Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike! Figures by Silloff Now on Display at Forbidden Planet

Custom action figure artist extraordinaire Sillof was recently commissioned by comedian/actor Pattton Oswalt to create some suh-weeeeeeet toys… and Forbidden Planet has The Russ Meyer-inspired Star Wars mashup line Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike! on display!!!!

Patton Oswalt Siloff Faster Empire Milky Way Falcon

He wanted me to do the re-imagining thing I do but this time rather than an era or genre he wanted me to fuse the line with the wildly fun films of exploitation film maker Russ Meyer, in particular, with the film “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”  He gave me a few ideas  but really left most of it up to my imagination (which is the way I prefer to work).  One catch, because most of Meyers films, 99.9% to be exact,  feature busty females protagonists Patton wanted me to gender flip every character making the characters I would usually make men into woman and vice versa.  He also had a specific vision involving a mini bar and a GTO.

Patton’s a regular at the shop and asked if we wanted to showcase Sillof’s work. Needles to say we graciously accepted the offer.  As Snagglepuss might say, “Jumped at the chance, even.”

Come on by and check out the line, and be sure to visit Sillof’s site for more fantastic custom figures!

Patton Oswalt Siloff commission

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