MTG: Born of the Gods, Coming Soon!

Xenagos, God of Revels


So far, Theros has been an amazing Magic: The Gathering block, with killer mechanics like Devotion, Bestow and Heroic- and with all the spoilers released for next week, it looks as if Born of the Gods will be even better!

With improved Bestow mechanics, more heroic cards, and all-new mechanics like Inspired and Tribute, Born of the Gods is going to offer even more ways to make your creatures and enchantments work for you. And the gods of the Theros plane are getting even more impressive- Ephara, Phenax, Mogis, and even our favorite reveling satyr/planeswalker Xenagos allow us multi-color devotion decks with a whole range of destructive (and winning) mechanics.

Born of the Gods comes out on Friday, Feb 7th, 2014. We’ll have plenty of cards and supplies for you to pick up, from booster packs to fat packs to full booster boxes!

(and if you haven’t picked up any Theros, we’ve got decks, booster packs, and supplies for you too! just check over in the gaming department!)

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