We’re The Village Voice’s Best Comic Book Shop 2013!

Critics’ AND reader’s pick! I’ll have to ask them to fix the address and pic, but we’re extremely honored. Here’s a link to the article.

village_voice_best_newYork_Forbidden_PlanetForbidden Planet is insane—the noise, the size, the sheer staggering display of comic force at work, complete with manga, Marvel, graphic novels, and everything comics freaks ages five to 85 could possibly hope for. For that reason, it’s always crowded, a joyous throng of kids and teens and older, quieter devotees. But the noise is in itself kind of beautiful. At a time when comic books are now Real Art and Taken Very Seriously, it’s nice to mingle with a lot of very short, very young people who love them simply for existing. The toys and collectibles are impressive too, as is the knowledgeable, non-attitudinal staff. As a special bonus, Forbidden Planet’s newest location is just steps away from Strand, making for a full afternoon of contented book-browsing.

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