Val’s Toy Chest- Let’s Get Animated

Greetings readers! There’s DC goodness this week, TV POPs galore, an animated all-girl band and three DC TV Heroes from different eras to discuss.

The next two animated Batman figures from DC Collectibles will be hitting our shelves on Wednesday. Penguin as he appeared in the 1992 Batman: The Animated Series and Poison Ivy based on her 1997 The New Batman Adventures look will be joining the popular DC Animated line after a production delay that should see sturdier figures going forward from DCC. The Batman Arkham video games series has been instrumental in introducing DC characters that have not had their own action figures before into the fray and will continue this week with a three pack featuring first time figures of the Electrocutioner and Lady Shiva as well as a civilian version of Harley Quinn.

Sticking with the Batman theme, we’ve gotten in the first wave of POP figures from the hit Fox show Gotham. In stock now are Fish Mooney, Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Oswald Cobblepot, Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne should all be here shortly. Other TV series POPs now in stock include characters from Sherlock and Outlander. Star Wars Episode VII merchandise continues to come in and we have POPs of Original Trilogy characters as well as the new film. Now in stock are Rey, C-3PO, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren and a Snowtrooper. Captain Phasma, Finn and a Stormtrooper will be joining our POP ranks shortly.

There are some cool comic books coming in this week that I wanted to make note of. First of these is IDW’s Jem and the Holograms Annual which finds the Holograms and Jerrica having a girls’ night in complete with popcorn and movies. Sounds innocuous enough though we will see each band member imagining herself within a movie with some sure to be unexpected results. On the DC Comics side of things, Lynda Carter is back as Wonder Woman in the 2nd Wonder Woman ’77 Special based on the classic 1970s TV series. Three all-new stories featuring everyone’s favorite Amazing Amazon are culled from the Digital First series including a take on her arch-nemesis The Cheetah who never appeared on the TV series.

Fans of the TV show Arrow have a new collection to look forward to this week as the Digital First Arrow Season 2.5 series is compiled into a trade paperback. Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim tries to fill in the gap between seasons 2 and 3 with these original stories that were also previously available as a 12 issue series. A similar Flash Season Zero volume came out a couple of weeks back with stories by Andrew Kreisberg. Both series will return in October and we are expecting to receive all of the available single figures back in so you can create your own adventures (or just have them hanging out on your toy shelf.)

That’s it for me this week- Catch you guys next week with toy news and more as we head into October with New York Comic-Con and Halloween coming up.

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