Holy guacamole! The 80’s and 90’s are back!

Well, we must have all popped in a Night Ranger tape in our Mr. Fusion-powered DeLorean and traveled back in time to the late 1980s, because they are back in a big way on our shelves this month.

A few weeks ago, BOOM! Studios brought us the most excellent return of rock and roll’s goofiest gods, BILL S. PRESTON, ESQ. and TED “THEODORE” LOGAN, aka Wyld Satllyns. And, yes, their time-hopping, robot-sidekick’s, the princess, and Death are all back, too. Fans of the movies will enjoy this trip down memory lane, along with a newer, very self-aware story by RYAN “DINOSAUR COMICS” NORTH (UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL, ADVENTURE TIME). If anyone could sustain a story about Bill and Ted’s robot companions getting the very first spam email virus in their code (“Bill”s and “Ted”s, instead of 1’s and 0’s), it’s this big nerd. Lots of laughs, and just in time for the big announcement (hopefully) that Bill and Ted will be back on the big screen soon. There are still some copies (including variants) on our shelves, so get them while they’re still non non non non heinous!

Last week, we were treated to the first of IDW’s 1980s reimaginings – THE FLY: OUTBREAK. With artwork by MENTON3 (MONOCYTE), this book is as close as we’ll ever get to a comic adaptation of a Cronenberg movie, one that captures the body horror and existential dread of the originals. Well, at least until Bill Sienkiewicz finally makes a VIDEODROME adaptation. The story is compelling and horrifying, and just as… I don’t want to say “friendly,” but at least accessible to new readers as it is to fans of the original (or the remake). It’s definitely worth checking out, but there’s even more to come!

IDW’s other major offerings include this week’s JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS #1, by Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell (WET MOON). It’s a weird, totally hip trip with these girls, modernized for the modern age. If you’re nostalgic for a comic adaptation of the show, this ain’t it. If, however, you want something that captures the spirit of the original and avoids being dated by virtue of spouting 80s cliches in a 2015 world, along with AMAZING artwork, this one is for you. And don’t worry–there are THIRTEEN variants, so you can collect them all!

Coming soon: be sure to keep an eye out for JOE CASEY (BUTCHER BAKER, GODLAND) and JIM MAHFOOD’s (TANK GIRL, the KICKPUNCHER comic from COMMUNITY) MIAMI VICE. This is the second MIAMI VICE comic in as many years, but it seems like this creative team might be skewing more for an INVADER ZIM/JHONNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC kind of aesthetic than a straight-up adaptation.

Also, X-MEN ’92, a digital-first SECRET WARS tie-in from CHRIS SIMS & CHAD BOWERS (COMICSALLIANCE; AWESOME HOSPITAL; DOWN, SET, FIGHT!) and SCOTT KOBLISH (DEADPOOL). I can only hope this one stays true to the original, as the X-MEN cartoon from my childhood remains a monument to television so bad that it can only be perfect. I mean, without it, would the cultural lexicon have lines like “Does a mallrat love chili dogs?” No, it would not, and we as a society would be the poorer for it.

So welcome back, late 1980s! We hope you didn’t bring the ghost (OR SKELETON) of Ronald Reagan with you!

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