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Jeff Ayers is a Bronx, NY native and the Store Manager and Buyer for Forbidden Planet NYC/USA, where he has worked since 1995.  A lifelong comic book and Science Fiction fan, Jeff’s passion for geeky stuff remains unfettered.  He has other interests, too (mostly baseball), and resides in Astoria (Queens).

Email links, stories, news, tips, gossip, secrets of the universe to: jeff at

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Matt Desiderio, or Matt D as he is lovingly referred to by Forbidden Planet’s friends and family, has been managing to keep the store from being set on fire by Forbidden Planet’s friends and family for close to five years now.  A true New Yorker from Queens like The Ramones or Kiss, raised on Sunday Funnies, Monster Movies and Rock N’ Roll, working in this field was an obvious life style choice.  “It’s more of a calling than a job, you see.”  Spoken like a true pop culture prophet.

E-mail him at or follow him around the store, for his lack of computer keeps him off various social media outlets.

Anna Pederson

Anna Pederson A Seattle resident, and native to nowhere. Involved with several comic outfits throughout the years, Anna now works at Fantagraphics Books, Inc. and has estimated that she spends roughly 14 hours a day reading, thinking and writing about comic books. The remaining hours are spent watching “Say Yes to the Dress”, “ST:TNG”, and singing Beyoncé songs.

You can’t find her at Forbidden Planet anymore, so you can try harassing her here:

Twitter: @ApAnnagator

FP Email:

Tyler Boss is from Buffalo, NY and now lives in Brooklyn. Between doing graphic design for Forbidden Planet, attending the School of Visual Arts for comics,  drawing comics, writing about comics, talking about comics, and reading comics, you will sometimes find him practicing to be an Oceanographer.

He can be reached by carrier pigeon, smoke signal or at

Matthew Rosenberg. I’m a comic book writer. I was born and raised in New York City. The only thing I’ve ever stolen was a box of jelly beans. I’m straight edge. I believe I could drink a gallon of chocolate milk in an hour. I’ve been knocked unconscious 3 times. I’ve been to 48 of the 50 United States. I got my first tattoo in a squat when I was 15 and it’s bad. My favorite member of the X-Men is Havok. I was partially the inspiration for a slasher film my mom wrote. I’ve been in handcuffs twice but never arrested. I’ve been in Mayor Bloomberg’s house more than 5 times. I race as Wario. I eat meat but feel really bad about it. I hate bars. I own 2 life-size yodas. I always root for the ’86 Mets. I have severe stage fright. I once wore shorts for 365 days straight. I’m scared of cats. I shattered my wrist when I was 16 and didn’t tell anyone for more than a day and now it makes a weird popping noise. I always cry when I watch Wong Kar-Wai films, even the not sad ones. I prefer music in basements. I have had guns pulled on me twice. I once made a list of my 25 favorite comic book stores in the world, Forbidden Planet ranked very high. I am very funny and fiercely loyal but a mediocre friend. I have put out more than 25 records. I hope to one day own everything Alan Moore ever published. I don’t have a driver’s license. I played Joe the policeman on the “What’s Going Down” episode of That’s My Momma.

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