Val’s Toy Chest- NECA Explosion/Hot Toys/DC Gift Guide from A to Z

Lots of new stuff in this week, so let’s get right to it.

NECA has no less than four new figures this week with more on the way. Aliens, Predator and Terminator figures showed up and there are some awesome pieces in there. First off is the Ripley and Newt two-pack. Based on a famous Aliens poster, the figures are packaged in a manner reminiscent of said artwork. Pretty sweet piece if you ask me.  Next up from the Predator line comes a Predator Clan Leader based on an old Kenner action figure.  Also from NECA is the Concrete Jungle Scarface Predator based on a videogame design and a pretty slick looking figure if you ask me. Finally- the Ultimate T-1000 Motorcycle Cop figure features the character as seen in Terminator 2 and based on actor Robert Patrick. Past Ultimate Terminator figures have been awesome, so this new figure should be a hit.  Coming soon: Aliens Series 10, Quarter scale Freddy Krueger and Donatello, and possibly Deadpool. And speaking of the Merc with the Mouth…

New Hot Toys are here, including the long awaited Deadpool, plus Black Widow and Hawkeye from Captain America: Civil War. All the new figures are quite attractive and tempting to this toy columnist.  Deadpool probably won’t last much longer and should be a good one to get as it is a new character in this style.

I thought I’d do something a little fun this week with the holiday gift ideas- this week- DC characters you can gift from A to Z(with a few letters missing in between…)

Aquaman– An awesome Kotobukiya Statue based on the beautiful Super Powers sculpt, comes in this week.


Black Canary– Laurel’s back on Arrow, but which Laurel is she, and for how long is she there? Celebrate Katie Cassidy’s return with the action figure of her heroic alter ego.


Clayface– Based on the original Batman: the Animated Series, I discussed this one last week. 761941337876

Darkseid(and Grail)– DC Icons brings one of the most imposing DC villains to their line with the release of Darkseid and his daughter Grail. Darkseid stands about 12 inches tall and should feature multiple points of articulation. Grail features extra accessories and is also poseable.

Eobard Thawne aka The Reverse Flash–   Mattel has brought several characters out from all sorts of media in their DC Multiverse line, and this figure of one of Barry Allen’s most notorious enemies looks pretty darn amazing.

Flash– Barry Allen is the breakout star from the CW DC TV shows and this DC Collectibles figure is an awesome tribute to Grant Gustin’s portrayal of the Scarlet Speedster.

Green Lantern John Stewart– From the late Darwyn Cooke comes a figure of Hal Jordan’s replacement and popular Justice League Animated character, John Stewart. Based on Cooke’s retro designs, this figure is sure to evoke memories of the past.

Heat Wave– now one of the stars of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the Heat Wave action figure features the likeness of actor Dominic Purcell, who has in this author’s opinion, is one of the best characters on that show.

Invisible Jet(and Wonder Woman)– DC’s POP vinyls(and all POPs in general) make great gifts- they’re relatively inexpensive and you get some cool toyetic items, like this POP rides Invisible Jet featuring an awesome silver-age styled Wonder Woman POP. This one would be awesome under a tree.

Jim Gordon as Batman/Batbot 2-Pack– Brand new this week is a two-pack based on the final Scott Snyder arc in the comics and featuring the artistic stylings of Greg Capullo. See what happens when Jim Gordon becomes Batman.

Katana– Gaining new exposure thru Suicide Squad, Arrow and DC Super Hero Girls, this POP vinyl is based on her appearance in this year’s Suicide Squad film.

Legends of Tomorrow- The Atom, White Canary, Firestorm, and Hawkman make up the first wave of POPs from the popular CW show. Great for fans of the series.

Man-Bat– A great deluxe figure from the Fox Animated TV series.

Nightwing– Play Arts Kai makes beautiful figures and this one is based on the Arkham Knight video game.

Oracle(and Batgirl) Two-Pack– Based on the aforementioned game, I discussed this last week.761941337296

Poison Ivy– a bright, colorful POP based on the character as she appeared on Batman: the Animated Series. Great representation of a character not heavily merchandised.

Quinn, Harley– NECA makes beautiful toys and the 1/4 scale figure of Harley from Arkham City is one of them. Features multiple points of articulation and accessories.

Robin– Return to the 60s with this Moebius model kit based on Burt Ward’s portrayal of the Boy Wonder. Some assembly required.

Speedy–  Oliver Queen’s TV sister is now an adorable DORBZ figure from Funko.

Talia Al Ghul– The League of Assassins member got her due with the DC Collectibles’ Batman: The Animated Series figure last month. 761941340845

Victor Fries– The heartbreaking character of Mr. Freeze, as seen in the later iteration of Batman: The Animated Series, this one like the other figures from the line has similar aesthetics to the figures mentioned above.

Wonder Woman– The jumbo action figure from Gentle Giant evokes memories of a simpler time for those fans raised in the early 80s with the large-scale reproduction of the Amazing Amazon as seen in the old Super Powers line.


Zatanna– Diamond Select Toys is releasing this gorgeous statue based on the princess of prestidigitation as she appeared on Batman: The Animated Series.


That’s it guys- more toy news and gift ideas next time!

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