I have bought some comics, also saw a movie!

Like most X-fans, I have a love/hate relationship with the X-movies. Some of them are great, some are terrible and the rest are mediocre at best. Wolverine Origins falls into the terrible category in my opinion, so I’m happy to say that The Wolverine is actually a huge improvement. It’s not ground-breaking  by any means, but it’s a solid popcorn flick. Jackman is to Wolverine as to what RDJ is to Iron Man in terms of character presence, and his passion of the character is shown in this film. There’s also a ton of great action set pieces, some solid, strong female characters and cool visuals. The plot is a bit uneven, but The Wolverine is worth seeing at least once if you’re a comics fan, at least in my opinon. Now let’s get on to some comics talk.

Daredevil #29 starts this week’s trend of books that I enjoyed, but had endings so good that now I’m dying for the next issue. With 30 issues into this run, Mark Waid continues to excel with this title, producing scripts that are smart, funny, and action packed, which is all I ask from my super hero comics. Daredevil being caught in a courthouse fighting disguised members of a cult is the type of story that I love reading, and Javier Rodrigeuz does some great work, delivering at a level that is almost on par with Samsee. And again, that ending. It’s such a cool cliffhanger, especially given who’s surfing by for the next issue (Note: that was a hint). Daredevil is easily Marvel’s best book not called Hawkeye, and I’m eager to see what Waid has in store next.

Uncanny X-men #9 was a treat, as Bendis and Bachalo continue to thrive under their collaboration. Dazzler’s the start of the show, with a new outfit that’s a bit too Storm Trooper meets Mass Effect for my liking, but is a cool design regardless.  Bachalo’s art is fantastic, which isn’t saying anything new. I really dig how he spread panels across 2 pages. also giving himself a bigger “canvas” to work with. Bendis also shines in this issues, as really fleshes out the new cast members, in addition to the veterans. He lets the readers know that there’s history amongst the older X-men, without flat out saying it, and it’s cool to see some events from All New X-men spill out into Uncanny. I’m hoping this level of quality can continue into the issues Frazier Irving draw starting this month, because Bachalo and Bendis are really setting the bar high here.

The Enemy Within wraps up in Captain Marvel, and that ending hits hard. The letter page kinda takes away from some of it, but after the nerd-outrage from Fearless Defenders #6, I can see why what was said was said.  Kelly Sue Deconnick has been writing Carol Danvers for about a year now, and it’s been a fascinating to see Carol grow under her, and KSD grow as a Capes-comic writer. Aplogies for that sounding a tad snobbish. The only downside to this book is once again the art is pretty hit or miss, as there’s 2 artists drawing this issue, and some of the pages don’t live up to my expectations for this title. Overall though, this crossover was a fun little event that will obviously affect Captain Marvel for months to come, and it’s going to be exciting to see how this all plays out in the background to the Infinity crossover starting next issue.

Sorry for the late article y’all. Computer problems. Should be back on track by the weekend!

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