Val’s Toy Chest- Jonas Ruins Everything

Hi Readers! As you know and probably lived through, we had a horrendous winter storm in NYC this past weekend and thus my planned column on the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest that took place over the weekend will have to be rescheduled as I couldn’t make it over to the show on Sunday. The show itself was truncated, both in amount of days and with the celebrities that were able to appear. For those just joining me, I’m Val and this is my column where I talk about toys and whatever else strikes my fancy- this week marks the first time that Val’s Toy Chest is available online and I will work on archiving past columns for your reading enjoyment.

So, with the Heroes and Villains convention discussion off the table for now, let’s take a look at the cool toys that are due to arrive in the near future. From DC Collectibles this week we have three new figures from the Batman: Arkham Knight videogame. Using the designs from the game, DC Collectibles brings us Azrael, an intensely creepy Man-Bat, and an unsettling Professor Pyg. Each figure is fully articulated and most come with character dedicated accessories. If you are a Star Wars action figure fan and of the Black Series in particular, we’ve gotten in the massive First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter with accompanying TIE Fighter Pilot. These are the 6″ Scale figures so you know the packaging alone is huge. The figure has the standard Hasbro articulation scheme and fits inside the impressive vehicle.

Funko always seems to have a new product mention in this column and this week is no different as I have several pieces on their way or newly arrived to the store. Just in as I was writing this article is the Batman V Superman POP Vinyl of Wonder Woman to join her cohorts Batman and Superman. We will also have the Wacky Wobblers of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman within a few days, as well as a POP of the Jason Momoa Aquaman. Other Funko product on the way include POPs from Fairy Tail, a new Deadpool POP and more.

Sure to excite the Marvel Legends fans out there is the eagerly anticipated arrival of a brand-new series for 2016. We’ve received our shipping notice for the Captain America Marvel Legends wave which, if everything releases in a timely manner should hopefully be here by the end of this week or by early next week. In case you’ve forgotten which characters are scheduled to be in this wave, I will refresh your memory. The series consists of several first time 6″ figures including Mockingbird, Cottonmouth, Whirlwind and one of my co-worker’s most wanted figures ever: Scourge. Rounding out the wave will be figures of Captain America with an interchangeable Cap Wolf head, Sharon Carter/Agent 13 and the Taskmaster. Collect all seven figures and you can build the Red Onslaught figure.

That’s about it for me this week- catch you guys in the store! Be sure to come back here next week for toy news, TV news and whatever else I can report on. And because Winter Storm Jonas killed my plans to see Arrow‘s Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy again, I leave you with this image, from a previous convention:

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