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THIS SATURDAY: Pete’s Mini Zine Fest 2012!

Saturday, July 21st at 2pm

at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn

It’s time for the fourth Pete’s Mini Zine Fest, the fest-in-a-bar.

Our celebration of the duplicated arts promises a good time and a relaxing atmosphere, and is a great opportunity to really get to know our wonderful, talented tablers. Nurse a beer; read some zines.

Marguerite will be hosting a FREE comics workshop. If you’re interested in creating your own comics and don’t know where to start, this is the workshop for you.

I’ll be going over how to create comics–from the initial idea to finally getting it down on paper–and how to make your DIY books ultra faboo.

I’ll also talk about how basically any subject you choose can be made into a comic and do a little art demo.

At 5pm, meet at the stage area–once you enter Pete’s, just keep walking straight and bam, you’re on a stage.

FREE! Just show up!

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Morgan Pielli’s Pile of Minis: I’ll Take You to the Moon & Araby

After a long hiatus, Morgan Pielli’s Pile of Mini’s returns. And just in time to have my heart broken by this weeks batch of comics! Yes, the theme for the week is love lost, and so let’s pull up a pint of Neapolitan and dig right in.

I’ll Take You to the Moon & Leave You There vol. 1 by Skuds McKinley

McKinley’s I’ll Take You… is a personal anthology of oft-surreal vignettes, some of which seem quietly autobiographical while others are more fanciful and fantastic. The drawing styles vary from piece to piece, and while the McKinley struggles with some draftsmanship challenges here and there (such as drawing the back of peoples’ heads distractingly flat), his art is filled with energy and vitality. He has a clear love for obsessive detail, as evidenced by his joyful depictions of technological greeble and fleshy alien surfaces. While this creates a lively environment for his stories, it sometimes results in muddled framing.

One unifying theme throughout this book is an unusual stylistic choice: most of McKinley’s human characters wear some sort of animal mask, generally in the form of a small rubber animal nose worn over their own. I’m not certain what this is intended to convey. The characters that wear these don’t always seem particularly guarded or hidden. I suspect there is a deeper meaning, but it is one that went over my head.

Of the stories in this collection, two of my favorites were “No Pill Today” and “This Is How We Destroyed Each Other.”

“No Pill Today” is a frank depiction of depression and anxiety. It does a great job conveying the dread that, though we can banish these negative feelings with medication, we are perhaps banishing a piece of ourselves as well. This story feels the most realistic and emotionally raw, and will likely resonate with those who suffer similarly.

“This is How We Destroyed Each Other” by Skuds and Dan is the best story in the collection. It is drawn with a clean, clear line that is not competing with unnecessary stylistic flourishes. The story builds up its lovers’ shared ecstasy to a level that forebodes a devastating plummet. It serves as a perfect deconstruction of love’s blossom and whithering, and is both painful and elegantly told.

Ed Choy Draws James Joyce: “Araby” from Dubliners by Eel Choy (FKA Ed Choy)

Confession: I haven’t read anything by James Joyce. Not because I haven’t the interest; more that I haven’t had the time. And for this, I hang my head in shame.

However, this DID allow me (for better or for worse) to go into Ed Choy’s Araby without any preconceived notions or residual images of Dubliners’ characters in my head. What I found was a charming vignette about the unrequited puppy love that many of us experience as children. Joyce does a fantastic job of depicting that sense of deep obsession that comes at a time when we are too young to understand it properly. Choy’s loose, animated drawing style lends an added emotional depth to the story. He is also adept at breaking down Joyce’s sometimes-dense prose into more easily-digested moments. Continue reading

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The Weekly Pulse – Boxing Day

It’s true! It’s happening! The great movin’-ing is upon us!

In just under 2 weeks, we will be officially in our sweet new digs: 832 Broadway (between 13th and 12th streets) in Manhattan’s Union Squ-area.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; here’s video proof. Boxes! Empty shelves! Broad expanses of wall-space with neither boxes nor shelves!

And finally, a very quick sneak-peak into the new store!!

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The Weekly Pulse – Fantastic Fourth

Happy Americaday everybody! And what better way to celebrate the day that The United States became a thing that everybody was saying, than with a gigantic sale! And what better way to kick off a gigantic sale! than with a gigantic pile of comics! And as luck would have it, that’s precisely what Dan and I, your humble director Morgan, have in store for you today. What comics, you ask? SO MANY COMICS I blurt back while flinging Cape 1969 #1, I Told You So, God and Science, and Avengers Vs X-Men #7 in your general direction.

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The Weekly Pulse – Danosaurs vs. Raviens

NEW camera! NEW format! NEW co-host! Everything’s new- and also late. Sorry. All this NEW took some time to figure out. Plus, this is one honking slab of episode: clocking in at a beefy 20 minutes! Our intrepid dou wade into the merky waters of Barry Sonnenfeld’s Dinosaurs Vs Aliens, take a hit off of Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen III: Century #3 2009, and get all wibbly-wobbly over Star Trek TNG / Doctor Who Assimilation #2! All that, and a ton more!

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The Weekly Pulse – Mars Attracts!






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Footage from the Toxic Avenger VHS Release Party!

On May 24th, Forbidden Planet NYC played host to the crazy crew from Troma to celebrate the limited Big Box VHS release of the original Toxic Avenger! Llyod Kaufman, Troma founder and the man behind such classics as Nuke ‘Em High and Tromeo and Juliet, was on hand to sign posters, chat with fans, and pass out yummy cupcakes!

Check out what you missed if you couldn’t make it, and long live VHS!

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The Weekly Pulse – Topsy-Curvy!

Another week, another controversy. Once again our intrepid reviewer Dan, along with his faithful sidekick A T-Shirt Dummy, jumps into the deep end of a new DC kerfuffle. But elsewhere, in the world of things that are NOT a PR nightmare: The Massive #1, Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1, and Josh Cochran’s This Is Me, Everyday!

This plus a new issue of A v X Vs and Spider-Men #1 round out a solid week of comics!

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New York Asian Film Festival 2012 Ticket Giveaway!

New York Asian Film Festival, Japan Society, Subway Cinema News, and Forbidden Planet NYC want to give YOU a chance to see one of three awesome films!

Send an email (with the name of the movie you would like to see in the subject line!!) to

by June 24th!

Ace Attorney (Japan, 2012) – Takashi Miike brings one of the world’s most popular Gameboy and Nintendo DS games to the big screen and it’s all about…lawyers? Prepare to have your mind blown by this mashup of The Practice and The Avengers!

Love Strikes (Japan, 2012) – based on a wildly successful manga and anime series, it’s all about an unassuming young man who suddenly hits one of those strange streaks when girls find him wildly appealing. Star Masami Nagasawa will attend the screenings.

GYO (Japan 2012) – Who would have thought the apocalypse would come in the form of bio-mechanical fart-propelled mutant zombie fish that spontaneously sprout spindly mechanical legs? Who else but the famed horror manga artist Junji Ito, the psycho genius behind such impossibly off-kilter creations as Tomie and Uzumaki? GYO is the first animated feature adapted from one of the creep master’s twisted tales.

Click here for more information about these great films, and all of the films that are part of the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival.

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The Weekly Pulse – “Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends.”

“Watchmen is over!” wasn’t just a line of terrible dialogue added to Zack Snyder’s 2009 film adaptation of Watchmen, it was also the thunderous roar of author Alan Moore’s opinion on the matter. But Jim Lee and DC Comics didn’t heed this declaration, or perhaps misinterpreted it as lamentation instead. So here we are, 26 years later, being treated to a prequel to landmark comic series; written by none other than people who aren’t Alan Moore. Wonder how the first issue holds up? Watch the video and find out!

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The Weekly Pulse – Picard Man-Who-ver

Oh sure, we’ve got a bunch of hot new trades in this week; Batman Annual #1: Night of the Owls, Batman: Death by Design, Animal Man Annual #1. But the big news this week is: Star Trek the Next Generation Doctor Who  Assimilation #1. Not just the comic, which we have; but the in-store signing with the book’s artist: J.K. Woodward! Mr. Woodward was nice enough not only to drop by, but to do head sketches for everyone who came by! And that’s not all: he also whipped up an amazing Assimilated Dalek drawing that was raffled off to one lucky attendee! Stay to the end of this week’s “Weekly Pulse” for footage from the event!

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The Weekly Pulse – Breaking the Mold

Mold! Mooooold! We have so much Mold! On VHS and DVD. The VHS version comes with a copy of the soundtrack on vinyl! The only way this set could be MORE retro would be if Thomas Edison himself showed up at your house upon purchase, to shake your hand and badmouth Nikola Tesla. Or if it came with a genuine mold-protective mask- wait…it DOES!?

But that’s not all that’s happening at the most happening store that happens to sell comics: No, we have a whole slew of new comics, as well as some speculation about DC’s big upcoming announcement. So pull up a chair, a t-shirt dummy, and a musty basement, and join us for today’s edition of The Weekly Pulse!

Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever

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The Weekly Pulse – Apparellax View

Comics and t-shirts! T-shirts and comics! DC has a new Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Batman, and Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., plus the collected Batman Volume 1: The Court of Owls.

Also, a slew of new #1s, including Dark Horse’s Alabastar Wolves, Boom’s Higher Earth, Image’s Mind the Gap, and DC Vertiogo’s Mystery in Space!

All that, and a visit from a special guest! Check it out, Forbiddenites!

Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever

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Saturday May 5th is Free Comic Book Day for 2012!

Forbidden Planet NYC will be giving away bags containing one of each Free Comic Book Day comic that we receive, as well as a coupon for purchases both in-store and online! These are on a first come, first served basis, so ARRIVE EARLY! All-Ages bags will also be provided so that comics fans young and old can enjoy Free Comic Book Day. Once we give out all complete bags we will then distribute any remaining FCBD comics at our discretion. PLUS, we may also have some unannounced stuffs to give away as well.

These goodie bags go fast, so once again: ARRIVE EARLY!

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