Val’s Toy Chest- A Canary Kind of Week

There aren’t a lot of toys coming in this week from what I’ve seen on our list, but there are a pair of statues of high interest to yours truly and they both feature my favorite DC character, Dinah Laurel Lance a.k.a. The Black Canary.

The first statue we’ll be getting in is the Cover Girls of the DC Universe statue of Black Canary. This Canary statue is dressed in a modern costume closer to her New 52 look and is based on Stanley Artgerm Lau’s artwork. Canary comes carrying a bullhorn and in a sassy pose.


The second statue is part of DC’s newest series of Famous Couple statues and is definitely for fans of the classic comic book romance between Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance. The Green Arrow and Black Canary statue is based on Cliff Chiang’s cover artwork from the Judd Winnick-penned Green Arrow and Black Canary series. This image was featured on the variant cover for issue #1 released back in 2007. The statue captures both characters in an embrace as Oliver shoots his bow. Very gorgeous.


If DC Collectibles’ release schedule holds up, there’ll be one additional Black Canary item to close out the month. POTENTIAL ARROW SPOILERS AHEAD!!!  Arrow has been teasing a death since the fourth season premiere in October and recent behind the scenes photos seem to point to the grave belonging to one Dinah Laurel Lance. IF this holds true, the upcoming DC Collectibles figure of Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary/Laurel Lance will be a bittersweet release for me. I’ve talked about Arrow in this column many a time in the past and for the most part I really enjoy the show. This season has been largely uneven for me with me only really watching for Diggle, Thea, and of course, Laurel.  I came into the show largely because of the Black Canary character and her alter ego because in case you couldn’t tell, Canary is my favorite character of all time. If Laurel dies on the show, I am done with the series. All that being said, let’s hope the Laurel action figure due out in a couple of weeks is not the last thing from Arrow for me to look forward to.


In non Black Canary news, I did get notifications on two incoming Hot Toys pieces. Both should be in sometime within the next couple of weeks. The first is the Batman Returns Batman/Bruce Wayne deluxe 1:6 scale figure set featuring the likeness of Michael Keaton as he appeared in the 1992 motion picture. The other is the Avengers: Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch figure from last summer’s blockbuster film based on Elizabeth Olson’s portrayal of the stalwart Avengers heroine. I expect that Wanda should be a brisk seller since she will be a first time character in this style. Wanda comes dressed as she appeared in the film with her striking red jacket/black dress combo and comes with the usual multiple hands and character specific accessories that Hot Toys is known for. I definitely can’t wait to see this one in person.

That’s it for me this week, catch you guys next week with more toy news.

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