayers until they get of their collective butts.

And DEFINITELY come by and check out our new home!

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Comic Book Guy

“This will not do!”

Hank Azaria Comic book guy Simpsons jeff

It always amazes me peoples’ varied perceptions of our cumulative geekiness as comic and SF fans.  And were you in my position you, too, would struggle with the connotations people in “the real world” associate with my work in a store that sells comics.

I was at my friend’s birthday party this past weekend when it was remarked to me, “Oh, you’re comic book Jeff.”  While I was fully aware that this was an allusion to the birthday girl having at least two friends with the name “Jeff,” and that I’d been designated by my occupation and not my general demeanor, the horrible- yet funny and occasionally true- stigma that Matt Groening, Hank Azaria, the Simpsons’ writers, and dozens of dweeby comic store employees have attributed to people such as myself  crept in my mind faster than the indigenous brain slugs of Seti-Alpha 5, and I found myself, once again, become much too defensive.

Like now.

For those of not in the know: the Simpson’s character Comic Book Guy is also named Jeff.  It was revealed in Season 16, episode 8, and has been a source of consternation for me since.  Kinda hard to shake off those associations when you share a name with them.  Y’know, that image of a lazy, obsessive dweeb whose adolescent fantasies and inability to deal with the real world plant him firmly on a stool behind the counter of The Android’s Dungeon spewing sarcasm, insults, the kind of platitudes that come with an overly-compensatory  superiority complex?

Well that just ain’t me.  And to many a stranger I meet, I find myself having to demonstrate that all too often.

We should embrace that which we are, though. Gnothi Seauton. Know thyself.  I supposed I am “comic book Jeff,” however much I wish certain associated pre-conceived notions didn’t come with the moniker.  And I realize that’s a bit of  a flip-flop of I am Not Spock/I am Spock proportions, but so be it. I am large, contain multitudes, and am versed in Klingon to boot.

6/25 Releases on Comic Book Guy’s shopping list:

Get Lost– by Ross Andru & Mike Esposito.  The publisher (Hermes) solicitation for this book is spot on, so it shall be reprinted here: “Love Harvey Kurtzman’s original MAD? [I do! -j] Then you will have to have Andru and Esposito’s historic satire and parody magazine, Get Lost. Originally released in 1953, Get Lost delivered three groundbreaking, laugh-filled issues before Bill Gaines sued the magazine’s distributor, shutting down production of the magazine. Even though Gaines lost the lawsuit, Andru and Esposito never produced more Get Lost. Hermes Press’ historic reprint collects all three issues of the magazine on heavy coated matte paper together with an introductory essay by noted pop-culture historian Ron Goulart, an interview with Mike Esposito, and tons of documentary material in one volume. For this archival edition Hermes Press has painstakingly reconstructed Get Lost’s artwork using the original black-and-white line art and recoloring it from scratch. Mike Esposito says it ‘looks better than the original.’ MAD’s most noteworthy competitor is a treasure to behold for fans of Alfred E. Newman as well as comic book collectors, fans, and anyone looking for a good laugh.”

Final Crisis #2 by Grant Morrison and JG Jones.  So much to say so little room.  Not overly feeling this new mega-seriesso far, but hope you are.

Science Fiction Stuph

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this to you cats before, but I’m a big, big fan of the SF and essays of writer Cory Doctorow.  While perusing the phenomenally interesting blog/webzine he contributes to ( the other day I learned he’d just won a Locus Award (his fourth in four years) for his novella “After the Siege,” which was collected in his short story collection Overclocked (available now at FP) and graphically adapted in comic format in Cory Doctorow’s Future Tales (also available).  Congrats to Cory, and all the winners of this years Locus Magazine Awards, reprinted here:

SF NOVEL The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, Michael Chabon
FANTASY NOVEL Making Money, Terry Pratchett
YA BOOK Un Lun Dun, China Miéville
FIRST NOVEL Heart-Shaped Box, Joe Hill
NOVELETTE “The Witch’s Headstone”, Neil Gaiman
SHORT STORY “A Small Room in Koboldtown”, Michael Swanwick
COLLECTION The Winds of Marble Arch and Other Stories, Connie Willis
ANTHOLOGY The New Space Opera, Gardner Dozois ed.
NON-FICTION Breakfast in the Ruins, Barry N. Malzberg
ART BOOK The Arrival, Shaun Tan
EDITOR Ellen Datlow
MAGAZINE Fantasy&ScienceFiction
ARTIST Charles Vess

Finally, I highly suggest you seek out, procure, watch, and enjoy a little documentary film titled Tilt, The Battle to Save Pinball” from producer/director  Greg Maletic. Every bit as good as last year’s “King of Kong” this film “tells an account that any follower of technology, design, or business will find fascinating.” A pinball fan myself (my trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas is in a scant 3 weeks) I found it doubly so!


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