Video Violence at Forbidden Planet

It’s finally happening, Videovores! The release date for the VIDEO VIOLENCE DIEHARD VIDEOVORE EDITION has been confirmed!! On Friday, September 20th at Forbidden Planet in Manhattan, NY we’ll be kicking off the release of this highly anticipated slab of video vindication brought to you by Camp Motion Pictures and LUNCHMEAT! I’ll be in attendance along with artists Earl Kess and Mike Parsons and, yes, director Gary P. Cohen will be hanging out, as well, signing all the diehard editions he can! DIG IT! Plus, there’ll be VIDEO VIOLENCE trivia for prizes and a bunch of groovy giveaways to appease your analog addicted needs! It’s gonna be Party Time Excellent, indeed! And if you can’t make it to the show – DON’T FRET! You can pre-order this edition for just 50 bones (with FREE SHIPPING – just select “Parcel Post”) and it, too, will be signed by Gary! WHOA, YEAH! Just CLICK HERE, and you can secure yours today! And don’t forget to pick your shirt size, mang! DIG IT!

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