Our 200 Best-Selling Graphic Novels of 2013

Even though it’s damn near the middle of February I thought the following list of Forbidden Planet NYC’s most popular, best-selling graphic novels of 2013 would be of some interest.

Perhaps you’re looking for a new read, and are curious as to what the cool kids in the heppest city in the solar system are picking up (even if some of these books have been perennial faves for years and years).  Perhaps you’ll be looking at this list for some other reason (stalkers). Either way, thanks to all our customers who made 2013, and every year, such a great time to be in the business of slinging quality books!

It’s a rather lengthy post so it continues after the jump…

  1. Saga TP Volume 1 (Image)
  2. Saga TP Vol 2 (Image)
  3. Adventure Time Time TP Vol 01 (Kaboom)
  4. Walking Dead TP Vol 1 Days Gone Bye (Image)
  5. Sandman TP Vol 1 Preludes and Nocturnes (DC Vertigo)
  6. Hawkeye TP Vol 1 My Life as a Weapon (Marvel)
  7. Walking Dead TP Vol 18 What Comes After (Image)
  8. Batman N52 TP Volume 1 Court of Owls (DC)
  9. Watchmen TP (DC)
  10. Justice League N52 TP Vol 1 Origin (DC)
  11. Batman Long Halloween TP (DC)
  12. Adventure Time TP Vol 02 (Kaboom)
  13. Batman The Killing Joke HC (DC)
  14. Batman Dark Knight Returns TP (DC)
  15. Battling Boy TP (First Second)
  16. Walking Dead TP Vol 17 Something To Fear (Image)
  17. AvX Avengers Vs X-Men TP (Marvel)
  18. East of West TP Vol 01 The Promise (Image)
  19. Batman Hush Complete TP (DC)
  20. Batman the Black Mirror TP (DC)
  21. V For Vendetta TP (DC Vertigo)
  22. Manhattan Projects TP Vol 01 Science Bad (Image)batman_year_one
  23. Batman Year One TP (DC)
  24. Batman HC Vol 02 City of the Owls (DC)
  25. Transmetropolitan TP Vol 01 Back on the Street (DC Vertigo)
  26. Adventure Time TP Vol 03 (Kaboom)
  27. Kick-Ass 2 TP (Marvel)
  28. Fables TP Vol 18 Cubs in Toyland (DC Vertigo)
  29. Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 1 The Search (Dark Horse)
  30. Walking Dead TP Vol 2 Miles Behind Us (Image)
  31. Walking Dead TP Vol 19 March To War (Image)
  32. Nemo Heart of Ice HC (Top Shelf)
  33. Y the Last Man TP Vol 1 Unmanned (DC Vertigo)
  34. Bone Vol 01 TP Out From Boneville (Scholastic)
  35. X-Men Days of Future Past TP (Marvel)Comeback TP Image Comics
  36. Comeback (Image)
  37. Adventure Time Marceline The Scream Queens TP Vol 01 (Kaboom)
  38. Lazarus TP Vol 01 (Image)
  39. Fables TP Vol 01 Legends In Exile (DC Vertigo)
  40. The Massive TP Vol 01 Black Pacific (Dark Horse)
  41. Manhattan Projects TP Vol 02 (Image)
  42. Sandman TP Vol 02 the Dolls House (DC Vertigo)
  43. Amulet SC Vol 01 Stonekeeper (Scholastic)
  44. Walking Dead Compendium Vol TP 01 (Image)
  45. V For Vendetta Book and Mask Set (DC Vertigo)*
  46. Locke and Key TP Vol 01 Welcome to Lovecraft (IDW)
  47. Superman Red Son TP (DC)
  48. Batman Night of the Owls HC (DC)
  49. From Hell (Top Shelf)
  50. Adventure Time Original GN Vol 01 Playing w/ Fire (Kaboom)
  51. Fatale TP Vol 01 Death Chases Me (Image)happy_image_comics_tp
  52. Happy (Image)
  53. Revival TP Vol 01 You’re Among Friends (Image)
  54. Fun Home (Mariner Books)
  55. Walking Dead TP Vol 03 Safety Behind Bars (Image)
  56. Fifth Beatle the Brian Epstein Story HC (Dark Horse)
  57. Batman Dark Victory TP (DC)
  58. Kick-Ass (Marvel)
  59. Batman Arkham Asylum TP (DC)
  60. Civil War TP (Marvel)
  61. Batman TP Vol 02 The City of Owls (DC)
  62. Prophet TP Vol 01 Remission (Image)
  63. Chew TP Vol 01 Taster’s Choice (Image)
  64. All Star Superman (DC)
  65. American Vampire TP Vol 01 (DC)
  66. Five Ghosts TP Vol 01 Haunting of Fabian Gray (Image)
  67. Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 05 Search Part 2 (Dark Horse)
  68. Black Hole SC (Pantheon)
  69. Joker Death of the Family HC (DC)
  70. Punk Rock Jesus TP (DC)
  71. Underwater Welder GN (Top Shelf)
  72. Infinity Gauntlet TP (Marvel)
  73. One Trick Rip Off Deep Cuts HC (Image)
  74. Fatale TP VOL 02 Devils Business (Image)
  75. Pacific Rim Prem HC Tales From Year Zero (Marvel)
  76. Kick-Ass 2 Prelude Hit-Girl Premium HC (Marvel)
  77. Walking Dead Compendium TP Vol 02 (Image)Superman_Birthright
  78. Superman Birthright TP (DC)
  79. Locke and Key HC Vol 01 (IDW)
  80. Batwoman TP Vol 01 Elegy (DC)
  81. Kingdom Come TP (DC)
  82. Wonder Woman N52 TP Vol 01 Blood (DC)
  83. Flashpoint TP (DC)
  84. Walking Dead TP Vol 04 The Hearts Desire (Image)
  85. Preacher TP Vol 01 (DC Vertigo)
  86. Deadpool Killustrated TP (Marvel)
  87. Amulet SC 05 Prince of the Elves (Scholastic)
  88. Superior Spider-Man TP Vol 01 My Own Worst Enemy (Marvel)
  89. Justice League HC Vol 02 The Villains Journey (DC)
  90. Fables TP Vol 02 Animal Farm (DC Vertigo)
  91. Joe the Barbarian TP (DC Vertigo)
  92. Deadpool Now TP Vol 01 Dead Presidents (Marvel)
  93. Great Pacific TP Vol 01 Trashed (Image)
  94. Y The Last Man TP Vol 02 Cycles (DC Vertigo)
  95. Transmetropolitan TP Vol 02 Lust for Life (DC Vertigo)
  96. Planetary TP Vol 01 All Over the World and Other Stories (DC)
  97. Avatar Last Airbender Promise Library Ed HC (Dark Horse)
  98. Wolverine Old Man Logan TP (Marvel)
  99. Deadpool TP Vol 01 Secret Invasion (Marvel)
  100. Batman Earth One HC (DC)
  101. Walking Dead TP Vol 16 A Larger World (Image)
  102. Ghostopolis SC (Scholastic)
  103. DMZ TP Vol 01 On the Ground (DC Vertigo)
  104. Jimmy Corrigan (Pantheon)Ed Burbaker, Greg Rucka,Gotham Central
  105. Gotham Central TP Book 01 In the Line of Duty (DC)
  106. Hellboy Vol 01 TP Seed Of Destruction (Dark Horse)
  107. Ghost World TP (Fantagraphics)
  108. Amulet SC Vol 02 The Stonekeeper’s Curse (Scholastic)
  109. Maus Complete HC (Panthon)
  110. Very Casual Some Stories by Michael DeForge (Koyama)
  111. Joker (DC)
  112. Mind Mgmt HC Vol 01 (Dark Horse)
  113. My Friend Dahmer SC (Abrams)
  114. Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol  06 Search Part 3 (Dark Horse)
  115. All New X-Men HC Vol 01 Here Comes Yesterday Now (Marvel)
  116. Superman Earth One HC Vol 02 (DC)
  117. Hellblazer TP Vol 01 Original Sins (DC Vertigo)
  118. Sandman TP Vol 04 Season of Mists New Ed (DC Vertigo)
  119. Superman Action Comics TP Vol 01 Men of Steel (DC)
  120. Batman Detective Comics TP Vol 01 Faces of Death (DC)
  121. Locke and Key TP Vol 02 Head Games (IDW)
  122. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen TP Vol 01 (DC)
  123. Fairest TP Vol 01 Wide Awake (DC Vertigo)
  124. Walking Dead TP Vol 05 The Best Defense (Image)
  125. Ex Machina TP Vol 01 The First Hundred Days (DC)
  126. Chew TP Vol 07 Bad Apples (Image)
  127. Chew TP Vol 02 International Flavor (Image)
  128. Blankets (Top Shelf)Daytripper_TP
  129. Daytripper TP (DC Vertigo)
  130. Superman Earth One TP Vol 1 (DC)
  131. Prince of Cats TP (DC Vertigo)
  132. Fairest TP Vol 02 Hidden Kingdom (DC Vertigo)
  133. Prophet TP Vol 02 Brothers (Image)
  134. Amulet SC Vol 03 Cloud Searchers (Scholastic)
  135. Persepolis (Pantheon)
  136. Global Frequency TP (DC)
  137. Y The Last Man TP Vol 03 One Small Step (DC Vertigo)
  138. Batman RIP TP (DC)
  139. Scalped TP Vol 01 Indian Country (DC Vertigo)
  140. Saga of the Swamp Thing TP Book 01 (DC Vertigo)
  141. Habibi (Pantheon)
  142. Superman For Tomorrow TP (DC)
  143. Locke and Key TP Vol 03 Crown of Shadows (IDW)
  144. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic TP Vol 01 (IDW)
  145. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 TP Vol 01 (Dark Horse)
  146. Fatale TP Vol 03 (Image)
  147. Amulet SC Vol 04 The Last Council (Scholastic)
  148. Mind the Gap TP Vol 01 Intimate Strangers (Image)
  149. Solo Deluxe Ed HC (DC)
  150. Batman Year One Hundred TP (DC)
  151. Promethea TP Vol 01 (DC)
  152. Wolverine By Claremont and Miller TP (Marvel)
  153. Wolverine Origin TP (Marvel)
  154. Sweet Tooth TP Vol 06 Wild Game (DC Vertigo)
  155. Green Lantern TP Vol 01 Sinestro N52 (DC)
  156. Scott Pilgrim GN Vol 01 (Oni)
  157. Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 01 Promise Part 1 (Dark Horse)
  158. Batman Knightfall TP New Edition Vol 01 (DC)
  159. Batman Incorporated TP (DC)Lucy Knisley
  160. Relish My Life in the Kitchen (First Second)
  161. Daredevil By Mark Waid TP Vol 01 (Marvel)
  162. Sweet Tooth TP Vol 01 Out of the Woods (DC Vertigo)
  163. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man TP Vol 01 (Marvel)
  164. Chew TP Vol 06 Space Cakes (Image)
  165. Hellboy Midnight Circus HC (Dark Horse)
  166. Adventure Time Mathematical Ed  HC Vol 01 (Kaboom)
  167. Astonishing X-Men by Whedon & Cassaday Ult Coll TP Bk 01 (Marvel)
  168. Judge Dredd Comp Case Files GN Vol 01 (2000 AD)
  169. Invincible Iron Man TP Vol 01 The Five Nightmares (Marvel)
  170. Unwritten TP Vol 01 Tommy Taylor and Bogus Identity (DC Vertigo)
  171. Bone TP Vol 02 Great Cow Race (Scholastic)
  172. Y The Last Man TP Vol 05 Ring of Truth (DC Vertigo)
  173. Bad Island TP (Scholastic)
  174. X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga TP (Marvel)
  175. Scott Pilgrim Color HC Vol 03 (Oni)
  176. Locke and Key HC VOL 05 Clockworks (IDW)
  177. Sandman TP Vol 05 A Game of You (DC Vertigo)
  178. Hark a Vagrant HC (Drawn and Quarterly)
  179. Sin City TP Vol 01 (Dark Horse)
  180. Captain America Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection TP (Marvel)
  181. Blackest Night TP (DC)
  182. Cardboard TP (Scholastic)
  183. Transmetropolitan TP Vol 03 Year of the Bastard (DC Vertigo)
  184. Scott Pilgrim Color HC Vol 02 (Oni)
  185. All New X-Men HC Vol 02 Here To Stay (Marvel)1602_NeilGaiman_GN
  186. Marvel 1602 TP (Marvel)
  187. Adventure Time Fionna and Cake TP (Kaboom)
  188. BTVS Season 9 TP Vol 03 Guarded (Dark Horse)
  189. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing TP VOL 01 (IDW)
  190. Nightly News TP (Image)
  191. Nightwing TP Vol 01 Traps and Trapezes (DC)
  192. Batwoman TP Vol 01 Hydrology (DC)
  193. Maximum Minimum Wage HC (Image)
  194. Runaways TP Vol 01 Pride and Joy Digest (Marvel)
  195. American Vampire HC Vol 05 (DC Vertigo)
  196. Crossed TP Vol 01 (Avatar)
  197. Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man TP Vol 01 (Marvel)
  198. King City TP (Image)
  199. Ronin (DC)
  200. Charles Burns Hive GN (Pantheon)

Quite the eclectic mix, eh? Some notes:

  • The books that comprise this list are specific to format, therefore you’ll notice multiple entries for certain books with different bindings etc. If, for instance, you add the number of V for Vendetta trade paperbacks we sold to the number of V Book and Mask sets we moved the overall title cracks the top fifteen.
  • Saga book one takes the top slot for the second year in a row. We’ve been analyzing this detailed list internally for years now, and Walking Dead volume one was our number one for the previous four.
  • With 18 of the top 200 books, that’s a whole lotta Batman.
  • Never underestimate the power of an enthusiastic sales team. There’s a surprising number of titles on this list that I’m sure would make no other store of our ilk’s list. Chalk it up to one of the finest, most diverse, passionate and new-reader friendly floor staff this store has had since opening in 1981.

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