Val’s Toy Chest- ’60’s Batgirl Gets Her Due

It’s a new month and this first week is a quiet one for new toys. There’s a couple of Dragon Ball Z figures coming in from Banpresto and a couple of POP restocks including the regular Thanos POP. I have also heard that we may be getting the Black Widow POP from Age of Ultron soon. New Hot Toys should be arriving in stores soon including the Iron Whiplash figure from Iron Man 2 and Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

I don’t have much to talk about this week but San Diego Comic Con is fast approaching and there are some neat exclusives that will be available there. I am most excited for the Toys R Us exclusive Batman 1966 Batgirl single carded figure that will be sold at San Diego thru Entertainment Earth’s booth. Toys R Us won’t be selling her singly in stores but she is rumored to also be available in a three pack with Batman and Robin in the fall. I’ve loved the Yvonne Craig Batgirl since I was a kid, really getting into her during the heavy rerun phase of Batman in the late Eighties. She really spoke to me with her sassy ways and devil may care attitude. When I was younger all I really had was Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman as a live action heroine until they started showing those old Batman episodes again. There were no Batgirl toys available when I was a young kid as she and all the other DC heroines save one were passed over in the Super Powers line. I improvised and turned one of my Leia figures into Batgirl just by sheer imagination and snapping Hordak’s armor on her. Say what you want about 1997’s “Batman and Robin” but I am grateful to that film for one reason, they finally started making Batgirl toys again. Now with nostalgia running high for the old Batman series again due to its availability on DVD and Blu-Ray, merchandising has been a big priority for the Adam West series. Yvonne Craig signed on for merchandise based on her likeness after the others so we are just seeing new product featuring her now. New Batgirl product will include a bendy figure from NJ Croce, a gorgeous statue and bust from Diamond Select, an 8 inch Mego style figure of both Batgirl and her Barbara Gordon alter ego, the aforementioned Mattel figure, a Tonner Doll and another statue from Tweeterhead. If you love Sixties Batman we have the excellent Batmobile vehicle from Mattel still in stock as well as the green TV logo t-shirt.

A couple of shout outs before I go this week. For those who love the history of fabulous women in comics, we have the excellent “Divas, Dames and Daredevils” and “Vixens, Vamps and Vipers” by Mike Madrid back in stock. Both books feature reprinted material from the Golden Age of Comics. I also want to wish an early Happy Birthday to Alec, the toy buyer.

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