F Train to the Bronx Signing Tomorrow

The creative team behind the Graphic Novel F Train to the Bronx will be here from 5-6pm tomorrow. The book retails for fifteen bucks. Come on by!

F Train to the BronxIts New Years Eve 2020 A massive explosion tears apart Grand Central Station. But, it’s a terrorist  accident. Inspector  Bumbleweed and Captain Phyllis Jones match wits with the diabolical Dr. Guppy, whose Islamic terrorist cell, led by the hypnotic Kallil have ignited half their  explosives  and in doing so blunder their  real objectives, killing the King of England and destruction of the brand new Transatlantic Tunnel. The terrorists had gotten past airport security on 3 continents but now catch a ride through the transatlantic  tunnel  on the derailed and hostage laden F Train heading for England. Their secondary target: The “halfway” hotel  and casino sitting on the bottom  of the Atlantic Ocean , on the sea floor south of Iceland. F Train To The Bronx is an action adventure comedy Satire. The media and authorities blame  lovable Indian-American emigrants Gotham and Sharing Plenty who unknowingly were duped into  carting explosives  for Dr. Guppy  and  the Likeable Family man, son in law and tunnel construction engineer, Sean Dewey, who was trying to help a lost orphan and ended up in the wrong place, a Grand Central bound  INS train with illegal arrivals from JFK airport. Sean and the Plenti Brothers join forces to pursue the real terrorists and avoid  a 14 nation dragnet With Bumbleweed and Jones hot on their trail, they head for the halfway Hotel where the real terrorists have  hidden their hostages in a hotel room with c-4 set to go off. The Plenti’s  enter the Casino through a door known by Dewey posing as waiters and foil the destructive attempt as they help catch the terrorists, free the hostages and save the Tunnel and Hotel as law enforcement take the credit and bask in the media coverage . F Train highlights the uselessness of airline security; the stupidity of Terrorists; the arrogance of the Media and the pointlessness and hypocrisy of the law and it’s enforcement in response to society’s  ever evolving perceptions. The Cold War had  Dr Strangelove, Come aboard  the F Train To The Bronx. The war against Terror will never look the same.

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