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The Jeff Ayers Super Awesome Fun Day Mask in action!

If you stopped by the store yesterday, which you probably did. Either because of new comics or our mega signing. You probably noticed something a little special in the newest issue of The Weekly Planet. If for some crazy reason you have yet to stop by FP this week, watch and learn!


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Matt and Alec’s Bogus Video from September 18th and Me from my Desk Last Friday

Forgot to post these new Google+ Hangout videos from last week.

Here’s Matt and Alec talking Sons of Anarchy, WWE, NYCC, re-creating telephone calls Alec receives from customers, Just Us League MAD toys and a whole lot more…

And here’s me from my desk… “Haven’t even had time since the move to put pictures of my kids here. I don’t have kids, but if I did that’s where they’d go.” I’m paraphrasing of course. The gyst is I really want you to check out and enjoy the works of Julia Wertz and Theo Ellsworth.

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Hold it, son. Wouldn’t you rather have an exciting action figure?

KidRobot Simpsons Blind Boxes Series 2

by Alec Lewellyn

Simpsons Blind Boxes Series 2
HOLY MACARONI!   That’s what you’ll bee yelling when you feast your eyes on these HAWT Simpsons blind boxes.  This series brings it HARDCORE and OLD SKOOL with figures like Milhouse, Moe, Lenny, Carl, Herman, Patty, Selma, Otto, Doctor Nick, Hans Moleman, Groundskeeper Willie AND MORE!!!!!!!   Available in-store 10/28/2010 and shipping from right now!!!

Don’t have a cow, man?  Yes have a cow, man!!!!!!!

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Playing With Toys: Huckleberry Hound Meets the Creature from the Black Lagoon, War Machine Meets the Wolfman, Wally Gator Meets Frankenstein and Dracula, But Nobody Meets Abbott or Costello

Despite what you may glean from the following video, Forbidden Planet is the pinnacle of professional geek retail that other purveyors of such items can only aspire to.  And no one gets kicked in the nards around here… more than once a week.

YouTube Preview Image

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Playing With Toys 1/29/10

fptransmissions presents the first in a series of videos in which we demonstrate various toys we sell.  A wage slave from the FP toy department, the incomparable Mr. Alec Lewellyn, kicks things off.

WARNING! This episode is not for people who might be offended by Uglydolls faking orgasms.

YouTube Preview Image

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