Graphic Spotlight – Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur: The Smartest There Is

Moon Girl is the smartest person in the entire Marvel Universe. If you didn’t know then you will after reading this graphic novel. Lunella Lafayette is getting a trade paperback collection of her third adventure. Her stories explored her experience of the world. Finally, this 4th grader is going on tour. She’s about to rub shoulders with heroes from all across the Marvel Universe. Be it the X-Men, Victor von Doom, or The Thing, everyone’s about to learn that she deserves a lot of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. And if they don’t give it to her, well, her best pal, Devil Dinosaur, might just beat it out of them. Together, they’re the perfect combination of brains and brawn!

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur has been a gem of a series from the House of Ideas. There’re no doors this new dynamic duo cannot bust open. We live in a day and age where the grim and grittier comics are trying to play on an epic scale. Turns out one of the biggest journeys to take is through the eyes of a ten year-old Inhuman. Since the first issue from Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder, this book has been bursting with heart. Not to mention, it’s been delivering heartwarming moments. For those of you who’ve been waiting for the next chapters of Lunella and Devil Dinosaurs story, the anticipation is over.

Moon Girl declared as the smartest person in the entire MU was a welcome shocker. It’s not one they made lightly. It risked of alienating old school readers who love them some Tony Stark and Reed Richards due to controversy. However, Lunella and Devil Dinosaur have represented some of the best new stories out of the entire line of the biggest publisher in comics. She’s an inspiration to everyone she meets in her world and has been to a lot of people in ours. In conclusion, if you’ve been making excuses to avoid getting to know these BFF’s, you’ve run out.

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