SH Figuarts Red Hawk Review

“Well, I wasn’t going to buy this, but now I guess I should…”

Those are the famous last words of many toy collectors.

Earlier this season, we saw the premier of Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Season 2. A new season of Akibaranger means new Super Sentai Figuarts, hell yeah! This year, we’re seeing new figuarts from Dairanger, Zyuranger, Hurricanger, and who knows what else. But the first episode of Akibaranger Season 2 also showed us full teams for Dekaranger, Jetman, and Boukenger. Dekaranger’s main team has already been released, with Boukenger getting figuarts for Black and Blue in the fall. Could this mean that the rest of the Jetman team isn’t far behind? Let’s hope so!

I know I’ve picked up and reviewed Black Condor already, but I figured I’d take a shot at reviewing his leader, mostly because some of my feelings about him are different. I should also point out that the version I have here is his American release, which means he unfortunately lacks his accessory for the Akibarangers. This is something I actually wouldn’t mind, were it not for the fact that I’m actually interested in that series now. It’s just so adorable, fun, and addicting. It’s a shame the Figuarts don’t have an official US release through Bluefin. I’m honestly not sure why…

So my main differences in opinion between Red Hawk and Black Condor are mostly in regards to the color scheme. Black Condor looked incredibly fancy in his black/white/yellow color scheme, in a great contrast to most Sentai Blacks. With Red Hawk, there is just something about the mix of red and yellow that just looks amazing. I guess there’s just something about that Sentai Red.

Everything I said regarding the toy’s design and structure from the Black Condor review holds true here. The articulation is great (and thankfully, this one doesn’t have a messed up shoulder socket). He is pretty much the same level of quality I’ve come to expect from the Super Sentai Figuarts, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. All of them thus far have been great (save for the Gokaigers, who are all AMAZING), but they always have some niggling little problem. The Jetmen are all saddled with those awkward holsters that don’t stay on and just get in the way. It’s unfortunate, mostly because it’s an issue of design rather than of execution.

All of his weapons and accessories are just as good here as they were with Black Condor. This time I was smart enough to take pictures without the gun or sword in the holsters when filming the combined blaster. It’s a shame he doesn’t have any unique weapons. I guess individual weapons weren’t that common before Zyuranger, but my knowledge of pre-1990 Super Sentai is kind of limited.

Regardless of what color you fancy, the Jetman Figuarts mold is excellent, despite some little flaws. I’m hoping we see the rest of the team in Figuart form before the end of the year, and I hope even more that we’re able to get them stateside. Remember to check FPNYC for your own Red Hawk!

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