Val’s Toy Chest- Justice in Plastic

Hello readers- it is another relatively quiet toy week though there are still a few notable pieces coming in to talk about. DC and Marvel both get some action figure exposure this week with a couple of other things to discuss as well.

DC Collectibles is giving their consumers another chance to own 6 of their most popular characters in a new boxset this week. Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman all return in the style of artist/painter Alex Ross in this six figure boxed set based on the twelve-issue maxiseries Justice. The original versions of these figures have been unavailable for a few years so this is a good chance to add these particular versions of DC’s most iconic characters to your collection or as a loved one’s holiday gift. Each 6″ scale figure is exquisitely sculpted and features multiple points of articulation. On a related front, Arrow is rushing towards its midseason finale this Wednesday and what better way to celebrate than to flashback with the DC Collectibles Oliver Queen and Deathstroke two pack. Based on the characters as they appeared during the inaugural season of the CW drama starring Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy, these 6″ figures have been unavailable since early 2014 and are now back in production to join either a new Arrow fan’s collection or an Arrow fan who might have missed these during the first go-around.

On the other side of the comics universe and action figure scales comes the latest series of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Infinite Series 3 3/4″ Action Figures. If you are a fan of these figures you know that we’ve actually gotten a couple of these in already but we’re getting a few more back in. Characters featured in this wave include the long-awaited Northstar, The Chameleon, Korg, Blue and Yellow Deadpool, Emma Frost and Insane Clown Posse…I mean JuggaloColosso…I think he actually goes by Jugolossus or Colossonaut.  These figures aside, we are also receiving the Play Arts Kai Thor which joins the new Marvel line from Square Enix.

For my POP vinyl fanatics out there we have seen a number of new POPs make their way in within the last few days including the first two Steven Universe POPs of Steven and Garnet, all three of Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak characters, Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell and a few others. We should be getting the Previews Exclusive POPs of Batman, The Flash, Deathstroke and Deadpool back in this week as well and if you missed Jessie’s buddy Zack Morris, he should be back in as well.

Finally- this week sees the release of the crossover that would have blown my ten-year-old mind away. 1989 was an interesting year for me as I fully succumbed to Batmania and then got into those heroes in a half-shell shortly before their first movie came out. Guess what? DC and IDW are collaborating on a totally tubular six-issue miniseries which unites the worlds of Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This one should be fun and if 10-year-old Val had seen this in his future he probably wouldn’t have believed it and might have crossed his action figures over. Frequent Batman writer James Tynion IV is handling this storyline with art by Freddie Williams III.

That’s it for me this week- catch you next time with more toy, comic and collectible news.

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