America’s Deadliest Home Video DVD release party!

America’s Deadliest Home Video DVD release party!ADHVAD

Alternative Cinema home entertainment and Lunchmeat VHS Magazine will team up with NYC’s leading comic, dvd and collectibles store Forbidden Planet to host an in-store event for the release of America’s Deadliest Home Video. We plan to jam-pack this event with raffles, free-bees, and autographs!

On Thursday May 12th from 7 to 9 PM come to FPNYC to celebrate the release of this amazing and obscure slice of cult cinema with producer/actor Mick Wynhoff, actress Mollena Williams and Josh Schafer the publisher and editor-in-chief of Lunchmeat VHS Magazine.

Josh Schafer of Lunchmeat Magazine? Why would he be there? Well I’ll tell you why! Not only will America’s Deadliest Home Video be released on DVD for the first time ever, it will also be available in a limited edition VHS collectors edition which was produced by the Meat-Man himself, Josh Schafer, so you know it’s gonna be a groovy package!

Wait! Did you just read all that and get really bummed out because you have a previous engagement the night of our release party? Well don’t sweat it cause FP has got your back… as usual. That’s right you can pre-order the DVD, the VHS or both and we will make sure to get them signed by all the guests attending our event on May 12th before we ship it out to you. So even if you live in Abu Dahbi or just planned to wash your hair that night, you can still get your hands on an autographed copy of Americas Deadliest Home Video!

Pre-order the DVD by clicking right here!

Pre-order the limited edition VHS by clicking right here!

Collector’s Limited Edition VHS contains new bottom load sleeve, bumper sticker, custom key chain, original poster and VHS sleeve autographed by Jack Perez, Gretchen Bonaduce and Mick Wynhoff.


Before Man Bites Dog.  Before The Blair Witch Project.  Before Paranormal Activity…there was America’s Deadliest Home Video, the original found footage shot-on-video shocker written and directed by Jack Perez (Some Guy Who Kills People), produced by Mick Wynhoff, and starring ‘The Partridge Family’’s own Danny Bonaduce and Melora Walters (Dead Poets Society).

Lost for 25 years, the original found-footage shocker written and directed by Jack Perez (Some Guy Who Kills People), produced by Mick Wynhoff and starring Danny Bonaduce (TV’s The Partridge Family).

Prepare yourself for a rip-roaring ride through the incredibly raw and realistic shot-on-video found footage shocker that started them all! America’s Deadliest Home Video unreels the story of Doug (Danny Bonaduce), an overzealous home video enthusiast who decides to ditch his unfaithful wife for the open road with his beloved camcorder in tow. Doug’s troubles triple when he inadvertently records three criminals known as The Clint Dryer Gang deep-sixing their latest escape vehicle. The egotistical leader Dryer (Mick Wynhoff) then abducts Doug, forcing him to record their atrocious blood-spilling exploits and eventually coercing Doug into joining their heinous crime spree inciting deadly results.

This once obscure but now considered seminal SOV feature abounds with violence, sleaze and sexual tension topped off with a deft touch of comedy from writer / director Jack Perez (Some Guy Who Kills People), and it’s now available on DVD for the first time ever loaded with illuminating extras!  Experience ADHV and see if you can survive the ride!!

So one more time…

What: America’s Deadliest Home Video release party!
Who: Actor/Producer Mick Wynhoff, actress Mollena Williams and Lunchmeat VHS Magazine’s Josh Schafer.
When: May 12th from 7 to 9 PM.
Where: Forbidden Planet 832 Broadway New York, NY 10003
Why: In the words of Josh Schafer “Keep cult flicks alive!”

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